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"If you're trying to live up to us, don't. We are just as flawed as anyone, especially me. All you can do is live up to yourself."
—Laurel Lance to Mia Smoak[src]

Laurel Lance is a reformed meta-human criminal-turned-district attorney and later vigilante. Originally from Earth-2, Laurel was a citizen of Starling City and later Central City. She is the daughter of a late unnamed man, the sister of an unnamed woman, the maternal aunt of an unnamed child, and the girlfriend of the late Oliver Queen. After exposure to the dark matter released from Harrison Wells's S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, Laurel gained the power to scream at high frequencies. Bitter and heartbroken due to both her father and boyfriend's deaths, she chose to use these powers for evil, adopting the name Black Siren, and became a high-ranking lieutenant of a meta-human group led by the speedster known as Zoom.

Laurel was brought over to Earth-1 to participate in the Metapocalypse and personally fought The Flash until she was defeated by Team Flash and imprisoned in the S.T.A.R. Labs pipeline. Half a year later, she was released by the serial killer Adrian Chase and aided in his vendetta against Oliver Queen, culminating in the destruction of Lian Yu. Surviving this, Laurel was rescued by Cayden James and joined his cabal until he was killed by Ricardo Diaz and the group disbanded. Afterward, Laurel revealed herself to the public (pretending to be her late Earth-1 counterpart) in order to get protection from Diaz.

In a misguided attempt to protect herself and her father's Earth-1 counterpart, she joined Diaz's criminal organization, acting as his mole inside Team Arrow. However, having grown fond of Quentin and Oliver, Laurel soon betrayed Diaz in favor of Team Arrow. After a battle against Diaz, Laurel was devastated when Quentin, whom she had come to see as her own father, was killed while saving her. After Oliver was sentenced to prison, Laurel became the new district attorney of Star City, replacing Sam Armand. Her relationship with Team Arrow remained strained aside from Felicity Smoak, whom she became close friends with.

Laurel briefly returned to her criminal activities after Emiko Adachi framed her for murder, but was ultimately successful in pursuing redemption with the help of Felicity, Dinah Drake, and Sara Lance. Upon deciding to return to Earth-2 to right her wrongs, Felicity gave Laurel her Earth-1's counterpart's suit, allowing her to take up the mantle as Black Canary of Earth-2. She later returned to Earth-1 in order to help Oliver and Team Arrow in the final battle against the Ninth Circle. Sometime later her Earth was completely destroyed by antimatter, forcing her to return to Earth-1 as a refugee.

In an erased future in the original multiverse, Laurel maintains a close friendship with Dinah and Felicity and assists the Canaries in their fight to restore Star City.

In the new multiverse, Laurel finds that she was restored on Earth-Prime instead of the Laurel of Earth-1. She attended Oliver's funeral to honor the individual who gave her a chance to be a hero. Laurel eventually traveled to Star City of 2040 to protect it as a member of a heroine team, alongside Dinah Drake/Black Canary and Mia Queen/Green Arrow.


Original multiverse

Early life

Laurel Lance was born to an unnamed man and an unknown mother in Starling City, where she was raised alongside a younger sister.[1] In her childhood, Laurel's father worked a lot, which caused friction between them. On Laurel's 13th birthday, her father showed up without her birthday cake from Carlye's, which he would buy every year. Upset, Laurel threw a tantrum, yelling that she hated him. Her father then went back out to get her cake, but was killed in a car accident collision by a drunk driver. Laurel was informed of the incident through a phone call that same evening, leaving her traumatized and devastated, deeply regretting her last words to her father.[2][3]

A rebellious and tricky teenager growing up, Laurel was implied to have been a mean girl, often using her beauty to get what she wanted.[4]

At some point during her early youth, Laurel met Oliver Queen and the two fell deeply in love. She also became close with her boyfriend's little sister, Thea,[5] and his best friend, Tommy Merlyn.[6] Laurel's relationship with Oliver was not always stable though, as he once cheated on her with her sister, but she apparently managed to forgive them.[7] In 2007, Oliver was killed in a shipwreck while out at sea and his father, Robert Queen, was the only survivor. This made an even more heartbroken Laurel move to Central City to start a new life. However, Laurel never truly recovered from Oliver and her father's deaths so in a downward spiral of depression, she began making a series of "bad decisions".[8]

Over the years, Laurel never got a real job or any sort of degree.[9]

At some point, her sister became pregnant and had a child, making Laurel an aunt. She looked after her sister during the latter's pregnancy, including preventing the woman from drinking alcohol.[1]

Working for Zoom

Becoming a meta-human

On December 11, 2013, Laurel was one of the many affected by the explosion of Harrison Wells' particle accelerator,[10] while under unclear circumstances where she was most likely screaming,[11] and gained the power to emit powerful sonic screams.

Laurel confronts her father's murderer.

Shortly after discovering her newfound ability, Laurel confronted Brett Collins, the drunk driver who killed her father and screamed at him, launching him back and over his own car. Although the man actually survived her assault and died few months later after an accident while on his porch, Laurel believed for years she had killed him, making him her first supposed victim.[3]

Following this, Laurel began using her powers for personal gain, becoming a criminal named "Black Siren". She soon joined Hunter Zolomon/Zoom's army and became one of his enforcers in Central City known for demolishing buildings. At some point, Laurel emerged as a high-ranking lieutenant of Zoom, earning enough respect from Hunter that he was willing to converse without a mask. This made her the only known Earth-2 individual to be aware of Hunter's identity and his deception as "Jay Garrick/The Flash". Laurel was also associated with Francisco Ramon/Reverb and Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost. She became aware of Reverb's desire to seize control from Zoom, but never took his claims seriously.[10] Laurel also came to know of a man called Damien Darhk, whom she grew to fear and acknowledge as a terrible person.[12]

Invading Earth-1

Laurel confronts the Flash.

As part of his plan to conquer Earth-1, Zoom brought over his entire army of meta-humans, including Laurel, whom he ordered to attack various buildings at random to lure out the Flash. Laurel found out of her Earth-1 doppelgänger's recent death, yet felt little remorse for her. Laurel first attacked Mercury Labs and leveled the entire building, but the Flash was able to save everyone inside. Next, Laurel lured out the Flash into the streets to fight him. At first, the Flash mistook her for Black Canary, who was a friend of his, and tried to reason with her, but she simply laughed in amusement and attacked him. Laurel used her sonic cry to weaken the Flash before physically attacking and easily subduing him. Before she could kill him though, Wally West ran his car into Laurel and helped the Flash escape.

Laurel questions Hunter's plan.

Black Siren later met up with Hunter at the Central City Police Department precinct, bragging of her defeat of the Flash but questioned why she was attacking buildings at random. Hunter explained that he needed the Flash distracted so that he wouldn't see his real plan coming until it was too late. When Laurel asked what he was up to, Hunter coldly replied, "no good", leaving her visibly disturbed.

Laurel questioning Cisco and Caitlin, while they pretend to be their Earth-2 doubles.

Laurel, as instructed, went to demolish another building but was confronted by "Reverb" and "Killer Frost", much to her disbelief as she believed them to be dead. "Reverb" and "Killer Frost" seemingly proposed to overthrow Zoom by teaming up together. Laurel appeared to consider the offer, but was skeptical and tossed a brick at "Reverb". When he caught it with his right hand, Laurel realized that "Reverb" and "Killer Frost" where actually their Earth-1 counterparts Vibe and Caitlin Snow, as Reverb was left-handed. As Laurel tried to kill them, Vibe hit her with a sonic blast activated subconsciously, but was unable to do so again. Unfazed, Laurel simply tried to kill them again, but was disoriented and knocked out by a device Harry set up to render all Earth-2 residents unconscious.

Laurel imprisoned in the pipeline.

Laurel was locked up in the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator. Upon awakening, she attempted to break out but her sonic scream had no effect on the soundproof cell, to which Cisco mocked Laurel and she gave up in annoyance. Caitlin wondered if they should tell Sara and Quentin Lance, the sister and father of her deceased Earth-1 counterpart, about Earth-2 Laurel, but Barry voted against the idea, not wanting to ruin their memory of the Laurel they knew.[10]

Working with Prometheus

Impersonating "Laurel Lance"

Laurel broken out of S.T.A.R. Labs, as seen on security footage several days after it occurs.

In December 2016, Laurel was broken out of the pipeline by Adrian Chase/Prometheus without tripping any of S.T.A.R. Labs alarms, offering her freedom in exchange for her help in his vendetta against his enemy, Green Arrow, the Earth-1 Oliver Queen. Grateful to Prometheus for freeing her, Laurel agreed and they left the facility without Team Flash knowing of the breakout until three days later. Adrian sent Laurel to Star City to infiltrate Team Arrow and impersonate her Earth-1 counterpart to emotionally torment Oliver. Laurel was hesitant upon learning that one of Adrian's targets in his vendetta was Quentin, her father's Earth-1 counterpart, but Adrian promised to spare him if she complied with his orders.[13] To prepare, Laurel dyed her hair blonde to further resemble her counterpart and learned, presumably through Adrian, of the Waverider and the Legends. Laurel also learned other vital information about her counterpart's life, including her relationship with Oliver and the latter's affair with Sara.[8]

Laurel greets Oliver, pretending to be Earth-1 Laurel.

When Oliver returned to the Arrowcave, Laurel was waiting for him and greeted him.[14] Laurel gave a cover story to Oliver and Felicity Smoak that Sara transported "her" to the Waverider before she "died", saved her, and then returned her to their present without causing an aberration. She also learned that her Earth-1 counterpart's father had descended back into alcoholism.

Later at a party Felicity held to celebrate "her return", Laurel called Thea Queen, who was overjoyed she was "alive", and was introduced to the new Team Arrow recruits Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog, Rory Regan/Ragman, and Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific. While having drinks, Laurel almost slipped up and nearly took the wine instead of the club soda, remembering at the last second that Earth-1 Laurel was an alcoholic.

Laurel attacks Oliver after her deception is revealed.

Afterwards, Laurel returned to the Arrowcave, where Felicity had just realized her deception. Relieved to finally drop her facade, Laurel attacked Felicity and Rory, sadistically expressing disappointment that she wouldn't be able to hear either of them scream because of her powers' one-sided effect. Before she could kill them, Oliver stopped her and while stunned to see Laurel attacking them, she used her scream on him to cover her escape.

Laurel later met up with Prometheus, who expressed disappointment that she blew her cover so soon. When Laurel protested she could've simply killed Team Arrow, Prometheus attacked and pinned her to the ground. Holding her throat closed so she couldn't scream, Prometheus reminded Laurel that her survival was dependent upon her obedience, not her questioning. Horrified, she agreed.

Laurel tries to convince Green Arrow that Prometheus is forcing her to aid him.

Laurel later called Oliver and apologized for attacking him, claiming that Prometheus forced her to do so and offered to help. While skeptical, Oliver agreed to hear her out and they met at the Black Canary statue. Green Arrow was skeptical about her story but Laurel insisted she was being used. As Black Siren offered to help however, Ragman, Wild Dog, and Mr. Terrific attacked her. Laurel used her powers to knock them all to the ground, destroying the Black Canary statue in the process. However, Green Arrow used a tranquilizer arrow to render Laurel unconscious.

Laurel tells Oliver about her life on Earth-2 and how she became a criminal.

Laurel woke up in a meta-human cell in the Arrowcave, much to her annoyance, and insisted that she was being honest about being used by Prometheus. However, Oliver was distrustful given what Team Flash told him about her history as Zoom's lieutenant. Laurel didn't blame him for his distrust, admitting that she has made several bad choices since gaining her powers. Laurel told Oliver about her relationship with his Earth-2 counterpart and how his death sent her down that path, expressing her belief that she was no longer capable of being anything other than a criminal. Taking pity on her, Oliver tried to convince Laurel that nobody is beyond saving, and offered her protection against Prometheus if she told him what she knew about him. While Laurel was ultimately manipulating Oliver into lowering his guard, her words did appear at least somewhat genuine.

Laurel mocks Felicity about her and Oliver.

Later when Felicity gave Laurel a glass of water, Laurel wondered what happened between her and Oliver, aware of their failed relationship. She mockingly asked if Felicity had a sister, sneering how she heard Oliver "loves sisters". Unlike Oliver, Felicity did not believe Laurel was capable of redemption and told her to get used to being locked up, to which Laurel stared at her in contempt. Suddenly, the power went out and Laurel used this opportunity to escape. Unbeknownst to Laurel, Felicity placed tracking nanites in the glass of water she drank, hoping it would lead Team Arrow to Prometheus.

Laurel as Green Arrow begs her not to kill Felicity.

Laurel went to a warehouse to meet up with Prometheus, where they were attacked by Team Arrow. While Prometheus was occupied with Ragman and Green Arrow, Laurel incapacitated Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific before taunting Felicity about killing her too. Just then, Green Arrow appeared and begged Laurel not to, pleading that if she kills Felicity, then she truly is beyond saving. Green Arrow tried to convince Laurel she can still be who she was before she lost her family, and he could help her find that person again. Despite appearing to consider his words, Laurel simply retorted, "she was never there" and attacked Felicity but Green Arrow protected her. As Laurel tried to kill them both, Mr. Terrific used a dampening device to negate her powers and Felicity swiftly knocked her out.

