Kurt Weaver (died October 2017) was a billionaire and former programmer who, along with his friends, robbed Ramsey Deacon of his application "Kilg%re" and got rich off his idea.


In 2013, Kurt Weaver, Ramsey Deacon, Tim Kwon, and Sheila Agnani created the malware app "Kilg%re" in Ramsey's garage. On January 17, 2014, the team was awarded the Quasar Prize in the 25th edition of the annual "Quasar Award" in Keystone City. However, Ramsey's friends wanted to enrich the program and stole his idea, selling it to a large technology company for billions and leaving him with nothing. Kurt even digitally scrubbed any connection between the four of them to ensure Ramsey couldn't take legal action.

One night in October 2017, Kurt toured a new penthouse as a prospective buyer. Satisfied, he agreed to buy it and took the elevator downstairs, leaving the real estate agent alone in the penthouse. Suddenly, the elevator started malfunctioning, and the sign "Kilg%re" appeared on the control panel. Putting the signs together, Kurt immediately realized that he was in trouble, but was unable to escape and the elevator began to constantly shake up and down, eventually killing him.[1]


Kurt was a greedy, power-hungry individual who desired fame and money. He robbed his partner, Ramsey Deacon, of the "Kilg%re" idea to sell it and become rich. Unlike his partners, Kurt didn't even seem to be interested in technology, only caring about the money it would bring. Kurt was also extremely pompous and enjoyed flaunting his wealth; he wanted to buy a lavish modern penthouse solely because of its price in order to show off the fact that he could afford it.[1]


  • Genius-level intellect/Expert programmer: Kurt was known to have been a proficient programmer, helping to create "Kilg%re", an effective malware application. His work was great enough to earn a cover shot on a magazine and a Quasar Award. Kurt was able to erase any digital connection between him and his friends and Ramsey Deacon to the point that Team Flash only found out of their affiliation from a 2014 tech magazine.[1]


The Flash

Season 4


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