Kuasa (born 1988)[1] is the older sister of Mari. After being abandoned during the destruction of the Zambesi Village, she searched for the mystical Anansi Totem and later the Water Totem. Kuasa died in a duel with Benatu Eshu, wielder of the Fire Totem, but was resurrected by Nora Darhk, a follower of Mallus, now with the Water Totem embedded within her. She was nicknamed "Water Witch" by the Legends and the Time Bureau. Kuasa was killed a second time by Nora, who took the Totem from her in the process.

However, as a result of the Legends' actions in 1992 that saved the Zambesi Village in order to free Mallus, Kuasa grew up to become the defender of her village alongside Mari. The two sisters happily share the mantle of Vixen, as well as the Anansi Totem.


Original timeline

Early life

Young Kuasa

Young Kuasa named guardian of the Anansi Totem.

Kuasa was born in 1988 to Esi and an unnamed man in the Zambesi Village, located in the M'Changa Province of Zambesi. She had a younger sister named Mari and was close to her grandmother, Amaya, viewing the latter as her role model.[2]

When Kuasa was four years old, she was entitled the guardian of the Anansi Totem. However, a local warlord, Benatu Eshu, attacked the village in his hunt for the totems of power, murdering Kuasa's father and grandmother. Esi then fled with Mari and the Anansi Totem, leaving Kuasa bitter and obsessed with retrieving it.

Feeling pressured to protect Zambesi as a duty to honor the dead, Kuasa became a criminal as she grew up, forming alliances with dangerous people and obtaining power, men, and resources in order to find her sister and the totem.[3]

Pursuing the Anansi Totem

In 2015, Kuasa tracked her sister, now "Mari McCabe", to Detroit in the United States. She hired a gang of thugs to retrieve the Anansi Totem from Mari, which failed once the totem awakened and formed a bond with the latter. Kuasa then approached Adam Macalester, a renowned professor and historian in Detroit, presumably for information on the totem and her sister.
Kuasa and two men approach Mari McCabe

Kuasa and her men approach Mari McCabe.

Later, Kuasa learned from Macalester that Mari had come to see him about her totem. Pleased, Kuasa promised to completely fund his next expedition once she gained the Anansi Totem.[4]

When Mari went to visit Macalester once more, Kuasa busted into the office with two armed men, threatening Mari to hand over the totem or she would get one of her men to kill her.[5] After Mari failed to remove the necklace, Kuasa decided to "remove it from her corpse". Mari tried to escape but was shot by one of Kuasa's guards. Kuasa treated Mari's wound and brought her sister to the Zambesi Village.

Mari and Kuasa at Zambesi Village

Kuasa reveals her connection to Mari.

When Mari awoke, Kuasa revealed that she was her older sister, telling Mari of their past and how she was the true guardian of the Anansi Totem. Kuasa claimed to Mari it was still her obligation to protect the village, even if there is only the dead left. Apologizing for having no choice, Kuasa had Anansi in the form of a spider bite Mari to unbind the totem from her. After Mari was bitten, she managed to flee. Kuasa halted her men from following Mari, knowing her sister wouldn't get far. Sure enough, Mari soon collapsed, allowing Kuasa to catch up to her and claim the Anansi Totem.[3]

Mari defeats Kuasa

Kuasa's connection with the Anansi Totem is severed.

Kuasa brought the totem back to the village, where her associates worshipped her. Kuasa was then confronted by Mari, who scolded her over stealing the Anansi Totem. Kuasa claimed it was her birthright to wield it, but Mari pointed out the animal spirits told her their mother wanted to keep the totem away from Kuasa. An enraged Kuasa engaged Mari in battle while an animal herd chased off her men. As Kuasa harnessed the spirit of the rhino and elephant to attack her sister, Mari used a spear to graze her arm. Kuasa got close enough to bite Mari's injured shoulder, only for the latter to have Anansi bite her spear wound. Rapidly weakening from the venom entering her bloodstream, Kuasa still insisted the Anansi Totem was hers. She warned Mari it wasn't over before the latter knocked her out with a punishing uppercut and took back the totem.[6]

Stealing the Water Totem

Mari and Macalester visits Kuasa

Kuasa, stripped of her powers and weakened by Anansi's poison, is visited by Mari and Professor Macalester.

A year later, Mari returned to Africa alongside Macalester to find out more about Benatu Eshu and how to stop him. Kuasa, who had been hospitalized by the poison Mari used to stop her, revealed that to counteract Eshu's Fire Totem, they had to retrieve the Water Totem. Kuasa told them she knew of its whereabouts, and would lead them to it with the provision that she could join them in the fight against Eshu.[7]

Kuasa is killed by Eshu

Kuasa is incinerated by Eshu.