Rather than being sent back to S.T.A.R. Labs, Laurel was instead transported to A.R.G.U.S. custody, both for improved security measures and so Oliver can keep her close, hoping to help Laurel find redemption one day.[8]

Kidnapping Oliver's loved ones

Sometime after Adrian was arrested, he arranged for Laurel to be freed from A.R.G.U.S. by having Evelyn Sharp blackmail a guard. Laurel and Evelyn, working with Talia al Ghul and her assassins, kidnapped Dinah Drake and Rene from their apartments and later Curtis when he came looking for Dinah. Talia then sent Laurel and Evelyn to an A.R.G.U.S. safe house where Thea and Quentin were being kept in, with Laurel once again impersonating her late Earth-1 counterpart. The sight of Laurel threw Quentin completely off and as Thea tried to explain the situation to him, Evelyn used tranquilizer darts to render them unconscious.

Laurel talks with Quentin, her father's Earth-1 counterpart.

Laurel and Evelyn drove Thea and Quentin to a shipping yard, where they unloaded their captives. When Thea wondered where they were being taken, Laurel claimed it was a "surprise". She restrained Quentin in a shipping container, sarcastically calling him "Dad", though he told her not to call him that. Laurel asked if the restraints were too tight, admitting to a surprised Quentin that this wasn't easy for her, though he was unwilling to believe her. Laurel explained that she's helping Adrian because she owes her freedom to him and has been given assurances that Quentin will be spared from his agenda. Quentin scoffed at this, stating that his Laurel wouldn't be stupid enough to take Adrian for his word. Laurel agreed, acknowledging that Quentin loved and lost his daughter and how hard seeing her must be before leaving.

She and Evelyn later blackmailed Oliver into freeing Adrian by threatening his son, William Clayton. Laurel then traveled to Lian Yu with Prometheus's team and the captive Team Arrow members to await Oliver's arrival.[13]

Final battle on Lian Yu

Laurel on Lian Yu with the members of Team Arrow captive.

Once on Lian Yu, Laurel acted as Adrian's right-hand woman, tasked with dealing with the prisoners and patrolling the grounds with a few members of Talia's cult at her side. She brought in Quentin and John Diggle to join Dinah and Rene. When Diggle questioned why Laurel would assist a guy she barely knows in getting revenge on another guy she barely knows, Laurel responded that while Adrian freed her, she doesn't owe Oliver a thing.

Laurel continued watching the grounds and stumbled upon Slade Wilson seemingly knocking out Oliver and handing him over. She triumphantly brought Oliver to the rest of the prisoners. However, this was actually a ruse by Oliver and Slade to free Team Arrow and they all escaped. While leaving, they were confronted by Adrian, with Laurel and an army of cult members by his side.

Laurel taunting Dinah about "replacing" her.

A battle broke out and Laurel personally targeted Dinah. The two women fought physically until they simultaneously used their sonic screams, creating a shockwave that pushed each of them back. Laurel was knocked to the ground while Dinah crashed into some nearby pottery. Dinah struggled to get back up, but Laurel stood up with ease and taunted Dinah about thinking the latter could "replace" her. Laurel prepared to finish her off with a scream, but was knocked out by Quentin with Dinah's bo-staff. Laurel was left on the island as it exploded following Adrian killing himself to detonate hidden C4 bombs.[15]

Laurel is rescued.

Laurel managed to survive the explosions by taking shelter in the monastery. When Dinah and Quentin arrived to search for survivors, Laurel ambushed them and held a knife to Dinah's throat. Laurel planned to kill her, sadistically assuring Dinah that she would "be too dead to care" about losing her sonic scream. Suddenly, Laurel was shot by Quentin in the stomach and fell down, believed to be dead. Some time after, Laurel was rescued by an associate of Cayden James, who helped her up and they left Lian Yu. In exchange, she agreed to help Cayden with his agenda.[2][16]

Working with Cayden James

Return to Star City

Five months later, Laurel returned to Star City and immediately attacked the Star City Police Department, destroying it with her own mercenaries and killing all its officers. She and her group were later attacked by Team Arrow on the bridge, during which a fight broke out between Black Siren and Black Canary. The two were evenly matched at first but Laurel eventually disarmed Dinah and used the latter's bo-staff to knock out both her and Quentin.

Laurel taunts Quentin.

Team Arrow initially believed Laurel planned to attack the police benefit in order to get revenge on Quentin, so they set up a trap for her. However, Laurel instead attacked the lightly defended Arrowcave, where she had her men fend off Diggle and plant some explosives in place, specifically ordering for her doppelgänger's suit to be destroyed. Laurel and her group were soon attacked by Team Arrow. She and Dinah fought, but Laurel managed to escape again before being confronted by Quentin at gunpoint. Bitter over him shooting and leaving her for dead on Lian Yu, Laurel guilted Quentin to lowering his gun before smugly admitting that she would have done the same thing had their roles been reversed. Laurel was later revealed to have stolen one of Curtis' prototype T-Spheres from the Arrowcave.[16]

A few weeks later, Laurel killed three seemingly unimportant individuals: Jackson Klimavich, Veronica Medina, and Jenny Johnson. Curtis tracked Laurel through her sonic scream, tracing her to the abandoned facility of Helix the very same moment in which Felicity and Alena Whitlock broke into it. There, Laurel is revealed to be working for Cayden James, who ordered his men to kill both the hackers. However, Team Arrow intervened and a fight ensured, driving Laurel, Cayden, and their party to escape.

Cayden James, Sheck, and Laurel Lance unlock the International Domain Name Directory Vault.

Later, Felicity discovered that Laurel's victims were undercover agents of the International Domain Name Directory (IDND), the global internet infrastructure, and she had stolen their fingerprints in order to enter it. Believing that Cayden intended to destroy the internet, Team Arrow attacked his party at the International Domain Name Directory vault, where Felicity managed to breach through the firewall to stop Cayden's apparent attack while Laurel fought Diggle. She was defeated, but used her scream to bring down a structure to cover her escape.

Afterwards, Cayden confirmed that their plan, Arclight, is going as planned and provided Laurel with a device to prevent Curtis from tracking her scream.[17]

Laurel with a branch of Helix's men.

After Oliver was arrested by F.B.I. agent Samanda Watson, Laurel and Cayden planted a bomb under Starling Stadium during a concert of Billy Joel. However, Oliver suited up as the Green Arrow once again (his trial having been delayed) and tried to stop them, only to discover that the bomb was fake while the cops guarding the stadium were Cayden's allies. After having recorded footage of Team Arrow beating up the cops in order to persuade the citizens of Star City to vote "yes" on the anti-vigilante referendum, Cayden and Laurel escaped.[18]

Seeds of doubt

Quentin and Black Siren have a "father-daughter" talk.

Laurel was later sent by Cayden to capture Quentin, who was accompanying Thea home after Oliver and Felicity's wedding. Laurel quickly knocked out Thea (who was still recovering from her coma) and kidnapped Quentin. Before leaving, she placed a phone into an unconscious Thea's hand, through which Oliver received instructions in exchange for Quentin's safe return. Laurel talked with a captive Quentin, though she was still angry over his actions on Lian Yu. When Quentin asked about his doppelgänger, Laurel grew unsettled and sadly revealed her father died in a car accident while buying a cake for her 13th birthday. Quentin reflected that he did the same thing for his daughter, bringing Laurel to tears.

Soon after learning Oliver betrayed him, Cayden gave Laurel the order to kill Quentin, which was delayed by her discovery of Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific nearby. After fleeing with Quentin, Laurel, after a moment of hesitation, spared his life and cut his restraints, telling him to run. Green Arrow eventually caught up with the two, but Laurel used her sonic scream to bring down some overhead pipes between them as a distraction before escaping into the night.

Laurel and the cabal.

After watching Team Arrow implode, it is revealed that Laurel had planted a hidden camera in the Arrowcave during her initial attack, which Cayden used to watch and gather intel on the team the entire time. Soon, it is shown that Laurel is not the only person working with Cayden as Vincent Sobel/Vigilante, Anatoly Knyazev, and Ricardo Diaz/Dragon all reveal themselves to be part of a larger team-up than originally thought.[2]

Some days later, Laurel, Cayden, and Diaz broke into Jerry Bertinelli's office to force him into giving them control of the Star City Docks by threatening to have Laurel pay a visit to his daughter in New York. Later, they were ambushed by Green Arrow at their base. During the ensuring fight, Laurel was incapacitated by a trick arrow wrapping around her throat, preventing her from using her powers. However, she was quickly freed with the intervention of Anatoly's Bratva allies, Diaz's men, and Vigilante. Although Laurel suggested to kill Green Arrow, Cayden eventually ordered them to let the archer go.

Laurel and James discuss their plan.

The next night, Jerry and Green Arrow set a trap for Cayden's criminal cabal, attracting them to the port. Laurel fought the Green Arrow together with her allies until he managed to set an explosion and use it to escape. She watched as Diaz killed Jerry under Cayden's orders, giving them full control over the port. Cayden then allowed Laurel to put Jerry's body on display as an example.[19]

Shaken by her recent interaction with him, Laurel started to stalk Quentin in secret, hiding every single time he looked back. However, Quentin eventually discovered her and he and Thea managed to lure Laurel into an abandoned warehouse. There, he attempted to reach out to Laurel by showing her some tapes and pictures of her Earth-1 counterpart. Quentin stated that he sees his daughter in her and believes that deep down, Laurel has her doppelgänger's good heart. Overwhelmed and upset, Laurel denied everything by declaring "this isn't [her]" and emitted a sonic scream at the projector in a panic before running away.

Laurel kills Sobel.

Later, Laurel joined Cayden as he set a trap for Wild Dog, Mr. Terrific, and Black Canary using Vincent, who had been identified as a traitor, as bait. After creating an explosion and trapping Black Canary under some rubble, Cayden cruelly ordered Laurel to execute Vincent in front of Dinah. Despite hesitating at first, Laurel went through with it under the pressure of proving her loyalty to the cabal. She sonic screamed into Vincent's ear until his regenerative powers exhausted and his brain collapsed, killing him. Laurel and Cayden then left the scene, though she was visibly remorseful of her deed.[20]

When Cayden planned to detonate a bomb to destroy Star City, he informed Laurel, Diaz, and Anatoly that he planned for a helicopter to arrive and take them away beforehand. However, Diaz and Laurel didn't believe this and intended to leave their own way. Laurel gathered her secret stash, which included a photo of her doppelgänger and Quentin. As she was leaving, Laurel was confronted by Dinah, who sought to kill her to avenge Vincent's death. After an intense battle, Dinah was able to overpower Laurel but Quentin soon arrived to stop her. Dinah simply used her cry on Quentin but before Laurel could retaliate, she was taken down with a trick arrow by Oliver and held at gunpoint by Diggle.

Laurel mocks Dinah.

After Cayden discovered that either Laurel or another member of the Cabal killed his son, he arranged a deal with Oliver to bring them all to him. Laurel was placed under Dinah and Quentin's watch. As Dinah placed a power-dampener collar on her, Laurel attempted to aggravate Dinah by mocking about how she enjoyed killing Vincent.

Laurel lies to Cayden James that she killed his son.

When Oliver and the team captured the other members of the Cabal, Quentin and Dinah brought Laurel to the meeting. There, Laurel expressed her belief to Quentin that the only way to survive is to be cruel, stating that her doppelgänger died due to her naiveté. Laurel was then brought to Cayden, who demanded the one who ordered the murder of his son to come forward. Laurel claimed to have done so, sneering that she only regretted it because his son was "cute". Cayden angrily slapped Laurel and stated he knew she didn't, pointing out how she hesitated in killing Vincent. Unbeknownst to everyone, the bomb detonator caused Laurel's collar to malfunction, allowing her to use her powers again. Laurel used her cry on Cayden before destroying the dampener. She then used her cry on everyone else and attempted to escape, but was stopped again by Dinah. The two battled until Quentin once again tried to intervene. Dinah disarmed Quentin and used his gun to shoot Laurel, who fired her cry at Dinah at the same time, knocking the latter out. Laurel then fell unconscious from the bullet wound.

Laurel wakes up handcuffed in Quentin's car.

Quentin patched up Laurel's wound before taking her to his car and handcuffing her so she couldn't escape. When Laurel woke up and discovered her predicament, Quentin explained he was planning to find the small piece of his Laurel inside her, knowing that what she stated was a lie and the revelation that she hesitated to kill Vincent means there is still hope for her.[21]

Working with Ricardo Diaz

Becoming "Laurel Lance"

Quentin brought Laurel to a secure cabin in the woods in order to allow her to heal and convince her that she can be a better person. Laurel eventually let herself learn more about her counterpart from Quentin to see how much she really had in common with her. After Thea discovered her whereabouts, Laurel told her to contact Oliver in order to make a deal; she will return the city's money stolen by Cayden James (which Laurel previously withdrew from his offshore account in Corto Maltese) if they get her out of the country so she could start a new life. Oliver eventually accepted and Quentin offered to accompany her, convinced that the presence of someone supporting her would change Laurel for the better.

