Kyle Cushing is the fire chief of the Smallville Fire Department. He is also the husband of Lana Lang Cushing, and the father of Sarah Cushing and Sophie Cushing.


Early life

Kyle, Lana Lang and Clark Kent went to high school simultaneously.

At some point, Kyle began to work for Smallville fire department as a fire chief. He married Lana Lang and they had two daughters, Sarah and Sophie.

Kyle developed a resentment towards individuals; like Clark who took their talents to big cities like Metropolis, leaving him behind.[1]

Return of the Kent family

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When Martha Kent died, Kyle went to the funeral with his family. There, he met the Kent family.


Kyle cares about his community, however, years of being a fire fighter has left him quite bitter. He is also blind to Morgan Edge's true colours; even when Lois Lane points it out, Kyle assumes she is thinking of him as a country bumpkin; proving just how short-sighted and narrow-minded he truly is.

According to Sarah Cushing; Kyle hates everyone in Smallville; except the late Martha Kent, which implies that he isn't someone you get along with very easily. He also doesn't like Clark Kent because he and Lana already have dated.

Kyle is easily jealous of any man Lana is friendly with; Sophie Cushing noted it when Lana put Clark's photo on her Facebook page. Sarah later noted that their marriage is apparently heading to a divorce, as Kyle sleeps on the couch.


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