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"Why should I fear a robot suit when I have become der Übermensch?"
—Krieger to Ray Palmer[src]

Baron Krieger (died 1942) was a member of the Nazi Party and an SS-Standartenführer, overseeing both governmental and military matters. He was nicknamed "Super-Krieger" by Ray Palmer when dosed with Eobard Thawne's biomolecular enhancer, although his own nickname of choice was der Übermensch (the super-man).


In 1942, Krieger went to Paris and met with Herr Thawne, who was trying to obtain the Askaran Amulet. When Krieger said that Hitler would not part with the item, Thawne gave him a small dose of a biomolecular enhancer as a bargaining chip, saying that the Nazis will need to aid themselves in battle against the JSA's super-soldiers team.[1]

Surrounded by the JSA and Legends in field, Krieger had tested enhancer on himself, transforming into a monstrous being and easily defeating Amaya Jiwe and Ray Palmer, capturing them as other heroes were forced to depart. After some time, Krieger lost his "berseker" form, reverting into his human form. Threatening the life of Jiwe, Krieger had forced Palmer to produce another dose of "the serum", which Ray successfully did.[1]

Krieger had used the enhancer again to transform into Übermensch, but was defeated by JSA and Legends, with Nate and Henry Heywood luring him into a bombing, killing him [1]


Like many Nazis, especially SS members, Krieger was a cold manipulative officer and soldier, attempting to empower the Third Reich at any cost and by any means. He was also seemingly believing in Nietzsche ideas of Übermensch and thought of himself as being such after using the biomolecular enhancer. However, Krieger was also cultured and pragmatic, avoiding dropping down to racism and name-calling while dealing with Amaya Jiwe, concentrated on his mission to get more of the "super-serum" from Ray Palmer. Although, as Amaya speculated, he'd kill them both as soon as he got what he wanted.[1] He was also surprisingly honorable, as he followed up his end of the bargain with Eobard Thawne, and made preparations to deliver the Askaran Amulet to him, in exchange for his super serum. Despite this he is also a bit cautious, by ordering Ray to replicate Thawne's serum, in case Thawne doesn't hold up his end of the bargain.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Artificially-enhanced physiology: After injecting himself with a dose of Eobard Thawne's biomolecular enhancer Krieger was able to transform himself into a mutated being with greatly enhanced muscular system.[1]
    • Enhanced speed: Using much more developed legs then usually available for human beings, Krieger was able to run with approximately the same speed as the motorcycle.[1]
    • Super durability: In his monstrous form Krieger was shown withstanding usual forms of attack with relative ease. Only high-powered weaponry like bombs can harm him.[1]
    • Super strength: In his monstrous form, Krieger is shown to have tremendous strength, able to effortlessly swat away full grown adults with a single swipe of his hand and break down trees while running through the forest.[1]


  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Krieger was highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.[1]
  • Master tactician/Manipulator: Krieger was shown to be an effective military combatant and also a very intimidating individual, able to force others to do his bidding.[1]


  • Power limitation: To provide himself with abilities Krieger needed to inject himself with doses of bimolecular enhancer, otherwise his inhuman mutation would remain short-lived.[1]
  • Explosive blasts: Despite his durability being at superhuman levels as der Übermensch, he could not survive a bomb that was dropped right next to him.[1]



DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, Albrecht Krieger, also known as Captain Nazi was a genetically altered supervillain, who had also fought the Justice Society of America on numerous occasions; while Übermensch was a legacy name of two unrelated villains, who were altered to have a set of powers identical to one Krieger displayed in the series after injecting himself with Thawne's biolmolecular enhancer. The version of Krieger in DC's Legends of Tomorrow is a composite character of those two. Additionally, his title and mannerisms reference those of another character, Baron Blitzkrieg.
    • Furthermore, his transformed form resembles that of a version of Wade Eiling from DCAU, who modified Albrecht Krieger's original Captain Nazi serum to turn himself into a metahuman.
  • "Krieger" is a German word that translates in English to "warrior," which is fitting given der Ubermensch's brutal and combative nature and bodily form. "Der Übermensch" would be translated as "the Overman", or even "the Superman", itself being a concept of Nietzsche philosophy, later used by the Nazi Party in their ideology.