As Curtis, Rene, and Dinah arrived at the cabin, a fight broke out between the two teams, during which Quentin tried to take Laurel to safety but was soon intercepted and quickly knocked out by Dinah. Dinah raged on Laurel for murdering a helpless Vincent and intended to kill her the same way as Laurel futilely tried to apologize. However, Curtis intervened and was able to talk Dinah out of it, allowing Laurel to incapacitate them both with a scream and escape.

Laurel being "rescued" from her "kidnapping".

Later that night at the edge of the city, Laurel begged a van driver to help her, claiming that she has just escaped after being kidnapped for two years and introduced herself as "Laurel Lance".[22]

The "return" of Laurel Lance.

Brought back to Star City, Laurel revealed herself to the public (pretending to be her late Earth-1 counterpart) and claimed to the press that her death was faked by H.I.V.E., who captured and tortured her for the last two years. Laurel then proceeded to hug the newly-arrived Oliver and Quentin out of fake joy. The public is now convinced that (Earth-1) Laurel is alive. Oliver, Thea, and Quentin questioned Laurel over her charade, to which she revealed her intent to protect herself from Cayden's murderer; Laurel is fully aware that her late doppelgänger was an important public figure, which would make it difficult for anyone to target her. Laurel threatened to out Oliver's identity as Green Arrow if they said anything. After she revealed that the money Cayden stole from the city had mysteriously disappeared from where she stashed it, Oliver, Quentin, and Thea decided to support Laurel's cover story to the public for the time being.

Laurel was then brought to Starling General Hospital for a check-up. Quentin visited her to drop off some clothes before taking her to his home. Laurel was then abducted by Diaz's men and brought in front of Anatoly and Diaz himself, who was revealed to have taken the money, killed Cayden, and his son. Diaz told Laurel not to worry about Dinah and revealed he has his own plan to take over Star City.

Laurel and Oliver talk about her deeds.

Afterwards, Laurel arrived at Quentin's apartment and revealed to Oliver, Quentin, Thea, and Dinah about Diaz's mission and where he was keeping a kidnapped Roy Harper. Albeit initially reluctant to trust her, Team Arrow decided to follow her lead and managed to rescue Roy. Later that night, Oliver went to thank her. Laurel claimed she can't change who she is, but will try to be good if Oliver gave her the space to do so. Despite not being pleased about her decision to masquerade as his Laurel, Oliver agreed. Right after he left, Laurel received a text message from Diaz telling her she did a good job, revealing that she is now working with him.[5]

Getting closer to Diaz

Except occasionally cooking,[23] Laurel spent the next week sitting on the couch and watching TV. After Quentin refused her offer to "help with the Diaz problem", he suggested that she go outside and get some fresh air or try to find a job. Laurel revealed she never had a real job and wondered how her counterpart was able to attend law school. Quentin brought her his daughter's old law school textbooks, which Laurel started to read. That night, Laurel was visited by Diaz, who brought her a take-out dinner. Diaz told Laurel that she didn't have to study law as people like them "make the law". He stated that Laurel shouldn't change in order to "impress [her] old man", something he did when he was younger.

Laurel shares a kiss with Diaz.

Later, after former district attorney Sam Armand and police captain Kimberly Hill accused Oliver of obstructing justice, Laurel and Diaz watched the news together in his hideout. Diaz complimented Laurel for her idea, which she learned from her studies. He then showed Laurel the last champion of Vertigo he obtained following Team Arrow's raid, which would be the core of his drug operation. Pleased, Laurel kissed Diaz.[9]

Diaz talk with Laurel about their plans for Star City.

The morning after a Vertigo-drugged Oliver bursted into SCPD precinct in order to fight Diaz and his crooked cops but managed to escape, Black Siren met with Diaz at the station while his men were cleaning. When she asked why he didn't just kill Oliver, Diaz explained that Oliver "is more dangerous as a martyr than as Green Arrow". Diaz told Laurel that their next move is to spread the word that Star City is now "open for business".[24]

Some time after this, Diaz introduced Laurel to Aviva Metula/Shadow Thief right before the latter departed from Star City to continue her businesses.[1]

Shifting her allegiances

Seeing Diaz' true colors

Diaz and Laurel have a meeting with Cartier.

About a week later, Black Siren accompanied Diaz to Blüdhaven in order to meet Eric Cartier, the son of an influential member of the Quadrant. Diaz proposed to Cartier to use Star City as a place to run the Quadrant's business in exchange of having a seat at the table of the organization, however Cartier asked him to found Robert Baylor, an agent of his organization who was caught by the FBI, in order to show them if he can able to operate at their level. In less than a day Diaz found the man discovering he was working with the federals and, as Laurel demonstrated to be skeptical about his excessive concessions to the Quadrant, he reminds her that once he has won a place in the organization he will have an empire.

After Diaz gave the information on Baylor to Cartier, however, he required to him and Black Siren to get him in order to interrogate him and founding out what did he tell to the Justice Department. Hoping to get a meeting with Cartier, Sr., Diaz does as he was asked but, right after extracting him from the FBI's safehouse, both Diaz and Baylor were shot by one of Cartier's man. Having survived thanks to a bulletproof vest, Diaz went back to Cartier's nightclub and defeated all of his man alongside Black Siren, who had actually suggested to forget the plan and come back to Star City. Later Diaz tortured Cartier and, after the latter revealed he and his father never talked about him to the Quadrant because he was "a nobody" an they wanted to take Star City from his hands, Diaz beat Cartier to a pulp and order him to take it to the place where the Quadrant meetings are held.

Laurel comforts Diaz about his past.

While they were driving to the place, Laurel asked Diaz if what happened with his childhood bully, Jesse, still tormented him and he responded that it does, because he was right and he was "a loser", when she tried to cheer him up saying he was not it anymore, he told her about how he named his fear "The Dragon" and for years was everything he had but if he managed to become a member of the Quadrant he would get the enough power to not having anyone against him. Laurel compared Diaz to Zoom because of the hate the two men held inside them.

Arriving at the Quadrant's headquarters, Villa Centanni, Diaz and Laurel broke inside using Cartier as a human bomb and slaughtering dozens of their men with their bare hands and some gunshots making their way to the hall where the four leaders of the Quadrant met. Once again Diaz proposed to gave them Star City in exchange for a place in the organization and, as one of the member declared there are no free chairs at their table and Remy Cartier called him a "street suck" and a "loser", Diaz shot him in the head freeing a chair and getting welcomed into the Quadrant.

Laurel watches horrified as Diaz sets Jesse Federico on fire.

That night, Diaz went to Jesse Federico's house and kidnapped him, bringing him on a rooftop over his city where Laurel was waiting for him and, after having shown to him the last fragment of his father's picture that he had kept for over 32 years, ignoring Laurel's pleas not to do it, cruelly setting him on fire stating that he "is not a loser anymore".[4]

Turning on Diaz

Quentin and Laurel at a lunch with The Dragon.

After Jesse's death, Laurel began to avoid Diaz until he summoned her personally. Diaz announced that the new mayor, Quentin, needed to be persuaded in respecting some "ground rules", and Laurel needed to set up a meeting between them. Though reticent, she did as ordered and took Quentin to their favorite Chinese restaurant, confessing that she was sorry as Diaz entered revealing the relationship between them and telling him to sign a few documents to privately sell some municipal property. Later that night, Laurel confronted Quentin in his office in order to convince him to sign that papers, however Quentin, disgusted that she was working with a criminal like Diaz yelled at her to stop pretending she cared about him, telling her she's worse than Diaz himself and orders her to get out of his apartment before he could came back that night.

Quentin and Laurel swear to protect each other.

A sad and surprisingly upset Laurel stepped out of the room on the verge of tears and prepared to do what she was requested, but before she could leave the apartment, Quentin reached her apologizing for what he had said, and revealing her that he understand what it mean to "do bad thing for good reasons" as he worked for Damien Darhk in order to protect his Laurel. Quentin showed her that he had signed the documents and declared that he wanted to help her escape from Diaz, so they both promise to protect each other. Later, after she brought the papers to Diaz, Laurel watched as he has Oliver arrested by revoking his parole and anticipating his trial at the following week, on May 3.[12]

Laurel testifying at Oliver's trial.

A few hours before the trial, Laurel was asked by Bethany Snow if she, as the Black Canary, knew the Green Arrow's real identity, which she responded that she does and that would reveal it only in the court. Later, she was summoned by Diaz, who threatened her to testify against Oliver during the trial, revealing he is the Green Arrow in order to have him sentenced for life or else he would have killed her; however, having found the courage to stand-up against the crime lord after an heart-to-heart talk with Quentin, and since Christopher Chance/Human Target had previously broke into the courtroom disguised as Tommy Merlyn revealing he's the Green Arrow before escaping, Laurel chose to testify that Tommy is the vigilante, betraying Diaz much to Oliver's shock. When asked what made her change her mind, Laurel told Quentin he did and that the first step to standing up to Diaz is standing up to him. Quentin advised her to leave town, but she told him that she knew what to do. That night, Laurel confronted Diaz at the docks, at first managing to overpower him and his men but ultimately being subdued as he used a power-dampening device to suppress her sonic scream, before taking her captive and telling her that his new plan is to kill Oliver and everyone he cares about, much to her horror.[25]

Losing another father

Laurel is held captive by Diaz.

After Oliver made a deal with the FBI to help him liberate the city, Diaz called Quentin threatening him to remove the FBI or else he'd kill Laurel. After meeting, Diaz took Quentin and held him in the same cell as Laurel (who was now wearing a power-dampening collar), telling him that he only promised to give him proof of life before leaving. Diaz later returned as Team Arrow and the FBI were moving in on him, telling Quentin he was gonna shoot Laurel in front of him if he didn't comply to his terms. Laurel told Quentin not to comply to him and not let Diaz have the city, daring Diaz to shoot her believing he was bluffing. After giving Quentin five seconds, Diaz attempted to shoot her, with Quentin jumping in front of her and taking a bullet to the abdomen. Stunned, Laurel attempted to tearfully comfort Quentin, and when Diaz began to mock them, telling her he shot him where he did as a mercy so he wouldn't bleed out yet so she can get him to call the FBI and tell them to leave the city, Laurel angrily told Diaz she was gonna kill him. As Diaz was about to shoot Laurel in front of Quentin, Oliver and the FBI arrived, forcing Diaz to flee. He came up and found Laurel with an injured Quentin and Dinah told Oliver to go get Diaz, so he shot the lock off the cage where they were held captive and Dinah arrived shortly after as Laurel tended to Quentin.

Laurel and Dinah join forces to take Quentin to safety.

Laurel spotted up to Dinah, believing she was going to attempt to kill her again, only to be stunned when Dinah instead freed her from her collar. The two carried Quentin out of the building to safety, using their sonic screams to fend off Diaz' men along the way and Dinah handed Laurel a gun. After getting Quentin to the paramedics, Laurel headed back into the building and went to the rooftop where Oliver had nearly subdued Diaz. Diaz dared Oliver to kill him, as it was the only way to truly defeat him and knew Oliver wouldn't. Knowing Oliver wouldn't kill him, Laurel told him that Diaz was right that he'd have to kill him to beat him before blasting Diaz off the roof with her sonic scream into a river below in an attempt to kill him herself, frustrating Oliver as he knew Diaz would survive the fall and angrily scolded Laurel, who in turn told him that she had to end it and when Oliver (knowing he'd likely survive the fall) sarcastically asked her if she'd think that the fall would kill him, she coldly stated she could only hope.

Laurel meets Sara.

Oliver and Laurel then headed to the hospital to see Quentin, with Oliver going in to speak with him where during a conversation, finally accepted Laurel as Quentin's daughter (after denying it to him multiple times before). Laurel waited outside the room and called Quentin's other daughter and her deceased doppelgänger's sister Sara Lance, who arrived and seemed fairly amazed to see her deceased sister's face again on her doppelgänger. Laurel thanked her for coming, believing it was only right for Quentin's daughter to be there. Sara thanked her for calling her, and Laurel asked if it was strange for her to see her, which Sara responded that it was a little. Sara then asked if she was anything like her Laurel, which Laurel replied she hardly was at all, visibly disappointed at herself. Sara and her later walked over to Team Arrow and witnessed the FBI arresting Oliver, to Sara's confusion as he explained his deal to enlist their help from liberating the city from Diaz also involved him turning himself in in exchange for immunity for the rest of Team Arrow.

Laurel and Sara mourning Quentin's death.

Dr. Schwartz approached them, and when Oliver asked how Quentin was, she told them he had seized during surgery and died as his brain was deprived of oxygen for seven minutes, leaving Laurel, Oliver, Sara, Dinah, and the rest of Team Arrow devastated as the FBI took Oliver away, who told all of them to take care of each other. As a grieving Sara hugged Felicity, Laurel turned away visibly teary-eyed and heartbroken by both Quentin's death and potentially Oliver being taken away as a well, made even worse by how it was her actions that caused Oliver to be forced to such a condition. Later as Oliver (under the direction of the FBI) revealed his identity as Green Arrow to the rest of the world and called on his friends and allies to keep fighting to save the city, Sara and Laurel cried and mourned together as they stood over Quentin's body.[26]

Path to redemption

Star City's district attorney

Laurel, Star City's new District Attorney, speaks to the press.

