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For the Supergirl episode, see "The Last Children of Krypton".
For the titular characters, see Kal-El/Superman and Tal-Rho.

"Last Sons of Krypton" is the fifteenth and final episode of the first season of Superman & Lois, and the fifteenth episode overall. It aired on August 17, 2021.



Lois is distressed with regards to Jordan being absent. John Henry trains his suit's A.I. to continue to look and not stop while Leslie Larr insults that they will fizzle. Superman reveals to Lois that he can't discover or hear Jordan anyplace. Superman goes off again searching for Jordan. Close to Smallville, the Cushings appear at help Sam Lane and Sarah has questions with respect to why Edge would take Jordan. Lois goes to defy Leslie, however Leslie just insults Lois.

Somewhere else, Jordan - presently posessed by Zeta-Rho talks inauspiciously, however the posession seems to vacillate momentarily.

In Smallville, it's mayhem. Individuals are requesting replies. The Cushings choose to remain and assist manage the circumstance. As General Lane attempts to converse with individuals about things, Edge shows up behind the group and powers up, making individuals escape in dread.

Superman zoom all throughout the planet attempting to discover Jordan. He in the end flies up over the planet and simply shouts his name, trusting that Jordan will hear him and he does. Jordan requires his father and Clark discovers him. Jordan has no clue about what befallen him and unexpectedly is taken over by Zeta-Rho. Zeta-Rho and Superman battle while Zeta-Rho discourses, however Jordan gets through from time to time.

John Henry gets ready and takes on Edge, however that turns out poorly and Edge can Eradicate a lot of new Kryptonians. Zeta-Rho pronounces that the safeguard board has risen and takes off. Edge gathers his recently Eradicated Kryptonians and leaves. Superman gets back to Smallville.

General Lane pronounces that Smallville should be emptied right away. Lois reveals to Clark that he can't stop this without anyone else. He needs their assistance. Lois has a thought that she can get Jordan back on the off chance that she can get to his recollections.

Superman takes off to discover Jordan. Chrissy types up a story pushing the clearing of Smallville. The Cushings empty their home. John Henry chips away at his suit and mallet in the Kent horse shelter and Jonathan comes to help, bringing weapons that he "acquired" from the DoD. General Lane appears with a SUV loaded with cases. Clark returns, however hasn't discovered Jordan. The group goes over the arrangement in the animal dwellingplace and Jonathan offers a few expressions of reason regarding how terrible their chances are, and Lois gives him a weapon, disclosing to him he isn't to utilize it except if he needs to. Some place in the sky, Zeta-Rho proclaims it to be time and the phony Kryptonian crew takes off so Edge can control up with the X-Kryptonite at the mines. It's showtime.

Superman and John Henry appear at the mines and begin to battle the fake Kryptonian protection powers. They figure out how to take out Jordan and John Henry speeds him away, getting him to Lois at the stable so they can utilize the gadget on him. Lois will work and goes into Jordan's head while Jonathan stands monitor. She winds up at first seeing Zeta-Rho's recollections and goes continuously more profound, however Zeta-Rho insults her. Jonathan gives his oblivious sibling a motivational speech, disclosing to him he needs to awaken. He does, yet it's not Jordan. It's Zeta-Rho. Jonathan does the unimaginable and shoot his weapon on his sibling, however it's insufficient and Jordan moves to kill Jonathan. In the interim, inside his head, Lois calls out for Jordan and figures out how to think that he is somewhere down in his awareness, wailing having been persuaded by Zeta-Rho he's feeble. Lois urges him to be solid. It works, Jordan defeats his ownership and the Kent siblings are joined in an embrace.

Clark continues to battle while Edge becomes all the more remarkable and soon, his arrive at starts to spread, assaulting Smallville. Kyle begins attempting to save individuals, hurrying into a consuming structure while everybody attempts to hide.

John Henry and Superman keep battling, yet John Henry is running out of force. They have a single shot to take out Edge. In one last push, John Henry hurles the mallet while Superman controls Edge. John Henry's suit runs out of force high above Earth and his life flies away with a sense of finality as he falls back to Earth. He at long last saved the world, yet before he tumbles to his demise, Superman gets him and saves him. Edge is halted and reestablished to himself, disclosing to Superman that all he needed was a family.

The day saved, Smallville tidies up. The Cushings are back around's acceptable graces. Superman does a meeting with Chrissy coming clean with regards to Edge and afterward redirect that the genuine saints were individuals in Smallville. Afterward, there's a BBQ much the same as the picnic in early scenes, quite recently everybody is getting along. Lois purchases half of the Gazette to hold Chrissy back from selling it and the two become accomplices. General Lane ventures down from deployment ready. Clark and Lois need John Henry to remain, yet John Henry can't remain on the grounds that it's simply excessively agonizing for him. Lois comprehends and gives him a major embrace. Sarah and Jordan kiss after Sarah reveals to Jordan she cherishes him. As the scene closes, they have a burial service of sorts covering the sunstone shards from Jor-El on the Kent ranch.

As the scene closes, a puzzling item crash lands on the ranch and John Henry's daughter emerges from it, free from any and all harm; a lot shockingly.



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