With the assistance of Felicity Smoak, Mari and Kuasa managed to break into the mansion in which the Totem was located in Star City. However, once they retrieved it, Kuasa attempted to steal the Totem for herself and tried to escape, only to stopped by The Atom and Black Canary. Mari then convinced Kuasa to join them all in their fight to stop Eshu from destroying Detroit, and to avenge their village of Zambesi, to which she agreed.[8] She fought alongside Mari, The Atom, and Black Canary, but they were clearly outmatched. Kuasa refused to run from Eshu, saying she wasn't her mother. She was quickly overpowered by Eshu, being incinerated by Eshu's fire, along with the Water Totem.[9]

Resurrection and finding Zari Tomaz

Kuasa resurrected

Kuasa is resurrected.

Sometime after her demise, Kuasa was resurrected by a cloaked woman, who identified herself as a servant of Mallus, who required her services.[10]

Kuasa was sent to operate in Seattle 2042 to capture a hacktivist named Zari Tomaz, who was in possession of the Air Totem. At first, Kuasa ambushed an A.R.G.U.S. vehicle which was transporting Zari and killed two guards, only to find that her target had escaped. She tracked down Zari to her hiding place at her warehouse where she saw the Legends were also looking for her and tailed them until they led her to Zari in a bar. In an ensuing fight, Kuasa defeated Sara Lance until a diversion allowed the Legends to escape. Eventually, Kuasa found the Atom and Zari and quickly beat him and nearly killed him by drowning him until Zari stepped in. Kuasa offered Zari revenge on A.R.G.U.S. in return for the totem she had as she couldn't wield it. When the proposal was refused, Kuasa was preparing to kill them until she was ambushed by the Legends.

Kuasa meets her time-travelling grandmother

Kuasa meets her time-traveling grandmother, Amaya.

Amaya Jiwe stepped forward to challenge her and Kuasa quickly tried to strike at her with water, but Amaya blocked it by using the power of her totem. Recognizing the power of the Anansi Totem, Kuasa was temporarily left in shock which gave Amaya the chance to throw her with the strength of an elephant. Realizing that Amaya was her grandmother, Kuasa said that if she killed Amaya, she would only be killing herself, hinting at their relationship. She then teleported herself away using a time stone. Later, she accompanies Damien and Nora Darhk. She fights against Amaya and escapes.[11]

Current timeline

Because of the Legends' intervention in Zambesi 1992, Kuasa was never accidentally abandoned by her mother, nor did she witness her grandmother and father being murdered. The mantle of the guardian of Zambesi was split between Kuasa and Mari due to their strong sisterly bond. Kuasa briefly went to the year 1874 during the Old West era in America to help her younger, time-traveling grandmother defeat Mallus. Amaya was pleased to see her as another timeline version of Kuasa had died right in front of her not that long ago. After their victory, Kuasa returned home with the Fire, Water, Earth, and Death totems. After seeing her family's future, Amaya decided to return to 1942 with intact memories of her time as a Legend to ensure this better future happened for everyone in the village.[12]


"Family is true power. I know you're in there somewhere, Nora. You have your father, I have my grandmother. We don't have to become our demons."
—Kuasa fo Nora Darhk[src]

Original timeline

Kuasa was an innocent girl at her youth prior to what happened to her village.

As an adult she became ruthless, but at the time of both of her deaths, showed a side to her of wanting to protect her own family's existence.

Despite Kuasa having some resentment towards her younger sister, Mari for inheriting the Spirit Totem (due to her being the eldest of the two siblings) even trying to kill her at one point, in her own way she does love her sister, even trying to protect her in the hospital, as she got injured while trying to save people from a fire due to not having power of the Spirit Totem (as Damien Darhk took it from their grandmother, who was still a member of the Legends at the time).

Current timeline

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Because of the Legends' intervention in Zambesi 1992, Kuasa never resented Mari, as the two share a strong sisterly bond; they also share the mantle of "Vixen", as well as the power of the Spirit Totem, growing up to become the guardians of Zambesi Village.

Powers and abilities


  • Anansi Totem: All of Kuasa's powers come from her necklace, which allows her to harness the life force of animals, in essence harnessing their abilities.

