Laura Ramirez (died March 2016) was the wife of Rene Ramirez and the mother of Zoe Ramirez.


Sometime before 2016, Laura met Rene Ramirez. The two fell in love and got married, soon having a daughter, Zoe. The family lived in the Glades and during that time, Laura took drugs. Sometime after they got out of the Glades, she secretly started using drugs again.

In March 2016, the family was about to attend a hockey game. Laura protested when Rene wanted to bring his gun with them, reminding her husband that the weapon was only meant for "home protection". She then backed out of coming to the game, claiming to have a headache. Upset, Rene revealed he knew Laura was taking drugs again, prompting an argument over past blunders. When Zoe came into the room, the couple calmed down and told their daughter to get ready. Before leaving, Rene warned Laura she couldn't stay in the house if she didn't kick her addiction for good, much to her distress.

Shortly after, Laura was attacked by her drug dealer, who demanded the $500 she owed him for her last fix. When Rene arrived home, Laura was held hostage at gunpoint in exchange for the money. As Rene tried to take his gun from the safe, Zoe unexpectedly arrived and saw the situation. Frightened for her daughter's life, Laura urged Zoe to return to her room. The drug dealer then hit Laura in the face, knocking her to the ground. After a brief struggle, Rene managed to shoot the dealer dead. However, the dealer knocked the trigger of his gun while falling, discharging a stray bullet that hit Laura in the chest, killing her instantly. Her body was found by Zoe moments later.[1]


Laura's death was one of the main catalysts for Rene becoming the vigilante "Wild Dog" to fight for Star City. Rene also began carrying a gun with him wherever he went, believing he could have saved his wife if he had the weapon on him during the incident.[1]

Wracked with guilt over Laura's death, Rene descended into alcoholism for a time. As a result, their daughter Zoe was placed with a foster family.[2] However, Rene regained custody of Zoe around December 2017.

At Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak's wedding, Rene fondly reflected on his and Laura's relationship, indicating he came to forgive his wife for her actions.[3]



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