Kwame Parker was a Freeland Councilman and reluctant ally of Tobias Whale.


Kwame Parker serves as a councilman for Freeland. During his re-election campaign, he took money from Martin Proctor. Some time later, Whale used information obtained from Proctor's briefcase to blackmail Parker into working for him.[1]

Parker later went on television to announce that an anonymous donor had offered to fund the relocation of the Rebecca Lee Crumpler Free Clinic.[1] He later visited Reverend Jeremiah Holt to convince him to take the offer and move the clinic. However, Holt knew exactly where the money was coming from and refused the offer, telling Parker that he was not afraid of Tobias.[2]

Parker was giving a public speech in Freeland when the gathering was attacked by Tobias’ meta-human henchman Heatstroke. Heatstroke uses his pyrokinetic powers to set Parker and his police guard on fire.[3]


Black Lightning

Season 2


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