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"They'll be safe here, I promise."
"I know. Thanks, Mum.
Rip Hunter thanks his past caretaker, Mary Xavier

"Last Refuge" is the twelfth episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the twelfth episode overall. It aired on April 21, 2016.




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The scene opens with the Time Masters condemning a Time Pirate to death by Omega Protocol. As the Pilgrim, the Time Master's first class professional killer, reaches before, the Time Pirate tumbles to his knees and is immediately eradicated from presence. Walking around the Time Masters' chamber, the Pilgrim is given her next task: Rip Hunter's maverick band of time travelers.

In Central City in 1990, Rip and the group act like firemen to shield a youthful Mick Rory from getting killed by the Pilgrim. A more youthful Rory watches his home consume from a separation while the Pilgrim sneaks up from behind. Ultimately, Ray out of nowhere de-shrinks before Rory and impacts the Pilgrim and advises Rory to "Accompany me in the event that you need to live."

The group rapidly withdraws over into the timestream, with youthful Rory close by. Jax is doled out to watch out for the youthful illegal arsonist (who was informed that he's in A.R.G.U.S. authority). Then, Sara and Kendra talk about Kendra's relationship with Ray while competing.

After Rip clarifies that The Pilgrim just has one opportunity to kill every individual because of the idea of the timetable, Gideon educates him that their next objective is Sara in 2007 Starling City. Sara's going through her day with her dad at the police headquarters when the Pilgrim assaults and tears through the whole police power. Sara and Rory stop the Pilgrim before she kills youthful Sara. Subsequent to fending the Pilgrim off, they bring Sara's more youthful self onto the Waverider before discovering that Gideon has lost the Pilgrim's path, implying that the rest of the group is currently more defenseless than any other time in recent memory.

The group quarrel among themselves about the Pilgrim until Sara sees her younger self quarrelling with youthful Rory. After Sara splits both of them up, Kendra solaces Ray about the Pilgrim perhaps chasing his more youthful self previously. Ray discusses how his "quiet spot" is his recollections of the two years he went through with Kendra in Hub City and attempts to propose to Kendra before he out of nowhere falls.

Gideon determined him to have inside wounds and notification a fleeting anomaly two years from before. At the point when Rip and Firestorm show up at Palmer Labs, the Pilgrim is giving a good old fashioned thumping to Ray. The Pilgrim about slaughters Ray, however Rip utilizes a model ATOM suit to shoot her out of the structure. With present day Ray now protected, he proposes to Kendra and gives her a wedding band.

Not having any desire to take risks, Rip orders Gideon to return to Snart, Stein and Jackson's particular birthday events so they can haul each of them three out of the timestream as babies. It's a hazardous move, as keep them separate from the timestream for a really long time would change history and cause their loved ones to overlook they existed. Additionally, Kendra is clashed about her new commitment to Ray. Sara vows to assist her with making sense of it directly after they take a few infants. Ray catches Sara and Kendra's discussion and looks exceptionally tragic.

Kendra and Sara take child Snart, yet not before spouting about how charming he was as an infant. They give him to youthful Rory and Sara before arranging child Stein's seizing. Rip and Rory get child Stein from the roadside, while Ray and Stein go to grab Jackson. At the point when Stein sees Jax's dad at the medical clinic (who kicks the bucket fourteen days after Jackson was conceived), he snatches his accomplice so he can at long last meet his father. Directly after Jackson's father leaves, the Pilgrim appears at murder an infant, however she botched her opportunity as Ray got child Jax and left her a little note in his place.

With the entire group now securely in the Waverider, Rip carries them to "the Refuge", the Time Master shelter where he grew up. They're welcomed by Rip's embraced mother, who clarifies that her actual faithfulness is to her youngsters, not the Time Masters. The group likewise discovers that Rip's genuine name is Michael.

Rory goes up against his more youthful self about executing his family previously, and cautions him not to torch the shelter while he's gone.

After the group makes a beeline for the timestream, Stein converses with Jackson about his dad, and how he currently feels remorseful about not sparing him previously. Kendra likewise opens up to Ray about her gathering with her past self and her admonition about not adoring anybody yet Carter. Ray reveals to her that she can either be content with him or hear her out past self and tempests off just before Rip calls them all to the scaffold to play a message from the Pilgrim. Since the Pilgrim can't murder the group's more youthful selves, she's presently taking steps to slaughter their friends and family, starting with Jackson's dad.

