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"Grasping that I am a meta helped me realize how important it is for everyone in Central City to receive equal protection under the same laws."
—Kristen Kramer to Iris West-Allen[src]

Sergeant Kristen "Kris" Kramer is a member of the Governor's Municipal Logistics Commission, a good friend of Joe West, and the interim captain of the Central City Police Department. She is also a former Army intelligence officer. She was later revealed to be a meta-human with the ability to mimic other meta-powers.


Early life

At some point, Kristen met Adam Creyke. Growing up together as two Native American children who weren't very popular in their community, they were each other's support systems.[1]

In adulthood, Kristen joined the United States Army and served as an intelligence officer.[2] Adam also joined the army.

While both in the army, Adam sold Kristen's unit off her. He didn't want her to get hurt, he just tried to talk her out of going on the mission the night before, but he got the two of them arguing. The next day, the unit was ambushed, resulting in the deaths of 12 soldiers. This led Kristen to hate meta-humans intending to be heroes.[1] She believes, like Cicada, that all metas are monsters.[3]

Half of her file in the DOD database was redacted. She later became a member of the Governor's Municipal Logistics Commission.[2] Kristen holds the rank of sergeant.[4] Kristen also visited Gotham City multiple times.[2]

Chasing Killer Frost

Sometime in mid-2020, Kristen visited the Central City Police Department at the request of the governor. While there, Kristen met Joe West and Iris West-Allen. She noted how Iris' abduction into the Mirrorverse sounded terrifying. When Iris told her that she has survived worse, she called her impressive.

Later, Kristen met with Joe again. When he questioned the reason why she was there, she told him that she was there to apprehend Killer Frost, no matter the cost.[2]

Kristen and the meta-human task force.

Learning that a driver at Ivo Laboratories was killed by an ice-wielding meta, Kramer automatically assumes that Killer Frost was the murderer, though CSI Barry Allen and consultant Chester P. Runk try to convince her otherwise. Kramer held a press conference on the CCPD where she announced that she was issuing a reward for the capture of Frost.

Using facial recognition and an anonymous tip, Kramer has Caitlin Snow arrested with help from the meta-human Task Force, but later, Kramer learns that Frost is in Keystone City, takes the task force there, and arrests Frost.[4]

Kramer went to A.R.G.U.S. headquarters and commissioned the organization to create duplicates of the meta-human cure. At court, Kramer talks the state's attorney into requesting that Frost be stripped of her powers in lieu of jail time.

When Frost was talking to Kristen, she revealed that she was seeking "justice" from every meta-human that had been accused of virtually any crime. When the judge ruled that Frost's request of life in prison without parole was a suitable punishment for her past crimes, Kramer was visibly distressed and attempted to protest the ruling before being told to stand down.

Joe West tells Kramer, as she leaves the CCPD, that she is a good cop but she must be careful not to "cross the line" between justice and vengeance.[3]

By the book

A few days later, Kristen had decided not to leave the city and had coordinated with the governor about problems with the meta-human criminal element.

After attaining the files of the different officers in the CCPD, Kristen called Chief Joe West to ask him why certain officers, such as Patty Spivot and Julian Albert, had left the precinct, while certain meta-human criminals, such as Roy Bivolo, were missing; Joe did not give any definitive answers.

Kristen called A.R.G.U.S. and had more samples of the meta-human cure sent to the precinct. Joe found the samples and questioned them; Kristen revealed that the governor has a new tactic where meta-humans can be shot with the cure if they threaten the public or prove to be a criminal. Later, Joe decided to quit being the chief of police under those rules; Joe handed Kristen his gun and badge.[5]

Interim Captain Kramer

Two weeks later, Kristen became interim captain of CCPD.[6]

Eventually, Joe entered her office accusing her of being a traitor and she ordered him to leave, otherwise she would arrest him. Later, they met and Kramer revealed that it wasn't her who betrayed the squad, but her friend Adam Creyke, and she's been hunting him all this time and asked for Joe's help to find him.[1]

Joe talks with Kristen.

They track Adam to a boat in a forest and while watching him, but their car explodes[7] and they manage to get away. They try to get away from Adam who is armed, but eventually manage to get him and take him into custody. Adam also said that Kristen died along with the squad, which upset her.[8]

The Godspeed war

After informing the FBI all about Adam, Kramer and Joe decide to head back to Central City, where they witness civilians leaving the city and two Godspeeds fighting each other.[9] Kramer suddenly used superhuman speed to escape from the clone with him. Later, after a meta-human test, Kramer discovered that she could mimic the powers of meta-humans around her. She then went to the West house and informed Joe of her taking an indefinite leave of absence from the CCPD.[10]


Kramer disbanded the Anti-meta-human Taskforce; now realizing she had been just as racist as those who'd picked on her and Adam. She remained as Captain of CCPD into November 2021. She was interviewed by Iris on Citzentopia, where she admitted to her faults and identity as a meta. Afterwards, she investigates the microchip theft that was caused by the Royal Flush Gang.[11] Eventually, Kramer asks for Barry's badge during Xotar's crime spree when Barry becomes suspected of being Joseph Carver's other mole. He gives her his badge while Kramer claims she will try to find proof of his innocence.[12] This accusation was undone when Barry undoes the Reverse Flashpoint that Eobard Thawne caused.[13]

Kramer and Goldface face off.

Kristen was angry that despite the Flash helping to arrest criminals, he doesn't provide the necessary information to file a police report. When Goldface breaks into the CCPD to obtain Kramer's meta-bullets, she and Barry are handcuffed along with the other officers with bomb-cuffed handcuffs. Kristen was unsure about using her powers but eventually manages to break free of her shackles, mimicking her energy. Kramer then saw how she unwittingly mimicked a meta barista's heat abilities in the iced coffee she ordered while explaining how she can't control her powers.

