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"It's true. I'm the most full-of-crap lady in Smallville. And most days, when I'm smiling, that's not how I feel inside. I feel lost."
—Lana Lang Cushing to her daughter, Sarah[src]

Lana Lang Cushing is a mortgage manager at Smallville Bank and a cheerleading coach of Smallville High School. She is also the daughter of an unnamed woman, wife of Kyle Cushing, and the mother of Sarah Cushing and Sophie Cushing.


Early life

In Lana's youth, she became friends with Pete and dated Clark Kent.[1] Clark and Kyle Cushing competed for Lana's attention.[2]

At some point, Lana attended a Soul Asylum concert with Clark and Pete. On their way back, Pete fell asleep while driving, causing the car to careen off the side of the road. She passed out and when they all came to, they were unharmed, with the car completely destroyed. Eventually, she and Clark broke up.[1]

Lana graduated magna cum laude from Stanhope College, but chose to return to Smallville because she wanted to come home.[3]

Lana began to work for Smallville Bank as a mortgage manager. She married Kyle Cushing, and they had two daughters, Sarah and Sophie. In 2016, during the farming crisis of Smallville, she helped Martha Kent to mortgage off her house for a second time under a special scheme run by the bank.[1]

In 2020, at 13, Sarah attempted suicide by taking Lana's sleeping pills. Though Lana recommended Dr. Lawrence for her daughter, Lana continues to feel embarrassed and less-than-worthy because of the incident.[4]

Return of Clark and Lois

"Don't even think about leaving 'cause I just got you back."
—Lana Lang Cushing to Clark Kent[src]

Lana at Smallville bank.

After the death of Martha Kent, Lana and her family attended her wake, before catching up with Clark and Lois. After letting slip that Martha had taken out another mortgage, she invited the couple to come by the bank the following day for her to explain. They did, and she explained the situation, allowing them time to think it through. Sometime later, she came by the Kent Farm, having managed to dig up an offer for Clark and Lois. However, much to her surprise, they decided to keep the farm, paying off the loan.[1]

A couple of days later, Lana and Kyle went into a diner and saw Lois there; they greeted her and invited Lois to the Cushing family barbecue. Kyle noticed that Lois was researching Morgan Edge but when Mayor George Dean approached, Kyle was distracted, allowing Lana to tell Lois about the city council meeting that night before Lana rushed away.

Lana and Kyle brought their children to the town meeting. Lana sat quietly as Lois asked Morgan questions; Kyle looked at her when he felt embarrassed.

Lana advises Clark.

The next afternoon, at the Cushing house, Lana was enjoying a large glass of wine as Kyle cooked in the backyard. Lana greeted the Kent family when they arrived; she asked for forgiveness for not telling Lois that the barbecue was a town function, not an intimate dinner. Soon, Lana approached Clark as she had another glass of wine, noticing that Clark, years after high school, still kept a grimace. She asked him not to leave early. Lana further advised Clark that it was his job to make his family adjust to the town.[5]

Mother and coach

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Early in the morning, Lana and Kyle waited in the car for Sarah to exit her counseling with Dr. Lawrence; though Kyle wanted to go inside to get Sarah, Lana felt embarrassed and did not want anyone in town to see her going inside. When Sarah arrived, Lana asked how it was, but Sarah knew that her sessions were private.

Lana coaches the cheerleaders.

Next day, Lana was coaching the cheerleaders. Sarah's timing was off and almost caused a cheerleader to fall. Lana was angry, as the other girls were working hard, but Sarah acted distracted. Sarah, noticing that the other girls were staring, quit the squad.

After practices were over, Lana went to Victoria May's to get Sarah as she hung out with the Kent twins. Lana wanted to talk privately but Sarah insisted on having the conversation around the boys. Sarah accused Lana of being a hovering parent; Lana retorted that she wanted to keep Sarah safe. Sarah unloads the lifestyle arrangements of the Cushing family for all to hear. Lana refuses to be disrespected further and escorts her 14-year-old daughter from the diner. Clark enters; Lana does not have time for him.

The next day, Lana leaves the Smallville Bank and runs into Clark as he delivers the last of the paperwork on the farm; she apologizes to him about the day before and explains that she is having family issues. During the chat, Lana reveals to Clark that Jordan is playing football. Clark tries to correct her, but Lana knows better, to Clark's surprise.

That night, Lana tries to talk Sarah into having dinner with the rest of the family, but Sarah refuses. Lana looks to Kyle for help, but he continues to watch the baseball game. Lana goes to Sarah's room and tells her that she is scared to lose her oldest daughter. As Sarah admits why she almost overdosed and cries, Lana admits that her smile is fake because, inside, she is sad; she was raised never to show her pain to the outside world. They hug and decide to try to find happiness together.[4]

The rain falls heavily as the Crows play football, but Lana is there coaching her cheerleaders during the game.

Lana and Kyle have dinner with Morgan Edge.

Afterwards, Lana and Kyle go to dinner with Mayor George Dean and Morgan Edge; the couple do not sit together, as Morgan has arranged the seating so that he is closer to Lana. Morgan pours Lana a glass of wine and proves that he has researched her past in Stanhope College and her return to Smallville; Lana says that she returned because Smallville is home. Morgan says that Lana has "untapped potential" he would like to explore; Lana looks over to Kyle,but he just smiles, with the potential flirtation not fazing him.

Lois and Lana at a bar.

The next morning, Lana and Kyle prepare the community center for the town meeting; while Lana works, Kyle reads the Smallville Gazette and laughs because Lois' article is not there. Lana confronts Kyle about allowing Morgan to make her uncomfortable. Kyle saw no harm in Morgan's want for Lana to have more. Frustrated, Lana leaves for a walk.

When Lana returns, the meeting is proceeding. Lois looks upset; Lana asks Lois out for a ladies' night, to talk. Lois agrees.

Lana and Lois go to a bar and drink. They talk about their husbands and, in the end, realize that they appreciate them because each man seeks to be a hero, citing that Kyle is a fire fighter to make his family feel proud of him. The next morning, Lana slept late; when she awakened to Kyle cooking for the girls, she told him that she loved and appreciated him.[3]

Possessed by Lara Lor-Van

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Lana is proven to be friendly. Due to her failing marriage, Lana is overbearing to her daughter, Sarah Cushing, to the point that the latter tried to commit suicide. When confronted on the Cushing family faults by her own daughter, Lana could only deny it to keep up public appearances.

Powers and abilities

Former powers

  • Meta-human physiology: From her exposure to X-Kryptonite through the Eradicator, Lana housed the consciousness of Lara Lor-Van, altering her being into a Kryptonian. While only briefly existing as such, she had the capacity to absorb yellow sunlight and perform remarkable feats from it.


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  • Lana has a Facebook profile, which she used to post photos of her with Clark Kent at some point.
    • It was noted by her daughter Sophie that Kyle was jealous of Clark because Lana had his photo on her Facebook profile.

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