Rip contacts the Pilgrim and offers to hand himself over to the Pilgrim, however she says her requests were to stop the whole group. Rip at that point offers to hand over his more youthful self, since executing him would keep the group from ever being formed.

Rip sets up a rendezvous at a surrendered Time Masters station and has his mom bring his more youthful self (one of the young men from the halfway house) to meet them. The Pilgrim shows up and offers a detainee trade: youthful Rip for Jackson's dad. Ray utilizes youthful Rip as a Trojan Horse and afterwards attempts to sneak up on the Pilgrim. As the remainder of the group assaults, the Pilgrim freezes them all in time and vows to kill all their friends and family for their foul play. In any case, she disregards youthful Rip, who wounds her with a blade in the gut. After youthful Rip cuts the Pilgrim a subsequent time, the group unfreezes and fries the Pilgrim.

After the fight, Jax discloses to his dads what's happening, while Rip clarifies what a merciless he was as a kid before he turned into a Time Master.

Back at the halfway house, Rip's mom guarantees him that his group will be protected, while Rory tells his more youthful self that his family's passing wasn't his flaw. The remainder of the group gives their friends and family amnesia pills. Be that as it may, Stein's significant other doesn't remember him in light of the fact that (because of their course of events dirty tricks) he doesn't in fact exist until they return infant Stein back to his legitimate spot in time. Jax likewise cautions his father to be cautious for I.E.D.s. Kendra decides that she wants to marry Ray.

Rip cautions the group that they're currently on a cutoff time, so they have to strike Savage at the one spot in time where they'll realize he'll be: 2166 at the height of his forces.


"I just pulled younger me's head out of his ass."
"I doubt it will stick."
"You're right.
Jax helps Mick see that some things cannot be changed


Preparation ran from January 25 until February 2, 2016. Shooting ran from February 3 until February 16, 2016.[1]



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  • When Ray saves a younger version of Mick Rory, he says, "Come with me if you want to live", referencing a famous quote from the Terminator franchise.
    • Appropriately enough, both this episode and Terminator contain a common factor in that The Pilgrim and Terminator are sent by their employers (Time Masters and Skynet, respectively) to eliminate their targets in various time periods where they represent a great threat for them; in Terminator's case, it's about preventing a human victory in a human-machine war in the future while in this episode, it's about correcting mistakes in the Legends' individual timelines (also because of a secret alliance between the Time Masters and Vandal Savage, revealed later on).
  • At approximately 31:24, The Pilgrim is holding a multi-functional mouse as a controller.
  • Rip points out that he is safe from The Pilgrim due to his real name not being known to the Time Masters, so they cannot track him. Also, Kendra is not a target as killing her is pointless due to her reincarnation cycle.
  • Although never seen, Anna Loring, Lisa Snart, Quentin Lance, and Clarissa Stein were kidnapped by The Pilgrim as well; only James Jackson is seen kidnapped by her. All five individuals appeared in this episode after their rescues (Anna and Clarissa very briefly, Quentin and James before and after Pilgrim's kidnapping); the only exception is Lisa, who is only pictured.
    • The picture of Anna and Ray shown by The Pilgrim is the same picture of them which briefly appeared in the Arrow Season 3 episode "Left Behind".
  • Interestingly, The Pilgrim goes after the teenage versions of Mick and Sara, and a version of Ray before he became The Atom while targeting Jax, Stein, and Snart as newborns. It's likely she chose the latter method as the Legends were able to get their past selves to safety on the Waverider.
  • The combined powers of Firestorm, the Heat gun, Cold gun, A.T.O.M. Exosuit, and Rip's pistol are shown to be capable of reducing a target to nothing but smoking ash.
  • The Pilgrim is a loose variation of the character of the same name from DC Comic's imprint Wildstorm; they have some similar powers but very different backgrounds, with the comic version of The Pilgrim having a real name. The latter version is also a member of the Wildstorm team Wetworks.


  • The Legends travel to December 19th 2014, and Rip uses a gauntlet from Ray Palmer's atom suit to successfully shoot a laser at The Pilgrim. However, in the Arrow episode Midnight City, set in January 2015, Ray can't get the gauntlets to work, and has at no point been able to.
  • When Kendra brings baby Snart to the Waverider, there is a shot of Snart with a pacifier in his mouth, which wasn't present before and disappears in the next shot.
  • When Starling City in 2007 is shown, a 2011+ Dodge Charger police car is parked in front of the SCPD, which was not in production at the time.
    • This is likely due to the footage being reused from Arrow.