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"This is my ship, and you will do as I command."
"Rip? That really you?"
"I don't know who I am anymore, Mr. Jackson.
Rip Hunter's subconscious mind and Jefferson Jackson

"Land of the Lost" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the twenty-ninth episode overall. It aired on March 7, 2017.







The scene starts with the group, pondering where the rest of the individuals from the Justice Society of America are covered up ever. Nate stresses over his granddad, and about what the Legion of Doom could do to the real world in the event that they found the lance.

Jax and Sara talk about how to manage Rip, who is as yet detained in the ship.

Rip sits in his jail, attempting to order Gideon. She says that she has been disallowed from letting him order her, yet he says a progression of mystery code words that get her to go along. The ship begins acting unpredictably, and Rip is liberated from his cell. He goes into the weapon room and gets a beam firearm.

The group discovers that Rip is trying to escape, and sends Mick, Nate, and Amaya after him. Sara finds that she can't steer the ship, and Jax says he will have the option to cancel Rip's orders in the event that he reboots the entire framework.

Rip finds the medallion and provides Gideon with another order. The ship goes into self-destruct mode. He runs into Mick, Nate, and Amaya, who attempt to prevail upon him. He shoots the medallion with his beam weapon, making it crumble.

Jax reboots the ship, however Sara still can't steer the ship. The Waverider fiercely collides with a frigid mountain. The group discovers that the ship is in the Crustacean time frame - that year that Ray was left in when Rip dispersed the ship. Gideon uncovers that a bit of the ship that permits the ship to bounce in time was lost. Ray volunteers to follow it.

Sara, Stein, and Mick banter precisely how to break through to Rip. Mick clarifies that when he was Kronos, the Time Masters had the option to actually go inside his mind and control him. They choose to attempt the equivalent to Rip.

Ray, Nate, and Amaya stroll through the forested areas. Ray finds the missing bit of the ship - just to find its in the domain of Gertrude, an exceptionally despondent dinosaur.

Gideon exhorts the group not to go inside Rip's cerebrum, however Sara and Jax consent to do it at any rate.

Nate inclines toward a tree and makes casual conversation with Amaya. An enormous snake slithers down his back, and Amaya causes him to get it off. Amaya flirts with Nate, which Nate is amazed by, since Amaya was already against partners fraternizing. She clarifies that her discussion with Stargirl in Camelot made her reevaluate things. The pair nearly kiss, until Ray goes through them, instructing them to flee from Gertrude.

Sara and Jax get ready to enter Rip's brain. Stein gives them both arm bands that will help wake them up, and keep them from remaining in Rip's psyche for a really long time. Stein and Mick help the pair enter Rip's psyche, which is a copy of the Waverider, yet has dreams of Vandal Savage's soldiers. Sara and Jax find laser firearms, however are impeded by a copy variant of Sara in her White Canary ensemble. This second Sara thumps Jax to the ground, and the two Saras step towards one another.

The two Saras battle. Sara routs Evil Sara, and she and Jax wonder what other insidious renditions of the group are on this adaptation of the ship.

Nate and Amaya inquire as to why Gertrude loathes Ray. He uncovers that he incidentally ate one of her eggs. They discover the cavern Ray utilized when he was living in this time, and Ray leaves to discover the gathering food. Nate and Amaya go to kiss once more, however Ray rapidly comes back with food.

Jax and Sara stroll through the ship, where they discover malicious forms of Ray and Mick. Sara battles them, while Jax leaves to discover Rip. Evil Ray discovers Sara's wellbeing arm band and pulverizes it with his hands. Sara guarantees herself this is phony, and Evil Ray punches her unconscious.

Sara awakens and finds Rip, who is in the corner crying. He uncovers that Sara was the person who put him there in any case.

Jax hears a progression of morse code and tails it, believing it's Sara. It ends up being a human embodiment of Gideon.

Jax approaches Gideon for help, however she uncovers that Thawne twisted Rip's mind to accept that his companions are foes and the other way around.

Sara attempts to break through to Rip, revealing to him that what he's accepting right presently is just in his brain. He quickly recollects his and Sara's recollections together. Sara makes a stride towards him, and he thumps her back with a shockwave from his hands.

At the campground, Amaya volunteers to get more kindling. Both Nate and Ray volunteer to go with her, however she chooses to go alone. Ray advises Nate not to date Amaya, in light of the fact that it will compromise the presence of Amaya's granddaughter, and the present-day Vixen, Mari McCabe. Nate recommends enlightening Amaya concerning her predetermination, and Ray opposes this idea.

Stein and Mick contend about the group being stuck in Rip's psyche. Stein stresses that Jax won't have the option to make it out of there without Stein's assistance, however Mick discloses to him that Jax should figure out how to do this all alone sometime in the not so distant future, as Stein will in the end pass on.

Sara understands that since Rip had the option to make that shockwave come out of his hands, Rip ought to have the option to free himself and Sara from their jail with his psyche. She helps him to remember his genuine personality, and of the strategic hand to discover Commander Steel. Rip concurs and attempts to open the entryway with his psyche, however comes up short. Gideon and Jax act the hero, and Sara plays with Gideon's human structure.

