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Laurel Lance's apartment is the apartment that Laurel Lance resided in until her death. It is located in Star City. After Laurel's death, Thea Queen and Sara Lance became co-owners of the apartment.


At some point after graduating law school, Laurel Lance began living at the apartment.

Tommy Merlyn periodically spent the night with Laurel at the apartment during their "lapse".[1] He eventually officially moved in with Laurel after being cut off by his father, Malcolm Merlyn.[2] Several months later, Tommy left after breaking up with Laurel.[3]

When Thea Queen recovered from her near-death experience at the hands of Ra's al Ghul, she moved into the apartment with Laurel.[4]

Following Sara Lance's resurrection, she briefly stayed at the apartment before leaving Star City.[5]

Malcolm periodically stayed at the apartment when checking up on Thea.

After Laurel's death, Thea continued living in the apartment by herself.[6]

After Roy Harper was rescued from Ricardo Diaz, he temporarily moved into the apartment with Thea.[7]

With Thea currently traveling with Roy and Nyssa al Ghul to find and destroy the world's Lazarus Pits,[8] the apartment was presumably left vacant.

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