Five months after Quentin's death, Laurel was appointed district attorney of Star City. When a mysterious "New Green Arrow" appeared, Laurel was interrogated by the press publicly stating that the unidentified Green Arrow cannot be Oliver Queen as the latter is still in Slabside Maximum Security Prison and that, due to Star City's zero-tolerance policy about vigilantes, if perpetrated its actions it would have been persecuted.[27]

Mending fences

Dinah scolds Laurel for having gotten rid of her guards.

As Diaz resurfaced in Star City, Laurel was placed under protection by the Police Departement but managed to free herself from her guards by secretly sabotaging them with her sonic scream to cause nausea and dizziness in order to distract them and escape. The next morning, the newly appointed Captain Dinah confronted her in her office telling her that the Longbow Hunters are in town and she needs protection as Diaz has already killed Quentin who everybody thought was her father. After Dinah referred to that as a joke, Laurel told her that, regardless of what she believed, she actually loved Quentin, however she doesn't want the Department's protection. Dinah then decided to watch over Laurel by herself sitting in her office and starting to read a magazine. So an annoyed Laurel asked her to make herself useful and bring her coffee, which Dinah does in spite of her frustration, only to find Laurel gone as she returned to the office.

Laurel and Dinah combine their sonic screams.

In the evening, Dinah tracked Laurel down to an abandoned facility bought by Diaz after he joined the Quadrant in order to turn it into his "castle". The DA revealed that she thought that Diaz was hiding inside it but, as Dinah tells her she intended to call her men, Laurel stopped her claiming that that was her fight and she intended to kill Diaz to get revenge for Quentin's death. Dinah told Laurel she hasn't changed a bit and is still the same lying murderer, prompting Laurel to sadly responded she's not that person anymore. Laurel and Dinah break into the facility and were faced by a member of the Longbow Hunters armed with a device that neutralized the sounds which they managed to defeat (although not capture) only by working together and combining their sonic screams.

Laurel apologizes to Dinah.

The next day Laurel came into Dinah's office in order to thank her and announce that she will not sabotage or complain anymore about the police guards placed on her protection. Laurel then opened up to Dinah, telling her that she had forgotten how it was having someone who cared about her and that losing Quentin was the worse thing to happen to her in a long time, so she understood how Dinah had felt about losing Vincent and that, despite that she doesn't expect her forgiveness she's really deeply sorry for killing him and hoped that one day Dinah could believe she's actually changed before leaving.[28]

Laurel persuades Felicity to trick Silencer.

Few days later Felicity Smoak came into Laurel's office asking her to help interrogating Honor, which she has captured with Rene's aid. Laurel accepted the offer and interrogated the Longbow Hunter's member by torturing her with her sonic scream, however due to Honor's resilience Felicity started to lose her temper and told Laurel to use extreme force even if it means killing the criminal, to which Laurel responded to her that once that line is crossed is impossible to come back and that she should have instead use her "big brain" to find another way out of that situation; so the two women decided to trick Honor making her believe they got distracted letting her escape, while actually they put a localization microchip on her. Then Laurel told Felicity she had to prepare to be ruthless, as when they found Diaz they would have killed him.[29]

Laurel, Felicity, and Dinah team-up.

After some days monitoring Honor movements, the criminal disappeared making Felicity extremely nervous, to which Laurel suggested to go seeing Oliver in prison in order to calm down. However, when the woman came back she revealed that they didn't allowed her to see her husband as he was moved to "Level Two" that, apparently doesn't exist. Digging in, the two women discovered that the prison claimed that Oliver had arleady used all of his visits hours of the months and was assigned to a psychological treatment held by Dr. Jarrett Parker; so they recruited Dinah's help for their investigation finding evidence that Parker is holding a clandestine psychiatric program within Slabside with the intention to eradicate the inmates sense of identity. After the three women had received evidence of this (unknowingly for them at the hands of Talia al Ghul), they exposed Parker's illegal activities and Laurel suggested to use those evidence in order to get an appeal for Oliver's conviction. Later that day, Laurel awkwardly tried to invite Felicity at a "friends date" only to deny it embarrassed when the woman asked if it was such.[30]

Laurel visits Oliver in prison.

A week later, she visited Oliver in prison in order to take proofs about how he was treated at Slabside, revealing to him that she was working at his case with Felicity; however Oliver rudely told her that he doesn't want her help as he believed that if she does something it could only be out of personal interest; remaining her one more time that it doesn't matter how much she pretend, she his not "his Laurel" and would never be it. Saddened, Laurel came back to her office and told Felicity how her meeting with Oliver has went. Felicity tried to comfort her telling he had told so only because he doesn't know yet the new person she has become; later the two women tracked down Anatoly to the munition's plant in Orchid Bay where Diaz had left him and they rescued him alongside Rene and A.R.G.U.S.; however, not trusting her, Diggle and the rest of the team decided to kick Laurel out of the rest of their hunt for Diaz. As she stormed out of A.R.G.U.S. Headquarters outraged, Felicity followed her promising that when they get Diaz she would inform her.

Dinah advises Laurel.

Laurel then concentrated on Oliver's appeal and, during her harangue (slightly referring to herself) she told the judge that "the hardest thing to do is to be a hero when no one expects you to be" and that, while the easier path is to be a criminal, during his time in prison Oliver Queen had nevertheless choose to be a hero. Despite all of this, Judge Napier denied the appeal request, but granted an internal investigation concerning the conditions of Slabside's inmates. Furious and frustrated, Laurel waited for Judge Napier in the parking lot outside the court with the intention to threaten her with force, only to be stopped by Dinah. Having assisted at her speech in the courtroom, Dinah is now convinced Laurel has really changed and urged her not to throw away all her hard work for a moment of rage. That evening, Laurel visited Oliver for the second time in order to inform him and this time, admitting that she has done a good job, he thanked her; however Laurel responded that she hasn't do it for him nor anyone else but herself, as she's not "his Laurel" or "the old Laurel" but just herself, and is working hard to be a better person.

Laurel dissuades Felicity from killing Diaz.

As she's leaving the visit room, Laurel got texted by Felicity who, as promised, informed her that Diaz has been caught and have been taken to the SCPD precinct. While Dragon is held in the interrogation room, handcuffed to the table and Felicity is about to shoot him, Laurel walked in and persuaded her not to do it. Diaz teased Laurel by calling her "baby" and watched the two ladies talk. Laurel revealed that she made a deal with the FBI that if they hand Diaz over, Oliver will be set free to help them in their case against the Dragon.[31]

Laurel attending the party for Oliver's return.

A week after Oliver's release, Laurel attended the gala held by Star City in honor of his return and to support prison reform. She is greeted coldly by everyone except for Felicity and somewhat Dinah. Felicity remind the others how they should all thank her for what she did to set Oliver free. Then Oliver genuinely thanked her again, apologizing for not having given her the benefit of the doubt, causing her to joyfully smile and tell Oliver that his wife never gave up on stopping Diaz. She then listened to Oliver's speech on prison reform before the gala was attacked by someone impersonating the new Green Arrow. After Oliver went out as the Green Arrow once more to stop Max Fuller, Laurel dropped all charges against him and allowed Dinah to deputize Oliver as a member of the SCPD. Much to Mayor Emily Pollard's dismay.[32]

Rewritten reality

In a rewritten reality created by John Deegan using the Book of Destiny given to him by Mar Novu, Laurel was still the district attorney of Star City. After Oliver, Barry Allen, and Kara Danvers/Supergirl, whose lives had been altered, were arrested in Gotham City, Oliver asked the officer on duty to contact Laurel to arrange for their release. Unfortunately, Laurel still had a complicated relationship with Oliver in this reality, so she told the officer that she thought "a night in jail would do them some good". As a result, Kate Kane bailed the trio out.[33]

Getting stalked

Laurel happy with Oliver's compliment.

One evening, as a former vigilante, Laurel was invited to take part alongside Oliver at a Channel 52's talk show hosted by Rich Kannon, which he asked her how she felt regarding taking on the role of Star City's DA. Laurel answered that she chose to take the role in order to honor her father's legacy hoping to do good; to which Oliver believed she was. Laurel was surprised by Oliver's compliment, but smiled to herself. She then listened to them discuss how Oliver's own father's legacy influenced him.

Laurel is confronted by Earth-1 Brett Collins.

After registrationing the program Laurel went to a bar with Felicity and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was not a "business call" but simply a friend date to celebrate the person she has become and of whom Felicity is sure that Quentin would be proud of. However, after Felicity left for a moment, she was confronted by Brett Collins (the Earth-1 doppelgänger of her father's murderer) who exclaimed that she deserved to be in prison due to her being the former Black Canary (at least to the public). As the man got close to her, a barman approached and held him back. Felicity returned and was confused, only for Laurel to drag them out of the bar.

Laurel asks Felicity for her help.

The next day, Laurel was left a threatening note in her office at City Hall, which she believed was from Collins, so she asked Felicity to help her track him down strongly refusing to explain the reason she knew him. After receiving another threatening note on the window of her car, Laurel tracked Collins near a bar as he was about to urinate in the street. She got his attention and held him in a chokehold against the wall. Just as she was about to use her sonic scream on him, she was stopped by Felicity, who dragged her off.

Laurel opens up to Felicity.

Questioned by Felicity regarding her problems with Collins, Laurel revealed he was the drunk driver who killed her father that she believed she had murdered five years prior but has probably survived and somehow followed her on Earth-1. She also opened up with Felicity on how guilty she felt about the fight she had with her father the night he died, to which her friend comforted telling her it was not her fault and if someone was stalking her on this Earth or any other, she would have helped her.

Laurel thanks Felicity for being there for her.

The following morning the two went to Dinah's office telling her the whole story and, to Laurel's surprise, Dinah doesn't simply believed her but also ordered Collins to be taken into custody by the SCPD as he obtained many charges over the years, including public intoxication and stalking. In that very same moment, Felicity received a text from Cisco revealing that the man is not Earth-2 Collins as he died in 2014 while on his porch. Feeling relieved, Laurel thanked the two women, starting to realize how it feel to count on others.[3]

Being interviewed

Laurel being interviewed.

In Marcia Pedowitz's documentary film "Emerald Archer: The Hood and the Rise of Vigilantism", Laurel was interviewed regarding her opinion on vigilantes; as she was one herself before becoming the DA. Laurel stated that she believed vigilantes cannot work alongside the legal system and that if they were doing the right thing they would not need to wear masks; however, given that she was posing as her Earth-1 doppelgänger, it's likely that this was just a part of her cover story rather than her real opinion.

Laurel tries to help Team Arrow.

A few days later, after Diggle, Curtis and Rene were arrested for stopping Chimera illegally as vigilantes, she visited them alongside Oliver in the SCPD interrogation room and offered her help, dropping all charges against them from her office. This allowed Dinah to deputize the three as honorary members of the Star City Police Department.[34]

It was later revealed that the threatening note she received was not from Collins but the "Star City Slayer", however, when he started his killing spree, Laurel was in Washington, D.C. for a week due to her work.[35]

Laurel reveals that she knows Felicity is pregnant.

A week after Laurel's return, Felicity discovered that Diaz was working with A.R.G.U.S.'s Ghost Initiative and started to plot the "Operation Blow-off the Head of The Dragon" hacking A.R.G.U.S. security system in order to detonating Diaz's head by the bomb implanted into his skull by coming at one hundred feet from him and pushing a bottom, so she asked Laurel to help her as, being the DA, she could get close enough to him without any problem. Laurel however was skeptical in doing it, as she would be a prime suspect and deep down had grown fond of her DA position, not wanting to pay the price of losing everything for someone like Diaz. Felicity pointed out that it's worth the price as she needed to protect her family, to which Laurel responded that she know she was pregnant, having deduced it by the fact that she wasn't drinking alcohol nor coffee as well as consuming lot of chocolate, prompting Felicity to ask her not to tell it to anybody else, as she has yet to reveal it to Oliver, to which Laurel promised.

Laurel comforts Felicity.

Later, she brought Felicity some genuine food for her baby and comforted her, telling that she mustn't be afraid of Diaz as she's sure she would be able to face him as well as any other monster who would threat her family.[36]

Investigating Emiko Adachi

A week later, she received a phone call from Ben Turner, who asked her to come visit him at Slabside in order to give her some intel. Although skeptical, Laurel decided to visit him in his cell, where the criminal informed her that Ricardo Diaz was killed and that the prison was trying to cover it up by blaming another inmate, but he knew who's the real killer.

Laurel organizes a meeting between Ben Turner and his son.

In exchange of giving her that information Turner demand to be released faster, to which Laurel told him that, as Oliver asked, she was already working on freeing him as fast as she can, so Turner asked her to see his son without the separator glass, promising to reveal her everything after that.

Laurel agreed to Turner's requests by organizing a meeting the man's cell with his son, Connor. To show his gratitude, and being a man of his word, Turner told her that on the night of Diaz's murder he was in solitary confinement, and by the wound in his cell he saw the culprit; the new Green Arrow.

Emiko tells Laurel that nobody would believe her word against hers.

