An unnamed man (died March 2016) was a drug dealer in Star City. He killed Rene Ramirez's wife, Laura, consequently being indirectly responsible for Rene becoming the vigilante "Wild Dog".


In March 2016, the drug dealer broke into the Ramirez home in Star City and ransacked the place. He pointed a gun at Laura Ramirez, threatening to kill her if Laura didn't pay the $500 she owed him for her last fix. When Laura's husband, Rene Ramirez, arrived home, the dealer held her hostage demanded his payment. Rene seemingly agreed and went to a safe to get him the money. As the dealer waited, Laura's daughter, Zoe, suddenly came into the room, causing him to panic. He knocked Laura aside and began to fire at Rene. Unbeknownst to the dealer, Rene actually had a gun in the safe, which he used to shoot him dead. However, the dealer was able to pull the trigger of his gun as he fell to the ground, killing Laura with a stray bullet.[1]



Season 5

Season 7


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