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The Lance family are a prominent family who primarily lived in Star City.


Quentin Lance was a long-serving member of the SCPD; his ex-wife Dinah is a professor of Greek and medieval history at Central City University. Their late eldest daughter, Laurel, worked with the DA's office. Both of their daughters, Laurel and Sara, had romantic relationships with Oliver Queen; Sara joined Oliver on his ill-fated sea cruise, stealing him back from her sister, and was assumed dead when the ship sank. In reality, she was rescued by Dr. Anthony Ivo, who recruited and trained her to aid in his search for Mirakuru. She met Oliver again during his time on Lian Yu, turning against Ivo, and was later taken in by Nyssa al Ghul, becoming a member of the League of Assassins and Nyssa's lover.

Believing their younger daughter to be dead, Quentin threw himself into his work as a police detective and became an alcoholic, and Dinah left him and moved out of the city. Quentin has had a long history with Team Arrow, initially trying to take down The Hood, then working with them against Malcolm Merlyn. When Sara returned, becoming the vigilante known as "The Canary", Quentin was for a long time the only one who knew she was alive, though Dinah and Laurel eventually found out. Sara rekindled her relationship with Oliver, leading to further tension with Laurel, but eventually left him and Starling City. She secretly returned without her father's knowledge to hunt down Merlyn but was killed by Thea Queen acting under Merlyn's control. Laurel, who knew of her sister's secret identity, became the Black Canary to honour her memory.

Quentin and Laurel present during Sara's resurrection.

Oliver and Laurel did not tell Quentin about Sara's death, and when he found out this severely damaged his relationship with both his daughter and the Arrow. A year after Sara's death, Laurel found out about the Lazarus Pit and took Sara's body to Nanda Parbat, where Malcolm resurrected her at Laurel's request. Initially, she was barely herself, possessed by uncontrollable bloodlust, but after her soul was restored by John Constantine she left Star City once more to find a way to become whole again. In April 2016 Laurel was murdered by Damien Darhk leaving Quentin and Sara to grieve, though Oliver avenged her death by killing Darhk.

Laurel Lance also exists on Earth-2 but her family history is unknown other than the fact her father was killed on her thirteenth birthday.

In May 2018, Quentin was murdered by Ricardo Diaz. However his death was averted after the events of the Anti-Monitor Crisis.

Known family members


  • Quentin Lance's father (Quentin's father, Laurel and Sara's grandfather; status unknown)
  • Quentin Lance (Dinah's ex-husband, Laurel and Sara's father)
  • Dinah Lance (Quentin's ex-wife, Laurel and Sara's mother)
  • Laurel Lance (Quentin and Dinah's daughter, Sara's sister, Tommy's wife; deceased)
  • Sara Lance (Quentin and Dinah's daughter, Laurel's sister; status unknown)
  • Tommy Merlyn (Laurel's husband)



  • Quentin Lance (Laurel and Sara's father; deceased)
  • Laurel Lance (Quentin's daughter, Sara's sister; status unknown)
  • Sara Lance (Quentin's daughter, Laurel's sister; deceased)





  • Three members of the Lance family have been arrested; Sara had been arrested (off-screen) for shoplifting, Quentin was arrested twice for obstruction of justice and aiding/abetting the vigilante known as the Arrow, Laurel was arrested for possession of stolen drugs.
  • Dinah is the only member of the Earth-1 family that hasn't died, with Laurel and Quentin dying in Season 4 and 6 respectively. Sara was killed by Thea Queen in Season 3 but was later resurrected in Season 4.
    • Additionally, Laurel Lance is the only member of the Earth-2 family alive due to everyone else either being deceased of presumed deceased.