That night, Laurel called Emiko in her office and revealed that she knew who she was and what she did to Ricardo Diaz, however Emiko promptly replied that no one would ever believe Laurel given her past as Black Siren.[37]

Right after this, Laurel began to follow Emiko but, one night, the latter noticed her in an alley right behind her and threw her an arrow, which Laurel managed to avoid slashing her left shoulder only slightly and then escaping before Emiko could reach her.

Laurel reveals to Oliver what she has discovered about Emiko.

Later that evening, she went to Oliver Queen's apartment searching for Felicity but, having found just Oliver she suggested she would have come back later, however Oliver kindly asked her to stay and, having noticed the gauze on her wound was bleeding, offered her a new one. Then, Laurel decided to explain to him how she hurt herself and what she discovered about his sister; despite Laurel's firm statement that she was just trying to do the right thing, Oliver doesn't believe to what she told him and ordered her to stay out of that story, prompting her to leave the loft in anger. The next morning, Laurel was called at the SCPD by Dinah, who scolded her to have forced the confession of a witness in order to arrest Los Halcones' boss Ramiro Gonzales, the two women had a confrontation about their different points of view on respecting or circumventing the rules in order to catch the criminals, after which Dinah told Laurel that they still had a chance as the SWAT had arrested one of Gonzales' lieutenant, Gustavo Hernandez, and they could still frame him if Laurel had done it "the right way".

Dinah holds Laurel after she threatened to kill a suspect.

However, during said interrogation, Laurel loses her temper and threatened to kill Hernandez after he mocked the death of "her father". That night, after Hernandez was released on bail and mysteriously found dead, prompting another lieutenant to testify against Gonzalez out of fear, Dinah visited Laurel, accusing her of said murder due to having the same look she had when executing Vincent while threatening Hernandez; Laurel replied furiously that she had worked hard enough to deserve the benefit of the doubt but that no matter how hard she tried to be a better person she would always see her as Black Siren, to which Dinah replied she was sorry but the truth was that she didn't know her, and probably nor even Laurel know herself.

Emiko reveals to Laurel that she's the one who has framed her.

The next day, some photo of Laurel with Diaz were leaked to the press as well as the information that linked her to Hernandez's death; while Laurel watched a report against her on the news Emiko entered her office, telling her that she was the real culprit of the murder and that she didn't do it in order to punish Laurel for having investigate her, but rather because she thought it was pathetic that she tried to be an hero as the city would always saw her as a criminal. Laurel yelled her to get out which Emiko did while telling her that she should thank her for having set her free.[38]

Becoming Black Canary

Laurel and Shadow Thief working together.

Angered and frustrated at her friends for not having given her the benefit of the doubt, Laurel donned once again her Black Siren persona and contacted Shadow Thief in order to make some heists together with her. They started by stealing at least $100.000 from a money launderer named Pinky Santorini using her District attorney resources.

Laurel talks to Felicity on her computer's monitor.

After this, Laurel was contacted directly on her computer by Felicity, who told her that she knew Emiko had framed her and that it was just a matter of time before they stop her and the Ninth Circle, begging her not to throw all her good deeds away and return to the dark side. Laurel told her she was tired to pretend to be someone she wasn't, to which Felicity stated that she was not even Black Siren anymore, leading an angered Laurel to unplug the computer.

Laurel and Shadow Thief's heist is stopped by Black Canary and White Canary.

Later, Laurel and Shadow Thief broke into a facility to steal some diamonds but Dinah and Sara showed up starting a fight during which Laurel was able to hold and knock down both the women managing to escape with her accomplice. After they came back to their hideout, Shadow Thief told Laurel that the jobs they were making were too small and that since she had left Diaz's organization, she had made new clients who payed her to perform terroristic heist. Although initially hesitant Laurel accepted the woman's offer and they planted an explosive into their hideout in order to get rid of Dinah and Felicity after the two had located it; however Laurel secretly sabotaged it in order to detonate earlier and didn't kill anybody. After realizing that Laurel had no killing intentions but she simply felt hurt, alone, and abandoned, Sara reached out to her at Quentin's grave. Sara told Laurel her that redemption is a long journey, but she could still be a hero. Although evidently shaken by Sara's words, Laurel eventually responded that it was too late for her and got to the meeting point with Shadow Thief in order to steal a lethal weapon, however, as she arrived at the place where said device was stored, Felicity approached her telling her that she don't have to be "Earth-1 's legacy" or do what Earth-1 Laurel's would have wanted but rather what she wanted to do.

Laurel stands with the heroes.

Laurel simply told her to get out of her way, prompting Felicity to respond that if she was really intentioned to sell that weapon to mass murderers she could begin by murdering her, being subsequently supported in said statement by Sara and Dinah. Being unable to kill her friends, Laurel finally decided to stop her criminal spree turning against Shadow Thief, who revealed to Laurel, Felicity, Sara and Dinah, that she had been expecting this, then other mercenaries appeared and started to shoot at them. After a brief fight, Felicity detonate the weapon destroying the building and all four of the women managed to escape, stating that they were stronger together as the "Birds of Justice" or "something like that".

Laurel celebrates with Dinah and Felicity before she departs to Earth-2.

Ultimately, despite Felicity having cleared Laurel's name with help from Dinah claiming she went undercover, Laurel decided to seek a new path, choosing to head back to Earth-2 for the time being. Before Laurel left, Felicity gave her Earth-1 Laurel's old Black Canary suit, suggesting that Laurel could become Earth-2's Black Canary. The two hugged goodbye, with Laurel tearfully hoping she could be worthy of the name one day.

Laurel and Sara talk at Quentin's grave.

Before leaving Earth-1, Laurel visited Quentin's grave one last time where she met up with Sara. The two talked up missing their father and Laurel had wished she'd told him how much she appreciated his support; Sara assured her he knew. Laurel then smiled in gratitude when Sara commented that she wasn't alone anymore.[1]

After returning to Earth-2, Laurel presumably rejoined society and became reacquainted with old friends such as Tommy Merlyn.[6] She also began using her Earth-1 counterpart's suit to fight crime as the Black Canary, becoming the protector of Starling City.[39]

Fighting the Ninth Circle

After Emiko started to spread the Cygnus X-1 virus throughout Star City, Laurel, alongside Curtis, returned in order to help Team Arrow.

Laurel joins Team Arrow in their final battles against the Ninth Circle.

When Felicity located the first spot on which the Ninth Circle intended to release the virus, Oliver, Diggle, Rene, Dinah, Roy, and Laurel tried to evacuate it and were helped by Ben Turner, now out on parole. However the Team were hindered by SCPD, who was convinced they are criminal and, despite managing to limit the victims, the media gave them the fault of the terrorist attack. While having a briefing in the Arrowcave, Laurel stated that she supported Oliver's idea of ​​trying to redeem Emiko, saying that despite she tried to destroy her life, she eventually made her a favor, helping her become a true hero and realizing what she really wants for her life. Then, Laurel and Dinah were sent to disable the relay to other bombs containing the virus, while the rest of the team realized that Emiko held the detonator in the former Queen Consolidated building.

Oliver shakes hands with Laurel.

After completing their task, the two Canaries reached for their teammates in the building helping them defeating the Ninth Circle's men alongside the SCPD, who was convinced by their innocence. After the building was detonated, Laurel and the others managed to escape and, while celebrating their victory, she wondered aloud if this was how it felt after saving a city, to which Oliver thanked her for her help, gladly shaking her hand.[39]

At some point after returning to her Earth, Laurel obtained a new Black Canary suit and began working with Adrian Chase, among other unnamed vigilantes, as the protectors of Starling City, regularly coming into contact with the mysterious Dark Archer.[6]

Preparing for the crisis

Destruction of Earth-2

Laurel meeting Oliver on her Earth.

She was surprised to see Oliver on her Earth and intervened between him and The Hood fighting. Oliver was surprised to see that she had teamed up with Adrian, but Laurel quietly explained at her bunker that the partnership which was nothing she like she had with his Earth's Adrian. Upon learning the Dark Archer had beat him to the dwarf star particles, Oliver jumped to the assumption that Malcolm was, as on his Earth, said baddie, but Laurel told him she and Adrian ruled out Malcolm months ago which Oliver thought was a mistake. She was later seen at his welcome home party thrown by his stepbrother. Oliver, Laurel, Adrian and Diggle later get into a skirmish with the Dark Archer, whom Oliver privately comes to discover is Tommy. When confronted, Tommy gets the drop on Oliver, with the help of body man Rene and dirty cop Dinah. Tommy explains to a captured Oliver that the Glades are to blame to for Thea's death, ergo his own, dwarf star-powered plan for a seismic Undertaking. Oliver escapes and then engaged in a rooftop fight with him in the end, he is able to appeal to Tommy to not destroy the Glades, before capturing him.

Laurel calling for Oliver to escape through the breach.

After Oliver delivers Tommy to the police station, Laurel rushes in to say the city is being attacked, Fiery light begins permeating the building, seemingly "incinerating" it and its occupants bit by bit, as a wave of antimatter laid waste to the entire universe, Diggle used Cisco's interdimensional extrapolator to open a breach, into which he went through. Oliver watched as the Earth-2 counterparts of Dinah Drake, Rene Ramirez, Tommy Merlyn and Moira Queen were consumed by the antimatter, just before Laurel prodded him he took her with him back to Earth-1, leaving her as one of the few known survivors of Earth-2.[6] According to Novu, Laurel was supposed to die with the rest of Earth-2, if Oliver hadn't interfered with its fate and saved her before that universe's complete destruction.[40]

Attempting to return home

Laurel with John and Oliver in Hong Kong.

Through the portal, Laurel, John and Oliver ended up in a building and got into trouble with a group of local thugs. After defeating several of them, the group left through a backalley and realized they had ended up in Hong Kong. After being informed of what had transpired to her earth, Laurel angrily demanded the interdimensional extrapolator from Oliver, attempting to open a portal back to her Earth which failed. Overwhelmed with emotions, Laurel left the two and ran off to find other ways to return.

Laurel being helped by Lyla to overcome her grief.

Laurel made her way to a hideout owned by one of her acquaintances David Chin, a technology expert affiliated with Cayden James. After numerous failed attempts to break in, Laurel was assisted by Lyla Michaels, John's wife who was sent to take care of her. Entering the hideout, Laurel demanded David to fix the interdimensional extrapolator which she believed to be broken. When David did so, Laurel tried to use the device to open a portal once again, and was told by David that her Earth had disappeared. Laurel angrily pointed her gun at David, devastated that her home had been destroyed and fled with Lyla when the alarm was sounded. Arriving in a safe location, Lyla helped Laurel to come to terms that her Earth was gone, convincing her to "honor" her people by fighting on.

Laurel agrees to continue helping Oliver in fulfilling his missions for The Monitor.

Taking this to mind, Laurel, alongside Lyla, helped Oliver, John and Tatsu Yamashiro in their fight against Chien Na Wei and her triads. She was able to save an injured Tatsu by using her Canary Cry to knock out Chien into the water. Laurel then later agreed to continue helping Oliver in his missions for the Monitor.[40]

Laurel, Dinah, and Oliver rescue Mia and Connor.

A few days later, Laurel returned to Star City just in time to help Dinah and Oliver to save the time-traveling Mia Queen, Connor Hawke and William Clayton from a bomb-trap set by Grant Wilson's Deathstroke gang. Later, the future Team Arrow confessed to the past members, including Laurel, about Star City's nightmarish condition in their time and that JJ Diggle was the future leader of the Deathstroke gang as well as Zoe Ramirez's future killer, greatly upsetting everyone. Then, as tension ensured and Mia decided to go out of the bunker to investigate Deathstroke gang on her own, while Oliver tried to stop her for doing something potentially too reckless, causing her to shout at him that she doesn't see him as her father, Laurel decided to calm the situation by accompanying Mia.

Laurel gives advices to Mia.

While they were investigating together, Laurel revealed to Mia that she knew her intention are to kill Grant Wilson and, despite stating that she wouldn't stop her as she was a grown woman, she pointed out that she had a great experience with vengeance and knew that obtaining it doesn't make feel any better, then she revealed Mia that she once prevented her mother to kill Diaz, something that Felicity was still very thankful for. Later, she took part at the fight against the Deathstroke gang to prevent Siege 2.0, and infiltrated their hideout assisting as Connor, Curtis and William disabled the bomb the terrorist placed under the city. Later that evening, she discussed with Rene and Dinah regarding how their actions could have, or have not, changed the future, declaring that not everything from that future was bad and they can concentrate only on the good parts; to which Dinah agreed with her to anticipate the foundation of the Canaries.

The Monitor approaches Laurel.

That night, Laurel had dinner with Dinah at SCPD and prompted her to try dipping fries into her Big Belly Burger milkshake, which the latter does smiling; then, after she exited the building, she was approached by Mar Novu, who proposed her to restore Earth-2 if she betrayed Oliver Queen.[41]

Mar Novu's offer

Laurel discovers Lyla is working for the Monitor.

The following night, Laurel was approached by Lyla, discovering she was working with the Monitor and accusing her to helping him destroying the multiverse, although the latter claimed that he was actually trying to save it. Then Lyla told her to get the project of an experimental weapon from a Russian general Alexi Burov before Oliver did it. Before leaving to complete her mission, she remarked how Lyla was playing the role of the villain instead of her.

