"Three more on my shift threatened to quit today. Candy asses."
—Lannis Cadogan[src]

Lannis Cadogan (died 2014) was a mining boss in Heddwich, who died in a pyromancy incident.


Early life

Born in Heddwich, Pennsylvania, Cadogan met his wife by letters, claiming he was a rich man and a captain of industry. Upon arriving, the girl discovered that Lannis was actually a middle worker class mining boss in a small Welsh community.[1]

Incidents at a Mine

Lannis Cadogan suspicious of his wife

Lannis Cadogan suspicious of his wife.

At some point in 2014 suspicious activities started to occur in the mine, spurred by Lannis's wife's Gypsy magic including several lethal incidents and a mysterious knocking sound.

One day, when three more men on his shift threatened to quit, Lannis returned to his home in a bad mood, being suspicious of his wife and drinking Glencallan scotch. He proceeded to drink even enetering the shower, during which he noticed that water switched to a liquified coal. Cadogan was then burned alive by an unknown force.[1]


Lannis Cadogan's funeral

Lannis Cadogan's funeral procession led by Thad Bowman.

Cadogan's death was deemed suspicious by occultist John Constantine, also coinciding with a Scry map's patterns. John arrived in Heddwich in time for Cadogan's funeral, also visiting his wake with Hearty Cuisine Chicken Dinner to interview his wife on the subject.

As Constantine confronted Cadogan's wife and while being attacked by controlled Coblynau, noted to her that they were spirits of dead miners and Lannis was also a dead miner. He then proceeded to summon Lannis with a spell. Bursting from the ground as a Coblynau, Lannis then proceeded to grab his wife and kill her by dragging into the ground.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Coblynau physiology: Like every Coblynau, Lannis has special abilities.


  • Coal mining: Lannis was a proficient coal miner and, as a self-described "Captain of Industry" he was so proficient at it that he ended up being


Lannis Cadogan drinking

Lannis Cadogan drinking Glencallan scotch.

  • Limited will: As a Coblynau Cadogan's existence as a spirit is very limited.[1]

Former weaknesses

  • Alcoholism: Lannis Cadogan was a borderline alcoholic, who subjected himself to large portions of scotch in the periods of prolongued stress.[1]


Lannis Cadogan's equipment

Lannis Cadogan's equipment.

Former Equipment

  • Lunchbox: Lannis used a plastic lunchbox in his work as a coal mining boss.[1]
  • Thermos: Lannis Cadogan used a thermos in his work as a coal mining boss.[1]
  • Glencallan scotch: Lannsi was often seen drinking Glencallan scotch.[1]




  • Lannis is the only Coblynau to have a known identity.

Behind the scenes

  • While human form of Lannis was portrayed by Carl Palmer, all of the Coblynau including Lannis in that form were portrayed by Bob Jennings.


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