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"That's Kryptonese writing."
Kara Danvers to Alex Danvers[src]

Kryptonese is the language of the inhabitants of Krypton.

Known speakers

Known letters

Kryptonese has a distinct set of characters for writing, known as the Kryptonian alphabet. The alphabet consists of at least 26 characters, with each one corresponding to one of the 26 letters of the English language.[4]

Known words/phrases

  • "El mayarah" means "stronger together".[5]
  • "Kaoshuh" means (approximately) "to be continued".[2]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Extended Universe, the House of El family coat of arms is not "el mayarah" (stronger together) but rather the symbol for hope, mistaken by humans as the letter "S".
  • The Kryptonese used in episodes 2, 6, 7, and 13 of Season 3 is a fan-made conlang created by Darren Doyle, who is yet to be credited for it. All information on the language can be found at He has created several pages breaking down and correcting the phrases used in canon.