Laurel, Anatoly, and Oliver meet General Alexi Burov.

Laurel, Oliver, Mia and William then went to Russia and reached for Anatoly who has returned home and worked as a bar owner. Using his old connections, Anatoly managed to find the general at a Bratva fight club so Laurel, Oliver and Anatoly went there to discuss about the experimental weapon he was working on, a pulse wave generator. After Oliver accepted to take part in a fight for the general in exchange of the weapon's plans, Laurel watched the battle with Anatoly, who confessed that he still doesn't trust her. Later, Bratva members kidnapped Oliver and Mia, leading Anatoly and Laurel to rescue them with William's help.

Laurel tells Mia to live up to herself.

After this, Laurel has an heart to heart with Mia, who confessed her how much she admired her and the other heroes due to having growing up into their legends constantly trying to live up to them, however Laurel told her to trying that they're flawed as anyone and she should live to herself instead. Later Oliver, Mia and William went back into the fight club distracting the Bratva members with a fight, while Laurel and Anatoly stole the general's hard drive from the organization's hands.

Laurel, Oliver and Diggle confront Lyla.

Before the departure, Anatoly apologized to Laurel for having doubt her change; thus leading her to confess everything about the Monitor's offer to Oliver and Diggle. That night, Laurel went on a roof to meet with Lyla and told her she refused Mar Novu's proposal, reveling that she told Oliver and Diggle to come there too. After they demanded Lyla for explanations, Laurel, Oliver and Diggle were all hit by tranquilizer darts and knocked out.[42]

Saying goodbye to Quentin

Laurel in the time loop.

After this, Laurel woke up in the bunker and found herself trapped into a time loop which reset itself every time Quentin Lance died; after failing her attempt to save him for the second time, she met Oliver who explain to be in the same situation as her, then the third time the time loop reset, she went to the Palmet Tech gala and met Quentin, hugging him overjoyed before explaining the situation to him too. After Laurel and Oliver prevent Quentin's death at the hands of a terrorist and in an explosion he was killed by some mercenaries, leading the time loop to start all over again.

Laurel saying goodbye to Quentin.

Later, Laurel took Quentin to the bunker and confessed to him that he died saving her life one year and a half prior, which he gladly commented it was the best wat to go. After Oliver managed to track the mercenaries hideout, they were caught into another explosion and Quentin got killed by Lyla who told them to stop fighting. The next time loop, after Oliver and Laurel found the location of a corrupt businessman who could be the instigator of Quentin's murder, the man was once again killed in a crossfire, however this time Laurel managed to thank him for not having given up to her and saving her life, stating that he was the reason why she tried to be an hero, to which Quentin replied that she already are and that he was proud of her.

Laurel and Oliver awaken on Lian Yu.

Having obtained what she really wanted, a last occasion to say goodbye to Quentin, Laurel woke up in a tent alongside Oliver, asking herself why did Monitor gave her that occasion, to which Oliver suggested it was her reward for not having betrayed him and all of that was simply a test. After they came out of the tent they discovered to be on Lian Yu.[43]

Penultimate mission

Laurel on Lian Yu with Oliver's team.

On Lian Yu, Laurel, Oliver, Diggle, Connor, Mia and William were all informed by Lyla of their penultimate mission for the Monitor, build a weapon on the island; they waited for Dinah, Roy and Rene to came with the necessary plutonium, however as theiy approached the island their plane was bombed by Edward Fyers, resurrected by a peak of antimatter, who stole the plutonium from them, prompting the group to split: as William and Mia remained at the camp, Lyla, Diggle and Conner went to rescue their teammates while Laurel accompanied Oliver in searching the plutonium. During their path, Laurel suggested Oliver not to ignore Mia's feeling regarding his imminent death in order to concentrate on his mission as it would mean leave the island with even more regrets than before.

Oliver and Laurel together in Lian Yu's wilderness.

After they found the plutonium, Laurel and Oliver were assaulted by Fyers and his men, including a resurrected Billy Wintergreen, however they managed to quickly subdue all of them working as a team, except for Fyers himself who managed to flee. As Laurel asked who they were Oliver explained they should be dead and gave her the plutonium so that she could take it to William while he chase the resurrected mercenary. On her way to the camp, she met Dinah, who explained to her that Lyla has brought Rene back to William and Mia to gave him medical assistance, while she, Connor and Diggle were trying to move some wreckage to Roy's arm, however since some mercenaries were coming to them, Roy choose to have his right arm amputated instead and, while Diggle and Connor execute said procedure, Laurel and Dinah fought them off so the whole group make it back to the camp safely, waiting for Oliver's return.

Team Arrow ready to fight Lian Yu ghosts.

Then, they decided to activated the Monitor's weapon in order to absorb Lian Yu's energy and make all of the resurrested people disappear; Laurel, Oliver, Dinah, John, Mia, Connor, Rene and the resurrected Yao Fei Gulong fought against Fyers men to distract them, Lyla use the mysterious device and disappear; then, the following morning as the sky became red, Lyla reappeared on the island as the Monitor's Harbinger declaring that the Crisis has begun.[44]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Laurel as well as everyone in the multiverse; except for the seven Paragons, were killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[45] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[46]

Erased future

Assisting the Canaries

Laurel as Black Canary in 2040.

In a erased future, Laurel in 2040 started working alongside the Canaries. She was sent in by Dinah to save Mia Queen with two unnamed Canary vigilantes. She introduced herself to Mia as "a friend of her parents", stating that she was very similar to her mother and that despite she wasn't a Canary she could definitely become a hero.[1] Before departing, she gave Mia the helmet of the soldier that was attacking her in order to have Felicity analyze it.[47]

New multiverse

A new beginning

After the Earths and universes merged, Laurel had her old memories restored by J'onn J'onzz and obtained a special ring from Cisco to replicate said ability. She also apparently developed a close relationship with Sara.[7]

Laurel is detached after Oliver's death.

When the date of Oliver's funeral got closer, Laurel started to act distressed and weirdly, drinking more, prompting Dinah to ask her what was going on, to which she replied that she was fine, as always and that being a little sad was the normalcy for people like them.

Team Arrow investigates William's kidnapping.

Then, she worked with Team Arrow to find and rescue William when the news of his kidnapping were spread, then, after he was rescued by Mia, Laurel went to the resurrected Quentin Lance's office to have a heart-to-heart with him.

Quentin tells Laurel that there's nothing about her that needed to be fixed.

Laurel confessed that she was feeling guilty in seeing Oliver's sacrifice had brought back everyone he loved including Quentin or Moira Queen but not her Earth-1 counterpart; Laurel believe that Oliver couldn't fix it only due to her presence on that Earth but Quentin hugged her and stated that he couldn't fix it because there was nothing to fix about her.

Laurel and Tommy at Oliver's funeral.

That night Laurel attended the inauguration of a monument dedicated to Oliver Queen and, the following day, during the funeral, she met the resurrected Tommy Merlyn who revealed that in that timeline her deceased counterpart was his wife, getting comforted that even though her doppelgänger wasn't resurrected, she found happiness in life. Later, Laurel listened to Diggle's elegy for Oliver.[48]

After the ceremony, Dinah mysteriously disappeared and, a few months later, Sara revealed to Laurel that she and the Legends had actually found the former SCPD captain living quietly in 2040's Star City.[7]

Traveling to 2040

Laurel approaches Bianca Bertinelli.

At some point, Laurel was informed by Sara that Star City was doomed to sink into chaos around 2041 and the trigger event being the kidnapping and murder of socialite Bianca Bertinelli while Mia Queen played some role in it becoming known as "The Woman Who Failed Star City"; so she time traveled to Star City 2040 trying to prevent the young woman from ever being abducted in the first place; however after reaching for her in a nightclub and trying to warn her, Bianca didn't listen to her and was subsequently kidnapped by a pair of large men before Laurel could even get close to her in the crowd.

Laurel visits Dinah at The Fish Net.

After failing to thwart the abduction, Laurel tracked down Dinah at The Fish Net, a piano bar that the former Black Canary owns, sings at, and lives above. Dinah told her that she woke up in the future the day after Oliver's funeral without knowing how and discovered that she was erased from history as there were no records about her or Black Canary, so, feeling relieved about her lack of identity she started a new peaceful life, however after listening to what is about to happen, the former cop is persuaded into joining Laurel's mission.

Laurel and Dinah at Mia's graduation party.

The pair infiltrated Mia Queen's graduation party and, after having getting close to her, Laurel restored her memories with the ring Cisco gave her, subsequently explaining the dark future hanging over the city and the danger Bianca was in, prompting the girl to join their crusade too. After visiting the Bertinelli household planting bugs, Laurel discussed with Dinah about her hiding in the future, prompting the latter to confess that she believed it was the universe telling her not to be a hero as everything was better that way, to which Laurel pointed out that she became a better person thank to her.

Mia, Laurel and Dinah infiltrate JJ's art gallery.

Later they were informed that Bianca's cousin Logan was planning to move "something" and intercepted his car on the street only to see it being blown up by someone wearing a Deathstroke mask. Laurel became persuaded it was Mia's fiancé JJ like in the previous timeline so, despite Mia's protest the trio infiltrate his art gallery trying to hack his computer. After the man turned out to be innocent and Bianca apparently post a video of herself on vacation through social media, Mia had a fight with Laurel accusing her of having ruined her life simply because she couldn't accept the fact that Star City didn't need her as a hero anymore.

Green Arrow and the Canaries stand in front of sparks.

Later, Dinah managed to discover that Bianca's video was actually doctored and she really was kidnapped, prompting Laurel to went to Mia's home and had an heart-to-heart with her explaining that her father wanted her to be happy but also to have te possibility to choose the pact of her life, which was the reason she gave her back her memories. Motivated, Mia decided to wear the Green Arrow suit and together with the two Canaries managed to track down Bianca freeing her from her kidnapper, Trevor, her former boyfriend as well as the man with the Deathstroke mask. After being defeated, the man burn himself alive making the building explode in order not to disappoint the mysterious "she" behind his operation, but the three women managed to leave in time bringing Bianca with them.

Mia and Dinah agree to keep working with Laurel as vigilantes.

The following day they celebrated the victory with a drink and, deciding that the city still needed them, Mia proposed a toast to Green Arrow and the Canaries. Then, Laurel moved in with Dinah and the latter revealed her intention to start the Canary Network. while Laurel expressed her concern as she knew Mia's role in the fall of Star City in the future they were trying to prevent.[7]


Original multiverse

Erased future

In a erased future where Eobard Thawne comes from, Black Canary is one of the several heroes remembered in the "Age of Heroes"; whether this refers to Laurel, her Earth-1 counterpart or her successor, Dinah, is unknown.[49]


"I moved to Central City for a fresh start. That's where this happened. And from then, it was just one bad choice after another. And I guess once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out."
—Laurel Lance[src]

Laurel in her civilian persona.

Laurel Lance was once a selfless and caring individual, similar to her late Earth-1 doppelgänger. However, after her father's death by a drunk driver when she was 13, Laurel grew hardened, cynical, and more rebellious.[2] She was something of a slacker growing up, never bothering to get any sort of real job or career[9] and even implied to have been a manipulative mean girl in her youth, willing to bully and walk over her peers to achieve her goals;[4] a stark difference between Laurel and her hard-working counterpart, who was considered the Lance family's "golden child".

As suggested by Quentin Lance and sarcastically confirmed by Laurel herself, she has "daddy issues" due to growing up without any sort of parental guide in her life, which led her to often be manipulated by dominant male figures; a trait that manifested into Laurel working with authoritarian male criminals.[22] She also (secretly) blamed herself for her father's death for years even more than the drunk driver who killed him due to their last interaction ending with Laurel claiming she hated her father for forgetting her birthday cake and forcing him to go out and buy it.[3]

In spite of their many differences, Laurel does share some qualities with her Earth-1 doppelgänger, such as her driven, often stubborn attitude. Laurel is also a very independent woman, becoming annoyed when someone tries to tell her what to do or protect her, as she is perfectly capable of protecting herself. Under her hard exterior, Laurel has a big heart, being open-minded, inquisitive, and taking great care of her loved ones, particularly her younger sister when the latter was pregnant.[1]

Laurel was deeply in love with the Oliver Queen of her Earth, despite his unfaithfulness.[7] Following Oliver's death, Laurel went into a state of depression stemming from heartache, making mistakes and eventually spiraling into the life of a criminal.[8]

"You've done some pretty unspeakable things. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? Basically, you grew up without a father. My guess, you spent your whole life looking for one. Zoom. Adrian Chase. Cayden James."
Quentin Lance to Laurel Lance[src]

Laurel as Black Siren.

