"It's true. I'm the most full-of-crap lady in Smallville. And most days, when I'm smiling, that's not how I feel inside. I feel lost."
—Lana Lang Cushing to her daughter, Sarah[src]

Lana Lang Cushing is a mortgage manager at Smallville Bank. She is also the wife of Kyle Cushing, and the mother of Sarah Cushing and Sophie Cushing.


Early life

In Lana's youth, she became friends with Pete and dated Clark Kent.[1]

At some point, Lana attended a Soul Asylum concert with Clark and Pete. On their way back, Pete fell asleep while driving, causing the car to careen off the side of the road. She passed out and when they all came to, they were unharmed, with the car completely destroyed. Eventually, she and Clark broke up.[1]

As Lana grew up, she began to work for Smallville Bank as a mortgage manager. She married Kyle Cushing, and they had two daughters, Sarah and Sophie. In 2016, during the farming crisis of Smallville, she helped Martha Kent to mortgage off her house for a second time under a special scheme run by the bank.[1]

Return of Clark and Lois

"Don't even think about leaving 'cause I just got you back."
—Lana Lang Cushing to Clark Kent[src]

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After the death of Martha Kent, Lana and her family attended her wake, before catching up with Clark and Lois. After letting slip that Martha had taken out another mortgage, she invited the couple to come by the bank the following day for her to explain. They did, and she explained the situation, allowing them time to think it through. Sometime later, she came by the Kent Farm, having managed to dig up an offer for Clark and Lois. However, much to her surprise, they decided to keep the farm, paying off the loan.[1]


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Lana is proving to be friendly. Due to her failing marriage, Lana is overbearing to Sarah Cushing; especially after her suicide attempt. When confronted on the Cushing family faults by her own daughter, Lana could only deny it to keep up public appearances.


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  • Lana has a Facebook profile, which she used to post photos of her with Clark Kent at some point.
    • It was noted by her daughter Sophie that Kyle was jealous of Clark because Lana had his photo on her Facebook profile.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Lana Lang has traditionally been Superman's romantic interest when they were teenagers in Smallville.


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