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Not to be confused with Laura Bauer.

"Do you prefer Bonesy, or can I call you Laura?"
Adrian Chase to Laura Buser[src]

Laura Buser, nicknamed "Bonesy" by Adrian Chase, is a criminal and a former member of the Spooky Crew.


In 2016, Laura Buser joined Eric Dunn's latest version of the Spooky Crew - robbing banks while wearing identity-concealing skull masks. Laura, along with the other crew members, posed as construction workers before blowing down a wall of the Star City National Bank. When Vigilante attacked, Laura was among the gang members who escaped, deciding to regroup.

The Spooky Crew eventually went for another robbery. Laura was worried they would get caught caught by the SCPD, to which Eric replied that they are not what the crew should worry about, just as the Vigilante targeted them, along with Team Arrow. Just as the Vigilante prepared to shoot her dead, a Team Arrow member preemptively grabbed Laura with a binding rope device, pulling her to the ground.

After the vigilantes finished their battle, Laura was incarcerated and brought in for questioning. She initially tried to put on a brave face, telling District Attorney Adrian Chase to "go to Hell". However, Adrian claimed he'd "already been there" and intimidated Laura by smacking down her mask with one blow. Laura then revealed Eric was at the Papp Motel.[1]


  • Skilled markswoman: Laura knew how to handle a machine gun, which she used for her life of crime as a robber.[1]


  • Protective suit: Laura, along with the other members of the Spooky Crew, used a generic tactical suit with a protective vest for armor.[1]
  • Machine gun: Laura was armed with a machine gun during her robberies.[1]
  • Skull mask: As "Bonesy", Laura wore a skull-like mask to protect her identity.[1]



Season 5[]

Behind the scenes[]

The Spooky Crew's real names

Laura's full name as seen in the episode.

  • The character was credited as "Laura-Skull A" in the end credits, though her full name could be seen for a second on a computer screen during the episode.