"It was my 13th birthday and he left to go get my birthday cake, like he did every year. And then the phone rang; there was an accident. A drunk driver ran through a red light. Head-on collision."
Laurel Lance to Quentin Lance on her father[src]

An unnamed man was the father of Laurel Lance and an unnamed woman and the grandfather of an unnamed child.


On his daughter Laurel Lance's 13th birthday, the man went to get her birthday cake from Carlye's, as he did annually. However, he was killed in a car accident collision by Brett Collins, who was driving whilst intoxicated and passed a red light, ramming his car into the man.[1][2]


It is implied that this man's tragic death was one of the events that prompted Laurel's eventual descent into supervillainy, as it left her to grow up without a father. However, Laurel's sentiment for her father's Earth-1 doppelgänger ultimately led to her redeeming herself years later.



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