The four stroll through the Waverider, and understand that they should utilize antiques from Rip's life to help him to remember who he truly is. They are gone up against by Evil Sara and Evil Jax, the later of whom has his full powers.

The gathering battle Evil Sara and Evil Jax, while Gideon and Rip depart to security. Sara battles her evil doppleganger, and snaps her neck.

Ray, Nate, and Amaya find that the missing bit of the Waverider is inside Gertrude's home. They all choose to go recover it.

Jax and Evil Jax battle.

The group strolls back to the Waverider, Ray conveying the missing piece. While there, they run into Gertrude. Amaya runs towards her, saddling the intensity of a T-Rex to curb Gertrude. Gertrude leaves the gathering, and the gathering advances back to security.

Jax and Sara hurry to the focal point of the ship, where they discover Evil Mick, Evil Ray, and Evil Jax. Sara clarifies that Rip is the one in particular who can stop the underhanded dopplegangers. Rip gets befuddled regarding what is real, and afterwards recalls his recollections with the group. He hops before Jax and Sara and wards off the dopplegangers.

The Waverider begins to disintegrate, which Gideon clarifies is on the grounds that Rip's development of it is presently broken. Since Sara doesn't have her arm band, she persuades Jax to leave. He awakens, and promptly pulls a defribulator on Sara, awakening her.

As the Waverider disintegrates, Rip expresses gratitude toward Gideon for how she helped him through being caught in his brain jail. The pair kiss.

Rip awakens in reality. He asks the group where he is, and they clarify that he's home. Rip sighs with relief.

Ray, atomized down, puts the missing piece back on the ship. Inside the Waverider, Nate and Amaya kiss, and Amaya welcomes him to her quarters today around evening time. Ray enters the Waverider, and gets some information about what the current circumstance is with Amaya. Nate clarifies that he doesn't figure he can take things delayed with her, and Ray feels that is the correct approach to the circumstance. Ray leaves, and Nate chooses he'll sever things with Amaya tomorrow.

Stein discovers Jax fixing the ship. He is sorry to Jax for not believing him to have the option to stand his ground in the mission, and Jax acknowledges the statement of regret.

Sara discovers Rip, who has changed into his Captain Hunter outfit. Rip discloses to Sara that he remembers everything from when he was under the Legion of Doom's control, and apologizes for what he never really group in that time. Sara says its alright, since that wasn't generally him at that point.

Gideon makes a declaration coordinated to the chief, and both Sara and Rip answer it. Sara laughs and leaves the room. Rip converses with Gideon, saying 'sorry' to her for what he put her through. She inquires as to whether he's alluding to their kiss, and she clarifies that she delighted in it.

Rip goes into the primary room of the Waverider and is welcomed by the group. Rip strolls through and addresses the colleagues exclusively. Sara inquires as to whether he knows where the last bit of the lance is, and he says he does.

In 1970, a specialist assesses a NASA pilot who has as of late been elevated to Apollo 13. It is uncovered that the specialist is Eobard Thawne, and the pilot is Commander Steel.


Preparation ran from December 2 until December 12, 2016. Shooting ran from December 13, 2016 until January 9, 2017, with a holiday hiatus from December 19, 2016 until January 2, 2017.[1]


  • The title is a direct reference to the television series of the same name which in turn was loosely adapted into the critically panned film.
  • The Anansi Totem is revealed to be capable of channeling the spirits of dinosaurs and other extinct animals, as shown when Amaya was able to manifest the powers and communication abilities of a Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • The T-rex seen briefly in "Out of Time" has officially been identified as Gertrude, who developed a grudge against Ray.
  • It was confirmed in this episode that Amaya is the grandmother of Mari McCabe, the main protagonist of Vixen.
  • Nate refers to Amaya as "Dr. Dolittle".
  • This is the first Arrowverse episode to not have any guest stars, only co-stars.
  • This is the first time Gideon appears in a human form.
  • Sara refers to her double in Rip's mind as "Bizarro". In the comics, Bizarro was the evil clone of Superman.
  • When the Legends are stranded in 69,997, 983 B.C. and Ray is about to get off the ship, Mick asks why can't he go to Jurassic Park. This is a reference to the Jurassic Park film series.
  • When Ray leaves Amaya and Nate in his safe place, Nate says that they are in "Ray's Cast Away camp during dinosaur times". This is a reference to the 2000 film Cast Away.
  • Ray tells Nate that he knows Mari, due to their team-up in "Episode 4", "Episode 5" and "Episode 6" of the second season of Vixen.
  • The way that the Waverider crashes is similar to a scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens where the Millennium Falcon crash-lands at light speed.
  • This is the last episode where Mick wears the outfit he wore since "Pilot, Part 2". Starting with the next episode, "Moonshot", onwards, he wears a black jacket as his signature outfit.
  • Rip's interactions with Gideon in human form in his mind are reminiscent of the Doctor's interaction with the Tardis in human form in the Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Wife
  • The way Jax and Sara go into Rip's mind is reminiscent of The Matrix and The Cell, including the button to get out.


  • When John Swigert is talking to the NASA doctor, he says he "just [wants] to be on that shuttle". However, Apollo 13 had only a Command/Service Module and a Lunar Excursion Module, not a shuttle.