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"Any luck with the regulator we took off Cyber-woman?"
"Phew. Cyber-woman? I think I'm starting to like you guys."
Rory Regan and Cisco Ramon[src]

Dr. Laura Washington, nicknamed Cyber-woman by Rory Regan, is a doctor who artificially augmented herself using technology stolen from Van Horn Industries.


Augmenting herself cybernetically, Laura Washington stole a regulator from Van Horn Industries and implanted it in herself. Sometime after, Team Arrow tracked Washington down to a warehouse, hoping to take the regulator for their own means. Wild Dog took her on, but she shot blasts of energy at him, forcing him to dodge them. Before she could accurately hit him, Wild Dog was saved by The Flash. The Flash proceeded to beat up Laura, before allowing Supergirl to hit her, sending Laura at him for a finishing blow.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


Laura Washington shooting a blast at Wild Dog

Laura shooting a blast of energy at Wild Dog.

  • Cybernetic enhancement: As a doctor, Laura was able to artificially augment herself by combining technology with her body.[1]
    • Enhanced strength: Laura is said to have enhanced strength due to her cybernetic additions.[1]
    • Enhanced stamina: Laura has enhanced stamina, enabling her to last longer in a fight, as evidenced when The Flash repeatedly beat her, still standing, albeit struggling.[1]
    • Electrical blasts: Washington can shoot blasts of electrical energy at her enemies via the use of a gauntlet installed in her arm.[1]


  • High-level intellect/Expert scientist: As a scientist, Laura is a highly intelligent individual. She knew which technological components she needed to augment herself.


  • Van Horn Industries technology: Laura applied implants based on technology stolen from Van Horn Industries to her body, turning herself into a cyborg.[1]



Season 5[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Laura Washington is similar to DC Comics character LeTonya Charles, aka Cyborgirl, both sharing cybernetic implants, particularly ones attached to their left eyes, and also being able to project energy.