After using her powers to ostensibly take revenge on the person responsible for her father's death, Laurel eventually lost touch with her emotions, becoming (seemingly) callous, cruel and sadistic, even reveling in the destruction she causes with her powers.[10][29] Laurel is notably very impatient and impulsive, admitting that she hates to wait more than anything,[4] she is also a risk taker and does not like to delegate or let others do her dirty work for her, unlike her Earth-1 counterpart, Laurel is more flirtatious and places a greater emphasis on her attractiveness and charm, Laurel also has a notably sarcastic, dry and snarky sense of humor, as she is not above mocking her enemies but also just about everyone she meets. Like her doppelgänger, Laurel can be quite sassy but unlike her, Laurel's sense of humor can be very black and if not at all twisted. As she once condescendingly asked Felicity Smoak if the reason she and Oliver broke up was because she had a sister, referring to her Earth-1 counterpart's sister having an affair with Oliver behind her back and is not above bringing up disturbing comments about her victims before or after killing them.[8][17][21]

Laurel is very intelligent and observant, as she quickly realized that Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow were not their Earth-2 doppelgängers when they were pretending to be them,[10] Hunter Zolomon, had some level of respect for Laurel and her skills, due to her status as one of his top lieutenants and given how he was willing to converse with her openly without his mask; this made her the only known member of his army that was aware of his identity and his "Jay Garrick" façade,[10] Laurel is also a very convincing liar and manipulator, as after receiving all of her Earth-1 doppelgänger's information, she was able to successfully imitate her late counterpart; fooling those closest to her including Oliver, her doppelgänger's ex-boyfriend and oldest friend, Oliver himself notes her skills as liar make it difficult for her to be trusted, something that she acknowledges about herself.[5][8] Despite her skills, Laurel can be prideful to the point of being arrogant and overconfident; as noted when she was about to kill the Flash, but was stopped by Wally West when he hit her with his car.[10]

Despite Laurel's twisted personality and proclaiming that she has no redeeming qualities that late doppelgänger possessed, she does have some humanity left within her which is particularly seen when around Oliver and Quentin Lance, towards Oliver, she found it difficult talking to him due to the loving his Earth-2 counterpart and briefly hesitated when he begged her not to kill Felicity,[8] towards Quentin, she also has genuine sentiment, as despite her contempt towards her Earth-1 doppelgänger she is sympathetic towards him for his loss, Laurel also in her own way has a personal sense of honor, as she agrees to work for those who have saved her life due to feeling indebted to them, as well as (genuinely) thanking Team Arrow when they decided to fight for her life even though they made it clear they were not doing this for her,[13][17][22] Oliver believes, despite her own denial, that Laurel isn't beyond saving and hopes to one day help her find redemption.[8] However, because of Laurel's strictly self-motivated actions that continued tarnishing the memory of the Laurel that he loved, Oliver seemed to gradually lose faith in her redemption despite all the chances she was given to change.[5]

After the events of Lian Yu's destruction, Laurel has (seemingly) abandon any form of sentiment towards Oliver and especially towards Quentin.[16] However, as confirmed by Cayden James, Laurel is not as callous as she likes to make others believe, which was proven by the fact that she couldn't bring herself to kill Quentin despite being ordered by Cayden to do so and instead let him go even though she had plenty of time to kill him,[2][21] Laurel was also openly and tearfully upset, when Quentin showed her a film projector that showed photos and video footage of her Earth-1 doppelganger; she destroyed the projector after being emotionally overwhelmed by it,[20] Laurel had also (secretly) followed Quentin and kept a photograph of him and her doppelganger for unknown reasons. When Cayden ordered Laurel to kill Vincent Sobel, Laurel was notably hesitant before killing the later, she also displayed signs of guilt and remorse for this vile act of hers; a sign that Quentin took as there is still hope for her.[20][21]

Although Laurel has a harden interior as a criminal, she is not completely fearless, as she was somewhat intimidated when Hunter told her that he was up to "no good";[10] due to her time working with Hunter, a deranged psychopath and serial killer (apparently) had it's effect on Laurel whether she is aware of it or not; as she can be sometimes unnerved, frightened and fall back in line by other psychopaths; such as Adrian Chase and Ricardo Diaz,[8][25] after Cayden's death at Diaz's hands, she decided to reveal herself to the public as her Earth-1 counterpart as an act of self-preservation to protect herself from him as her doppelgänger was a prominent figure making very difficult for her to be killed,[5] however, once Laurel was brought to Diaz by Anatoly Knyazev's men, she decided to protect herself by joining his organization acting his mole through her association with Team Arrow,[5] however, Laurel was visible disgusted when Diaz began torturing Eric Cartier and was terrified when Diaz cruelly burned alive his childhood bully, Jesse Federico,[4] this indicates that despite her occasional sadistic comments, she is not a sadist herself or her interactions with Quentin are helping her further regain her emotions. It must also be noted that despite her sadistic comments, she has never been seen performing sadistic acts, further proving that even at her worst, she isn't a sadist.

It is revealed that despite Laurel's moral ambiguity, she has come to (genuinely) care about Quentin, viewing him as the surrogate father that she always (secretly) sought and is the first person to really care about her in a long time; she has even called him her "father" during moments when she didn't have to,[12][28] it is also revealed that her allying herself with Diaz, was not only a misguided attempt to protect herself but to also protect Quentin, although Quentin was (initially) angry and even disgusted by her affiliation with him, he eventually came to realize that she was trying to protect him in the same way he was trying to protect his Laurel from Damien Darhk,[12] after some convincing from Quentin, Laurel eventually decided to stand against Diaz by testifying on Oliver's behalf during his trial by proclaiming that Christopher Chance as a disguised Tommy Merlyn is Green Arrow much to the rest of Team Arrow's surprise, after turning on Ricardo, Laurel attempted to kill him to protect herself and Quentin but was ultimately captured.[25] Eventually, after Quentin was shot and killed protecting her from Ricardo and Oliver turning himself in to protect to the FBI in exchange for immunity for his Team and Laurel, she was heartbroken and filled with shame and guilt for Oliver's imprisonment and Quentin's death.[26]

Since learning of the existence of her Earth-1 doppelgänger, Laurel was unphased by her doppelgänger's death,[10] since learning more information about her, Laurel has even developed a certain level of contempt for her as she considers her counterpart to be weak, vulnerable and pathetic,[8] Laurel's dislike for her counterpart seems to stem from the fact that she died for (seemingly) no clear reason at all, while Laurel herself is a harden criminal willing to almost anything to survive,[25] gradually after learning more about her doppelgänger from Quentin, Laurel slowly lost her contempt for her and began to become more curious about her life.[22] After Quentin was shot by Diaz and Laurel meet his other daughter and her counterpart's sister, Sara Lance, Laurel finally lost all the contempt she had for her and tearfully replied that she was hardly like her doppelgänger, even to the point to acknowledging she could have been more like her if she had someone stopping her from walking down the path to becoming a super-villain.[26][29]

"Your Honor, the hardest thing to do is to be a hero when no one expects you to be. The easier path is to be a criminal."
—Laurel Lance to Judge Napier[src]

Laurel as the District attorney.

In the following months since Quentin's death, Laurel was promoted to district attorney as position that she accepted in order to honor Quentin, since then, Laurel has been trying in several ways to make amends for her past deeds and reform from her criminal lifestyle. Even though she had no reason to do so, Laurel genuinely and tearfully apologized to Dinah Drake for killing Vincent, while also understanding if Dinah can never truly forgive her, but also hoping that one day Dinah will see that Laurel is no longer the individual who murder Vincent.[28]

However, Laurel is still willing to commit morally ambiguous acts such as when she began torturing Honor in order to find Ricardo Diaz, who she desires to kill out of vengeance for killing Quentin, despite her hatred for Diaz, she did acknowledge learning patience from him which she used to keep Felicity Smoak calm while they were questioning Honor.[29] However, Laurel demonstrated how much she has changed when she gave up her vendetta against Diaz in order to exchange him for Oliver's freedom.[31]

Although Laurel has genuinely reformed, she still retains her sarcastic demeanor; as proven by her being sarcastic with Dinah and Felicity respectively. Laurel also began displaying her pre-Siren personality, displaying her loving and caring attitude toward Felicity after discovering the latter is pregnant.[36]

"Did you bring the plans?"
"About that; I've decided not to join you and your cosmic fashion tragedy you're in cahoots with."
"Then you won't get your Earth back."
"If saving it means going back to being the person that I used to be, then what the hell is the point?"
"You really have changed.
Lyla Michaels and Laurel Lance[src]

Laurel as Black Canary.

Overtime, despite Laurel's attempts to be good, she began to become frustrated and anger over others not giving her the benefit of the doubt, most notably when Oliver accused her lying about his half-sister, Emiko Adachi and Dinah even questioning whether or not Laurel was involved in the death of witness, after Emiko framed Laurel for murder and released photos of her criminal involvement with Diaz, nearly destroying the life she was trying to build for herself,[38] this ultimately caused Laurel to briefly relapse and become a criminal once more, pushing Felicity away despite their friendship and being the monster that everyone believed she was.

Ultimately, due to the combined efforts of Felicity, Sara and Dinah; Laurel came to see the light and helped fix the mess she was causing, even though her reputation as her doppelgänger was cleared, Laurel taking upon Sara's advice decided to return to Earth 2 in order to confront her past in order to truly redeem herself; she also accepted the Black Canary mantle and uniform of her Earth-1 doppelgänger hoping to one day be someone worthy of wearing it.[1]

Laurel indeed returned to Earth-2 and work as a superhero, where she displayed her lack of bias and ability to forgive by partnering with the Adrian of her earth effectively, she also trusted Oliver's intentions when he came to her Earth, however, after her entire world was destroyed, Laurel was left furiously devastated and in denial and, angrily blamed Oliver and refused to work with him to stop the crisis at first. She even nearly killed an individual when he failed to allow her to return to her Earth, but eventually accepted her world truly was gone.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Laurel was struck by the energy of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion on Earth-2, her DNA mutated and enhanced her vocal cords.
    • Superhuman sonic scream:

      Laurel screaming to knock her enemies back.

      Laurel is able to emit a sonic scream that comes from her voice, with the highest known frequency being 250 decibels.[10] Laurel's scream is powerful enough to produce enough force to launch a full-grown human and other heavy objects back several feet. Her scream can also shatter a marble statue,[8] steel arrows, and kill a human being by causing internal hemorrhaging.[17] With one shout, Laurel caused a tremor that took down all of Mercury Labs. She was notorious for collapsing buildings with her powers on both Earth-1 and 2.[10] Laurel can also control the range of her screams, creating seismic waves large enough to collapse a building or small enough to enter through the ear, causing internal damage on a fatal scale even if the target has regenerative powers.[20] She is even able to create a sonic bullet by blowing a kiss.[19]
    • Sound immunity: Laurel is immune to her own powers or any other meta-human with similar sonic scream-based powers.[15]


