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"I came prepared."
—Kyle Reston to The Hood[src]

Kyle Reston, also known under the alias of Ace, is a bank robber and a member of the Royal Flush Gang. He is also the son of the late Derek Reston and Mrs. Reston, and the older brother of Teddy Reston.


Early life

Kyle Reston was the firstborn child of Derek Reston and Mrs. Reston, preceding Teddy Reston. He attended Larchmont High School, but had to drop out because his father lost the job at Queen Industrial Inc., which forced Reston family to turn to crime.[1]


As the family started to commit armed bank robberies, Kyle had become increasingly violent and eventually shoot and seriously wounded police officer Stan Washington during one of the robberies. The incident attracted the attention of the Hood, whom Ace viewed as a worthy opponent much to dismay of his father who had become increasingly disturbed by how violent his son came to be.

During the final heist Kyle was shot with an arrow to a shoulder and knocked out by the Hood as the police arrived and opened fire. Derek Reston took a bullet for his son and died, while Kyle was incarcerated.[1]


Kyle is a short-fuse aggressive man prone to reckless behavior, although he deeply cares for his family. He also had shown a sentimental side by wearing a Larchmont High School ring.



  • AKS-74U Assault Rifle: Used in the robberies.
  • Hockey Mask: Kyle used a hockey mask with a playing card print on it to conceal his identity.
  • Sledgehammer: Kyle used a sledgehammer during the robberies to smash the locks out of doors.
  • Larchmont High School ring: Kyle was often wearing a Larchmont High School ring, which held sentimental value for him.
  • Tactical shield: Kyle acquired and used a tactical shield to protect himself from Oliver Queen's arrows.



Season 1

Season 6




  • Kyle shares his first name with the actor portraying him, Kyle Schmid.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Ace (usually of Spades, but might use other card colours too) is a legacy name used by either leader or second-in-command member of Royal Flash Gang, the most famous being Ace Android created by Derek Reston, which is alluded on the show, as Kyle is Derek's son.


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