L-Corp, formerly known as Luthor Corp, is a company located in National City, formerly located in Metropolis.


Luthor Corp

TheLuthor Corp building.

Following the incarceration of Lex Luthor, his half-sister Lena Luthor took over Luthor Corp and moved its base of operations to National City. She renamed the company to L-Corp, hoping to make a better name for herself after Lex tarnished the reputation of the Luthor name with his criminal activities.[1]

Soon after the company re-naming, Lena led the now christened (and reformed) L-Corp into one of its first business ventures; the development of an advanced, handheld alien detection device that she intends to ply to the public in preparation for the impending enactment of President Olivia Marsdin’s Alien Amnesty Act, which would then permit sapient extra-terrestrial life on Earth to walk free among the human denizens of National City and eventually across the world. And since some aliens, by species or otherwise, possess the means of disguising themselves so convincingly as part of humanity such that the latter may be at risk by being none the wiser, L-Corp intended to profit from that by marketing a specialized contraption that would allow actual humans to identify human-esque aliens secretly living amongst them on Earth, expunging away the pretense. Lena would later present a beta version of the device to Kara Danvers during an interview with the CatCo reporter, since the finished product was not yet ready for mass-sale and that the prototype was still being developed by L-Corp's R&D.[2]

After Lena Luthor's purchase of CatCo Worldwide Media, Lena managed to find someone she trusted to run and handle things at L-Corp while she settled into CatCo. She later revealed that she hired Samantha Arias.[3]

Under Samantha's leadership, L-Corp was able to finalize a merger with JQB and beat Morgan Edge who attempted to undermine the deal.[4]

After it was revealed that Lena Luthor's lead bomb was not the cause of children getting ill, L-Corp created a synthetic antidote for the ill children. The antidote worked and was able to save everyone who was infected.[5]

Potential future

In the 25th century, L-Corp developed a cure for lead poisoning, allowing individuals such as the Daxamite Mon-El to live freely despite a natural toxicity to lead.[6]

Known employees

Current employees

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the company is owned by Lex Luthor and is named LexCorp, although the name "Luthor Corp" was also used in a few cases.
    • Also, in the DC comics, the company is located in Metropolis, though divisions of it exist in other cities.


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