Kullens (died February 2019) was a former corrupt councilman of Star City and an ally of Ricardo Diaz.


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Kullens as a councilman was shadowed by Susan Williams for a profile, by doing so she followed him to a meeting with Mayor Oliver Queen. Once they got down to business, the councilman acknowledged that Oliver's plans would only benefit "crony capitalists", such as Queen Consolidated some decades before.[1]

Kullens later became corrupt and joined Ricardo Diaz's criminal organization.

After Oliver used a device that Felicity made on his wrist to copy all of Diaz's files (that contain a list of every person under his payroll) and gave it to Samanda Watson; Kullens was arrested along with all the people under Diaz's payroll by the FBI.

One night, as he was sleeping in his bed after getting released from prison a month ago, a stranger quietly broke into his room and injected him with a paralytic drug. Kullens awoke in shock and asked the stranger what he wanted before the latter sliced his throat without any response, killing him.


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Although Kullens had ruined his own life and reputation when he chose to align himself with Ricardo Diaz, he did not deserve the death he received from Stanley Dover; shortly after his death, Kullens' killer, Stanley was brought to justice after being subdued by Oliver Queen and re-incarceration in Slabside Maximum Security Prison.

It is very likely that murdering Kullens, as well as Stanley's recent crimes, such as the murder of B. Dunbar and two other victims, and the attempted murder of Dinah Drake, Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak and William Clayton respectively, has increased Stanley's prison sentence from several years, to life in prison.



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