Barry reveals his identity to Kristen Kramer.

Barry convinces her to stop Goldface when he used his chain to strangle Daisy Korber. After Flash helped defeat Goldface and his henchmen, Kramer deduced that Flash and Barry are the same person and he agreed to train her to improve her abilities, as Kramer also revealed that she transferred the meta-bullets to A.R.G.U.S. five weeks ago.[14]

The rise of Deathstorm

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Kramer at Frost's funeral.

Kramer attended to Frost's funeral.[15]


Kristen takes her job seriously, believing that justice is absolute and determined to make sure that all who break the law, even if minor, face punishment. She is also very stubborn and narrow-minded, particularly towards meta-humans.

Due to Kristen having previously been betrayed by a meta-human, she has come to see meta-humans as dangerous, while willing to trust meta-humans like the Flash who have always used their powers nobly, she believes that any meta that has committed crimes must be depowered without question or consent.

She's also highly delusional. Believing Frost didn't turn herself in by choice, thinking it was because she was cornered by the CCPD; ignoring Frost could have chosen to take them all out rather than peaceful accept her guilt. Even thinking she was evading the consequences of her crimes for years, when in fact Frost had owned up to them even when CCPD dropped the case against her.

Ultimately, Kristen was left stunned and defeated when Frost won the sympathy of the court and defended taking away a meta-human's powers by force was racism.[3]

Despite Kristen's loss, she continued her vendetta against meta-humans. She was able to sweet-talk the governor into allowing her to weaponize the meta-human cure despite it strictly being made to be a personal choice for meta-humans. This shows that despite going by the book, she is determine to enforce her own personal views, striving to change the legal setup to justify her actions. Ultimately, she is unable to see that she crossed the line, focusing more on personal feelings than justice. Kristen's refusal to see it forced Joe to resign himself; given she has practically taken over CCPD.

Despite her cynical view of meta-humans, this side of her mainly stems from not having brought Adam, her once-trusted friend, to justice. As Joe approached her with trust and open-mindedness about her past, Kristen in return showed more willingness to listen to Joe. After finally capturing Adam, and learning that she herself was a meta-human, Kristen showed noticeable humility; getting the metaphorical "slap to the face" she had coming. Realizing that she is the very thing she claimed to despise, she quickly decided to resign from law-enforcement to rediscover herself, parting ways on good terms this time with Joe. She also has a hard time asking for help. 

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Kristen's DNA was altered and her cells supercharged, augmenting her physiology access her new abilities.
    • Power mimicry: Kristen is able to perfectly replicate the powers of anyone to whom she is close enough. This ability does not require conscious activation, and Kristen is not innately aware of any powers she is currently copying.[10][11]

Mimicked powers

  • Adam Creyke's powers
    • Regeneration: Kristen mimicked Adam Creyke's ability of accelerated healing. She was able to heal from an explosion that killed her entire team.[10]
  • Godspeed's powers
    • Superhuman speed:

      Kristen Kramer using super speed.

      Kristen was able to move at such vast speeds, indeterminable to the naked eye presumably at the same speed as a Godspeed clone when she mimicked his power.[10]
  • Unnamed barista meta's powers
    • Heat touch: Kristen mentioned to Barry Allen that one day she ordered an iced coffee and was able to boil the drink with her hands due to the fact that the barista who made it was a meta with the ability to do so.[16]
  • Goldface's powers
    • Aurokinesis: Kristen was able to manipulate Goldface's gold chain into letting go of Officer Daisy Korber's throat and control it at the same time as him.[16]


  • Master detective: Kristen is a skilled detective.


  • Adrenaline dependancy: Kristen's mimicry powers only become active when her system experiences a surge of adrenaline; however, this may be because she has practically zero experience with them.[17]
  • Proximity: Kristen can only mimic the powers of meta-humans who are in close range to her.
  • Time limit: Kristen can only mimic powers for 30 seconds.


The Flash


  • Kristen suffered transference with her anger towards Adam Creyke; rather accepting she should blame him as a person, she instead deluded herself into thinking the fact he was a meta was the reason he betrayed their platoon.
  • Kristen is a big Knights fan.[2]
  • In Kristen's experience, if somebody is not early, they are late.[2]
  • Despite being a public figure since Frost's court case, Kramer oddly was not targeted by metas more willing to kill her.
  • The Speed Force notes that Kristen admires Barry Allen, which is a nod to the comics, where they are co-workers and fellow CSIs at CCPD.
  • Frost refers to Kramer as "Cicada with a badge".
  • Kristen has similarities to Samanda Watson; they both take their work seriously, they both are members of government organizations (the difference is that Samanda thinks she is superior to the law, Kristen does everything legally) they both arrested a member of a hero team (Kristen arrested Frost and Samanda arrested Oliver) they both chase a specific group of their work, Kristen chases the meta-humans while Samanda goes after the vigilantes; the difference is that Kristen only goes after the meta-humans who break the law, while Samandra goes after all the vigilantes another difference is; that Samanda is ruthless and immoral, while Kristen is not.
  • Kristen also shares similarities with Ana Lopez, they were both introduced in their repespective seasons of The Flash and Black Lightning as high ranking individuals within their local police departments (Chief or Captain) and they both have similiar intentions in wanting to either handle or get rid of meta-humans and both would reinforce their Police Department's metahuman Task Force to accomplish this and both were obsessed with hunting down a local hero in their community: Frost in Central City and Lightning in Freeland.

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