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"You seem pretty smug, rooting for an entitled billionaire."
"I just want what's best for this town. Right now, it seems pretty clear to me that that's Morgan Edge bringing jobs in."
Lana Lang Cushing and Kyle Cushing[src]

Kyle Cushing is the fire chief of the Smallville Fire Department. He is also the husband of Lana Lang Cushing, and the father of Sarah Cushing and Sophie Cushing. Kyle was also one of Morgan Edge's experiments, who made him gain Kryptonian powers.


Early life

Kyle, Lana Lang, and Clark Kent went to high school together; both young men competed for the affection of Lana.[1][2]

In 2005, Kyle married Lana Lang and they had two daughters, Sarah and Sophie, At some point, he also began to work for Smallville fire department as a fire chief.[1][3]

Kyle developed a resentment towards individuals like Clark who took their talents to big cities like Metropolis, leaving him behind.[1]

Return of the Kent family

The Cushing family goes to the wake.

"What does Morgan Edge want with Smallville?
Oh, boy. He's retrofitting the coal mines to produce alternative energies. It's gonna put a lot of folks back to work around here.
Until it doesn't.
Morgan Edge ruins everything he touches.
Lois Lane and Kyle Cushing[src]

When Martha Kent died, Kyle went to the funeral with his family. There, he met the Kent family. After an awkward moment, they were invited to the Kent Farm while the kids went to the barn. Kyle had a brief discussion with Lois Lane about Morgan Edge, until Lana asked him to leave. After the explosion in the Shuster Mines, Kyle was called to the scene to put out the fire.[1]

Defending Morgan Edge

Town meeting and barbecue

A couple of days later, Kyle and Lana entered a diner and saw Lois there; they greeted her and invited her to the Cushing family barbecue. Kyle noticed that Lois was researching Morgan Edge, but before he could discuss it with her, Mayor George Dean approached, distracting Kyle who chased after the mayor so they could talk.

Kyle and the mayor introduced Morgan when he came to the town meeting, introducing his plan to bring 600 jobs to Smallville. Kyle was excited until Lois began asking Morgan questions about Morgan's past dealings with New Carthage. Morgan hinted that he had the option to change his mind about working in Smallville.

The next afternoon, Kyle was the grill master of the barbecue with many people from the town at the Cushing house. When Lois went out back to get some food, she surprised Kyle by asking for ribs, a messy food to eat, since he stereotyped her as a neat, non-meat eater. Kyle used this encounter to defend Morgan further by saying that Smallville needs the money and opportunity that Morgan will provide. Lois questioned if the town was willing to work for less than it was worth; Kyle retorted that something was better than nothing. The two agreed that they disagreed.[4]

Extinguishing the flames

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Early in the morning, Kyle and Lana sat in their car as they waited for Sarah; Sarah attended a psychologist ever since she took Lana's pills but did not explain why a year ago. Kyle grew tired of waiting and wanted to enter to get his daughter, but Lana disagreed because she did not want anyone from the town to see them entering the doctor's office. When Sarah arrived, she argued that Lana was prying when Lana asked about the session. Sarah asked for Kyle to drive, so he did.

The next night, Chief Cushing helps to extinguish the flames from Lois Lane's car. When he finishes, Kyle listens as Lois blames Morgan Edge. Kyle says that the accusations are baseless; Lois listens as Chrissy Beppo says that Lois' sources are not verifiable yet. Kyle leaves.

The following night, Kyle is watching baseball at the dinner table; he says nothing as Sarah refuses to eat with them.[5]

It's a rainy night as Kyle, Mayor George Dean, Leslie Larr, and Morgan Edge watch the Smallville Crows play. Kyle talks to Edge, who is not paying attention, about how the money Edge will provide can revamp the football stadium. Edge is staring at Lana and the cheerleaders, so Kyle tells Edge that she is his wife and an employee at his bank, causing Edge to insist that the Cushings have dinner with him. Kyle slowly agrees.

Morgan sits between Kyle and Lana.

After the game, Edge sat between Kyle and his wife, as they had dinner. While Kyle and the Mayor talked, Edge talked with Lana. Kyle smiled as they conversed.

The next day, Kyle and Lana set up chairs for the town meeting. Kyle reads the Smallville Gazette and notices that the damaging article about Edge that Lois planned to write was not there. Lana is angry that Kyle said nothing the night before about Edge making her uncomfortable, but Kyle feels that since Edge was not flirting with his wife and since Edge is bringing money to the town, Lana should act friendly. Kyle feels that no matter what position he would have taken, he would have been wrong in Lana's eyes. Lana leaves for a walk.

During the town meeting, Kyle defends Edge and wants him to bring money to the town. The audience applauds his speech.

The next morning, Kyle makes pancakes; Sophie brags to Lana that Kyle has not burned any. Lana amorously tells Kyle that she appreciates him.[3]

The musical revue

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Seeking to change himself for the better, Kyle took up an offer from Morgan Edge and was exposed to X-Kryptonite, turning him into a meta-human.

Kyle arrived at the Kent Farm, claiming to have followed Emily Phan from school, and asked Jonathan to give him the gun. When Emily and a man entered the barn, Jon threw them away with the gun, but Kyle used his heat vision and blew away the gun. He grabbed them both, threatening to kill Jon before Lois' eyes, but Superman arrived in time to save them. [6]


Kyle cares about his community, however; due years of being a fire fighter, he is left quite bitter and prone to self-pity. He is also blind to Morgan Edge's true colors; even when Lois Lane points it out, Kyle assumes she is thinking of him as a country bumpkin; proving just how short-sighted and narrow-minded he truly is.

According to Sarah Cushing; Kyle hates everyone in Smallville; except the late Martha Kent, which implies that he isn't someone you get along with very easily. He also doesn't like Clark Kent because he and Lana already have dated. Kyle's marriage to Lana has started to fail; to the point that he sleeps on the couch.

Kyle is easily jealous of Lana's friendship with Clark Kent; Sophie Cushing noted it when Lana put Clark's photo on her Facebook page.

Powers and abilities

Former powers

  • Meta-human physiology:

    Kyle attacks Jon and Lois.

    Due to exposure to X-Kryptonite, Kyle’s DNA was altered, gaining powers similar to Superman and turning him into a meta-human.[6]
    • Heat vision: Kyle was able to emit red energy beams of intense heat from both of his eyes.[6]
    • Superhuman strength: Kyle had super strength.[6]
    • Superhuman speed: Kyle had super speed.[6]


  • Skilled musician: Kyle played guitar.[7][6]


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