"Hell and Earth will become one. No more hiding like cowards in the shadows. We'll live in the open, and you'll be the ones hiding. But there'll be no hiding from us. You'll be ours."
—Lamashtu describes the plan of Brujeria[src]

Lamashtu, disguised as "Sister Luisa", was a "demon goddess" of Hell and one of the Sisters of Eve. She is described by John Constantine to be "a bit of a glorified vampire".


Biblical times

At the times of the Garden of Eden, Lamashtu was the youngest of the sisters created by God to populate it, along with the first man, Adam. Lamashtu turned down Adam's proposal for marriage, before Eve said "yes". Instead, Lamashtu sought power and chose eternity as a "goddess of Hell" over a lifetime of obedience on Earth just like her sisters Lilith, Durgia, and Naamah; presumably getting their powers from God's enemy, Satan. It is implied that her influence on Earth diminished after the Great Flood, as the catastrophic event purged plenty of Hell-aligned beings. Bereft of direct power, although still worshiped by some groups, she focused on hunting down her favorite prey, newborn children, moving between Hell and Earth. At some point she became the soul mate of Pazuzu, before the two broke up.[1]

The Rising Darkness

At some point prior to 2014, Lamashtu started working for a group of ancient and powerful warlocks called the Brujeria, who managed to release her from Hell in human-like form. She lived in Mexico City, Mexico as "Sister Luisa", a nun of the Catholic Church, whether that identity was stolen or created by her. Living right under the nose of holy men, Lamashtu would capture and drain newborn infants that were prepared for baptism. Par of her mission in the Brujeria concerned kidnapping babies that descended from the family line of one of Brujeria warlocks and creating "human fruits" out of placenta, pulsating with the babies' energy.[1]

One of such kidnappings, the case of Hugo Lopez's children, was investigated by John Constantine's team. John Constantine, with the help of another nun, Anne Marie Flynn. "Sister Luisa" was charmed by John and tried to persuade him to drop the kidnapping case. However, John figured out her deception and forced Lamashtu to abandon her illusion. The team then tricked Lamashtu into picking up a turkey filled with Hugo Lopez's blood, which John covered with a spell of glamour. John and Anne Marie followed Lamashtu into her hideout in the catacombs, taking the babies from her and trying to escape. As Lamashtu followed her, intent on taking the babies back, John threatened to drown the babies, forcing Lamashtu to reveal the secrets of Brujeria and the Rising Darkness, including their plan to bring Hell on Earth. Getting the information he needed, John used the Icon of Pazuzu artifact to attack Lamashtu, allowing Pazuzu to fill the room with purple flames as he opened a flaming portal which sucked Lamashtu inside, leaving her fate unclear. As the two tried to escape the catacombs, they were now attacked by Invunche.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Demonic/godlike physiology: Being a "demon goddess", Lamashtu had a number of innate powers.
    • Immortality: Lamashtu is an immortal being that lived since the times of creation.[1]
    • Illusions: Lamashtu was able to perform illusions, disguising herself or specific objects, like the chalice of worms she's given Constantine.[1]
    • Energy draining/"Human fruit" creation: Lamashtu was able to conjure placenta-shaped "human fruits" on trees near the cathedral she worked at. The fruits transmuted energy of the stolen babies through warlock blood, which led to Constantine calling her a "glorified vampire".[1]
    • Superhuman strength: Lamashtu was able to hold John Constantine down into a fountain, nearly drowning him, while he helplessly struggled to break free.[1]
    • Superhuman speed: Lamashtu can move at superhuman speed. She was able to instantly appear behind Anne Marie.[1]


  • Multilingualism: Lamashtu spoke English, Spanish and presumably ancient languages from the dawn of time, considering her lifespan.[1]
  • Impersonation/Acting: Lamashtu was able to convincingly disguise herself as "Sister Luisa", a nun of the Catholic Church. Her disguise was only pierced by John Constantine, while even true Catholics like Anne Marie Flynn thought her a normal nun.[1]


  • Icon of Pazuzu: Lamashtu is weaker than her old estranged mate, Pazuzu, which allowed John to unleash his rage on her through this artifact, defeating her.[1]
  • Glamour spells: Lamashtu wasn't able to see through John's glamour spells, allowing him to easily fool her.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • Historically, Lamashtu is described in Mesopotamian mythology as a malevolent goddess or demigoddess who menaced women during childbirth and, if possible, kidnapped their children while they were breastfeeding. She was a daughter of the Sky God Anu.
  • Lamashtu is the second demonized version of a character from the Mesopotamian mythology after Nergal, and followed by Pazuzu.


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