Former powers

  • Water Totem: Kuasa used the Water Totem in the original timeline, it was shown to give her intense strength and reflexes.
    • Superhuman speed: During her fight against Sara Lance, Kuasa managed to evade all of her attacks very quickly.
    • Enhanced strength: Kuasa was shown to have an extreme level of inhuman strength, able to overpower Sara Lance with ease and send her flying with a single throw.


  • Peak of human physical condition: Even without her powers from her totem, Kuasa has shown to have incredible strength and reflexes.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Kuasa is a highly trained hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist; working with Ava Sharpe, she was able to defeat several pirates from Mallus' forces with ease. Her fighting style appears to consist of krav maga and boxing.
  • Occult knowledge: As the shared wielder of the Anansi Totem, Kuasa has a great knowledge of its supernatural powers as well as the other totems' powers and the general nature of mysticism and how it works.

Original timeline abilities

  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Kuasa was a formidable unarmed combatant. Despite being surprised by Sara Lance, who had League of Assassins training, Kuasa managed to overpower her with ease to the point that Sara needed Mick Rory to cause a distraction to escape. She uses a fluid style of fighting, able to evade incoming attacks and counter them.[11] Kuasa was also able to go toe to toe with and overpower Amaya Jiwe, an excellent martial artist in her own right, multiple times, even when the latter used her Anansi Totem.[2][13]
  • Occult knowledge: Kuasa was seen to have the ability to resurrect and control the dead ancestors of Zambesi.


  • Vixen suit: In the current timeline, in which Kuasa is a co-defender of Zambesi Village alongside her sister, she wears a suit similar to that used by Mari.
  • Anansi Totem: Kuasa briefly bonded with the Anansi Totem after stealing it from Mari to summon the animal spirits and use their powers. Shortly after, she lost it after being bitten by a spider - Anansi's true form. However, as a result of the Legends' machinations in Zambesi 1992 that saved the village, Kuasa grew up to wield the Anansi Totem, sharing it and the mantle of Vixen, with her sister.
  • Water Totem: In the new timeline following Mallus' death, the Water Totem was entrusted to Kuasa along with the Fire, Earth, and Death totems to find them new worthy bearers.
  • Fire Totem: In the new timeline following Mallus' death, the Fire Totem was entrusted to Kuasa along with the Water, Earth, and Death totems to find them new worthy bearers.
  • Earth Totem: In the new timeline following Mallus' death, the Earth Totem was entrusted to Kuasa along with the Fire, Water, and Death totems to find them new worthy bearers.
  • Death Totem: In the new timeline following Mallus' death, the Death Totem was entrusted to Kuasa along with the Fire, Earth, and Water totems to find them new worthy bearers.

Former equipment

  • Time stone: While working with the Darhks as a follower of Mallus, Kuasa used a mystical stone allowing her the powers of teleportation and time travel.[11] In the new timeline, in which her village was never destroyed, Kuasa presumably no longer has the time stone.
  • Water Totem: After Kuasa briefly gained Water Totem, she used it to summon and manipulate water. Kuasa was later incinerated along with the Water Totem,[8] but later resurrected thanks to Mallus,[10] after which the totem bonded to her person, allowing Kuasa to retain a much greater scope of its powers.[11] Later though, Nora Darhk killed Kuasa by ripping the Water Totem out of her heart.[14]



Season 1

Season 2

DC's Legends of Tomorrow


  • Kuasa is one of the only known people to have possessed more than one totem: The Anansi and Water Totem. The other is Nora Darhk, who possessed the Air, Anansi, and Water Totems.
  • Kuasa has died twice; first when being incinerated by Benatu Eshu by the Fire Totem during a duel, and second by a Mallus-possessed Nora, who ripped the Water Totem out of Kuasa's body for her betrayal. Both instances involved Kuasa performing a selfless and heroic deed before her demise.
    • However, in the new timeline, Kuasa technically never died until the Anti-Monitor Crisis destroyed her universe (though this was undone when the Paragons restored Earth-1 in the form of Earth-Prime).
  • Kuasa is the second known person in the multiverse to come back from the dead without time travel (not counting her second death). The others are Sara Lance, Otis Graves and Nate Heywood.
    • Interestingly, all these individuals except for Otis were resurrected by some form of magic.

Behind the scenes

  • Kuasa is the first Arrowverse villain to transition from animated form to live-action.
  • Kuasa served as the main antagonist of Season 1 of Vixen.


  1. Kuasa states in "Daddy Darhkest" that Zambesi was destroyed in 1992. Given that she previously stated in "Episode 5" of Season 1 of Vixen that she was four years old at the time of its destruction, that would put her birth year as 1988.
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