  • Peak of human physical condition: Laurel is in exceptional physical form, having a powerful physique. She is strong enough to swiftly incapacitate, hurl through the air, or even break the neck of a grown man and beat up much larger foes with ease, as well as break a wooden door with a single kick. Laurel's reflexes are fast enough for her to react to an incoming arrow in order to shatter it with her powers[17] and even take down armed opponents at point-blank range.[1] Her durability and resilience are remarkable as she was able to get up without any visible injuries after getting hit by Wally West's car,[10] stand up after being knocked down by a shockwave from a sonic scream battle with Dinah Drake,[15] withstand multiple strikes from Dinah's bo-staff to the face,[21] and block it barehanded with no discomfort.[16] Laurel was also strong enough to knock Dinah down with a single kick. Her conditioning lets her recover from most injuries very quickly, though not superhumanly. Although her suit may have materials that enable this to be possible, Laurel later demonstrated the ability to survive a close-range gunshot at the stomach while in civilian clothes.[21]
    • Acrobatics/Free-running: Since becoming Black Siren, Laurel has developed free-running skills and could drop from a height of several feet without injuring herself. Her skills allow her to fluidly dodge and attack from different directions without losing balance. Laurel was able to incapacitate Dinah by jumping on her and holding a knife to her throat in seconds.[16] She was also able to perform a backflip without using her hands during a fight against Dinah.[21]
    • Honed senses: Laurel has sharp hearing and sight, as well as keen skills of perception. She is able to pick up incoming danger and react quickly.
"You're a very convincing liar."
Green Arrow to Black Siren[src]
  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Laurel is an intelligent and observant woman, able to quickly determine that Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow were not their Earth-2 doppelgängers. She is also an accomplished leader and highly skilled tactician, due to her former status as one of Zoom's top lieutenants[10] and leading her own group of criminals. Laurel has proven to be very effective in anticipating her enemies' patterns of thinking and use it against them; she purposely left a map of City Hall for Team Arrow to find, making them believe that the SCPD graduation ceremony was her target while it was actually the Arrowcave,[16] and orchestrated a series of heists using criminal intel she gained as a DA.[1]
    • Master of deception/Manipulator: Laurel is an exceptional liar; once given all the information about her late Earth-1 counterpart, Laurel was able to successfully portray herself as her doppelgänger to various people, including Team Arrow for a time, and even the public. Laurel is also capable of befriending or seducing her targets in order to make them feel at ease with her before she kills them.
    • Multilingual: It was implied that Laurel speaks some level of Mandarin and Cantonese[22] in addition to English.
    • Expert lawyer: Laurel is a very quick learner, having gained a great deal of knowledge of the legal system from her late Earth-1 counterpart's old law school textbooks and began using it to her advantage.[9] After five months, Laurel's capabilities as a lawyer had improved to the point that she became the new district attorney of Star City (although the public is still under the impression that she is her Earth-1 counterpart, who had previously been Star City's assistant district attorney).[27] Laurel is considered the best DA Star City has had in years.[3]
    • Expert investigator: Laurel's experiences as a lawyer and former criminal make her a highly trained investigator with exceptional instincts; she was able to deduce Felicity Smoak's pregnancy just by observing what she was eating.[36]
    • Expert interrogator/Torturer: As the district attorney, Laurel proved to be highly trained in interrogating suspects. She is also capable of torturing her opponents if the need arises.[29]
    • Expert driver: Laurel is capable of driving multiple vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles.[16][7]
  • Cooking: Laurel was noted by Quentin to be good at cooking.[23]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Laurel is a highly proficient hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist; while battling the Flash, she demonstrated a series of well-coordinated punches and kicks after disorientating him with a sonic scream.[10] Laurel proved a superior combatant to Dinah Drake, a highly trained martial artist in her own right, subduing her in two encounters even while the latter was armed with her signature bo-staff and Laurel was unarmed. She even matched and knocked Dinah down when the latter attacked her in a rage after Vincent Sobel's death, although not without considerably greater effort. Laurel could fight on par against John Diggle, but was ultimately overwhelmed in both of their confrontations. She also took down an entire group of F.B.I. agents, albeit completely disarmed.[26] Laurel could hold her own against Silencer, a member of the Longbow Hunters, even pushing her back before being overpowered. Over time, her combat skills had improved to the point that Laurel was able to easily defeat Dinah and even match Sara Lance long enough to knock them down and escape, although Sara was likely holding back. She also broke free from Billy Wintergreen with relative ease. Laurel's fighting style appears to include Boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, Hapkido, Aikido, Sambo, Krav Maga, Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, and Tae Kwon Do.
    • Master stick-fighter: Laurel is a greatly accomplished stick-fighter, using Dinah's bo-staff to take down both her and Quentin Lance.[16] She also effectively used a metal pipe to battle Honor, a member of the Longbow Hunters, but was unable to defeat her.[28] Later on, Laurel was able to easily defeat members of the Ninth Circle without assistance.[39]
    • Expert markswoman: As a former long-time criminal, Laurel is highly trained in the use of many types of firearms. She was able to systematically take out a group of Diaz's men in a firefight.[25] Laurel later started to regularly use guns as Black Canary.[6]
    • Master knife wielder/Knife thrower: Laurel managed to quickly incapacitate Dinah and hold her throat at knife-point in order to prevent the latter from using her powers, all while moving extremely fast.[16] Laurel can also throw knives in long-range combat with impressive accuracy; she was able to kill a guard with a single stab by throwing a knife at him, even though he was in her field of vision for only an instant.[18] Laurel is very skilled even with using knives in close combat, as she utilized two daggers in her battle with Sara.[1]
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain/Expert survivor: Laurel is a very resilient, driven, determined, and nearly fearless individual. After being knocked down by an explosion caused by the confrontation between her and Dinah's sonic screams, she was able to get back on her feet within seconds.[15] Laurel even survived taking a bullet to the stomach and despite being knocked out, was able to stand up almost instantly upon awakening and fully recover in just five months, though her suit may have helped her.[16]
  • Intimidation: Due to her incredible powers and well-known coldness, Laurel commands an intimidating presence, instilling fear into both enemies and allies.
  • Stealth/Infiltration: Laurel can quickly vanish from sight after disorienting her enemies with her sonic scream. She can just as easily catch her enemies off-guard without her powers.

Erased future abilities

  • Peak of human physical condition: In an erased future in 2040, despite being almost 50 years old, Laurel is still in top physical condition.[1]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: In an erased future in 2040, Laurel is still a capable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist.


  • Vocal cords: If someone or something grips Laurel's throat tight enough, she is unable to use her sonic scream to defend herself; as demonstrated by Adrian Chase, Oliver's trick arrow, and Ricardo Diaz.
  • Power-dampening tech: Laurel's powers can be neutralized using power-dampening tech.
  • High-frequency pulses: If hit with a pulse that matches the Earth-2 molecular frequency spectrum, Laurel, along with anyone else from Earth-2, will temporarily have their nervous systems shut down and be rendered unconscious.[10]


  • Black Canary suit: Laurel wears a protective black and yellow leather suit as her superheroine alter-ego, Black Canary, to hide her identity from her enemies when she goes out fighting.[7]
  • Expandable batons: After a while of being the Black Canary, Laurel has started to use two batons as her main weapons.
  • Martian memory restorer: A piece of technology created by Cisco Ramon to replicate J'onn J'onzz's power of memory restoration. Laurel used it on Mia Queen to restore her original counterpart's memories.
  • Guns: Laurel has used guns on a number of occasions when not counting on her powers.

Former equipment

  • Black Canary suit: Laurel wears a protective black and yellow leather suit as her superheroine alter-ego, Black Canary, to hide her identity from her enemies when she goes out fighting.[6]
  • Black Canary suit: After Laurel decided to return to Earth-2, Felicity Smoak gave her Earth-1 Laurel's old Black Canary suit. Laurel wears the protective suit as her alter-ego, Black Canary, to hide her identity from enemies when she goes out fighting crime.[1] After helping Team Arrow defeat Emiko Adachi and the Ninth Circle, Laurel got a new, updated Black Canary suit through unknown means.
  • Black Siren suit: Laurel wore a black leather suit while terrorizing her victims as Black Siren. The suit is potentially very durable due to Laurel's survival of a car crash, shockwave, and gunshot to the stomach. After joining Team Arrow and Oliver Queen's reveal to the world that he was the Green Arrow, Laurel stopped using her suit to avoid breaking the anti-vigilantism law. She briefly used it again while acting as Black Siren, but stopped wearing it for good after deciding to return to Earth-2 as Black Canary.
  • Knives: As Black Siren, Laurel has used knives in combat against Dinah Drake, multiple security guards, Quentin Lance, and Sara Lance. Knives seemed to be Laurel's weapon of choice as she was shown to wield them proficiently.
  • Ghost phone: Laurel used a ghost phone to call Oliver.[8]
  • Anti-tracking device: Cayden James provided Laurel with a device that prevented Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific from tracking her sonic scream.[17]
  • Brown wig: Laurel has worn a short dark brunette wig on multiple occasions when in public as a disguise.[4][17][19][22]
  • Interdimensional extrapolator (possibly): Laurel was somehow able to return to Earth-2, possibly through the use of an interdimensional extrapolator.
  • Tactical tonfas: Like her late Earth-1 counterpart, Laurel uses a pair of tonfas similar to the ones used by police officers when acting as Black Canary. After a while, she traded these in for expandable batons.

Erased future equipment

  • Black Canary suit: In an erased future of 2040, Laurel still wears the black leather protective suit of her Earth-1 counterpart as her alter-ego, Black Canary.
    • Blonde wig: In an erased future of 2040, Laurel started wearing a shoulder-length blonde wig alongside her Black Canary suit when fighting crime.


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  • Laurel is one of the only three meta-humans to escape the pipeline without any involvement of Team Flash. The other two are Hartley Rathaway in an erased timeline and Barry Allen, who escaped by smashing through his prison cell's glass to save Iris West.
  • Since her Earth-1 counterpart appeared to be right-handed, Laurel is most likely left-handed, given her statement that Earth-1 and Earth-2 doppelgängers are opposite in hand dominants.[10] However, since she has been seen using both hands, Laurel could be ambidextrous or trained herself to use her right hand to pass as her doppelgänger. Another possibility is that her statement was used as a ruse to counter Cisco and Caitlin's bluff.
  • Laurel is the only villain to work for three main antagonists from two different shows in the Arrowverse; Zoom, Prometheus, and Ricardo Diaz. All have used Laurel as a right-hand and a means to torment their foes, Barry and Oliver Queen, and tarnish their memory of her Earth-1 counterpart.
  • In "Reversal"​, Rene Ramirez speculated that Laurel might be bisexual, under the assumption that she seduced and killed Veronica Medina just as she did with her first target, Jackson Klimavich. While this is unconfirmed, Laurel did sadistically comment that her third victim, Jenny Johnson, was "so, so pretty" that the former couldn't let go of her until she had truly died.
  • Members of Team Arrow often referred to her as "Evil Laurel" in order to differentiate her from her late Earth-1 counterpart.
  • Unlike her late Earth-1 counterpart, Laurel isn't an alcoholic, which she self-deprecatingly considers to be the one thing she's better at than Earth-1 Laurel.[3]
  • Like her late Earth-1 counterpart, Laurel has double piercings in her right ear and triple piercings in her left ear. She also seems to have the same preference of wearing ring sets.
  • Just like her late Earth-1 doppelgänger, Laurel's favorite cake as a child was yellow with chocolate frosting, which her father would buy every year for her birthday.[2]
  • Laurel takes her coffee with two sugars and no cream.[28]
  • She likes to play the mobile phone game Candy Crush Saga.[36]
  • Laurel enjoys Pinot Noir wine,[6] which she shares with her Earth-1 counterpart.[50]
  • Laurel tended to use the word "cute" very often in a sarcastic way or as an insult.[4][15]
  • After her Earth-1 counterpart, Evelyn Sharp, and Dinah, Laurel is the fourth individual to bear the codename "Black Canary".
  • Laurel shares some similarities with Earth-2 Caitlin Snow; both women turned to a life of crime upon gaining powers due to past traumas over deaths in the family. They both worked for Zoom and were in love with the same men their Earth-1 doppelgängers were. They have similar snarky and sadistic natures, willing to attack and mock the Earth-1 versions of themselves.
    • Laurel also shares similarities with Earth-1 Caitlin Snow; the loss of the men they loved and the manifestation of their powers each played an important role in the women's descent into darkness. They both used memories of their known civilian personas to torment Team Flash and Team Arrow. However, the women's regard for the heroes managed to redeem them; Caitlin's love for her friends enabled her to overpower and eventually come to terms with Killer Frost, staying away from the darkness. Laurel gradually began to genuinely care for Team Arrow after their numerous attempts to protect her, ultimately leading her to turn on Diaz.
  • Laurel, Shay Lamden/King Shark, and Linda Park/Dr. Light have two things in common:
    • All three used to work for Zoom, though Laurel was the only one who willingly came to Earth-1 along with the rest of Zoom's army. Meanwhile, Shay and Linda were forcibly brought to Earth-1 by Zoom, who promised to take them back home if they killed the Flash.
    • All three are among the few known surviving denizens of Earth-2 after it was destroyed by an antimatter wave; Laurel escaped to Earth-1 with the aid of Earth-1's Oliver and John Diggle while Shay and Linda never returned to Earth-2.
  • Since Earth-Prime individuals didn't know about the multiverse, it is unknown how Laurel reached the new Earth in this new timeline without giving out the presence of the multiverse, since Earth-Prime also had a Laurel native to that universe.
    • It's possible that, similar to Beth Kane, Laurel is a leftover doppelgänger from when the universes merged into one. However, Laurel arrived on Earth-1 seconds after her home Earth was destroyed in the original multiverse while it's unknown when Beth came to Earth-Prime due to the latter not realizing she went through a wormhole.
      • This is similar to how patrons from Al's Bar came to Earth-Prime, as they remembered the experience and knew that they were on another Earth while Beth didn't until she eventually caught on.
      • This theory is further supported by the fact that Mia Queen didn't know who she was on Earth-Prime until regaining her memories.

Behind the scenes

  • Like the DC comics version of Black Canary, Laurel possesses the meta-human ability of a super sonic scream, which she can deploy to shatter objects and incapacitate her opponents. However, she is initially a villain instead of a hero.

    Laurel with a dark-haired wig.

    • During Season 6 while in public, Laurel often wore a short brunette wig as a disguise, which is a nod (or rather a reverse look) to Black Canary of the DC comics; prior to dying her dark hair blonde, Dinah Laurel Lance used to wear a long blonde wig while fighting as Black Canary.
      • Laurel was shown to wear the blonde wig in an erased future in 2040.
  • Laurel sports multiple tattoos, since all of them are Katie Cassidy's own[51]; she has three flying birds on her right index finger,[52] the inscription "i got you" on her left wrist, "we got each other" on her right wrist,[53] the word "warrior" on the side of her left hand,[54] the phrase "know thyself, be thyself, love thyself" around her left ankle, three black stars on the top of her right foot,[55] a circled line around her left forearm, and a shell on her right elbow.[56]
  • In the DC comics, Dinah Laurel Lance of Earth-Two is originally the second Black Canary after her mother, Dinah Drake. She moved to Earth-1 and joined the Justice League after the super-villain Aquarius killed her father and infected her mother with lethal radiation poisoning. However, since Earth-1 and Earth-2 have merged into the New Earth due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Earth-Two Dinah is now the main version of the Black Canary.
  • In the DCAU, Black Siren is the alias of Donna Nance, a founding member of the Justice Guild of America in an alternate Earth on the TV series, Justice League although the character herself was actually based on the Golden Age Black Canary.
  • Fans often referred to Laurel as "Siren" to differentiate her from Earth-1 Laurel and Dinah Drake.
  • She is the second doppelgänger of an Arrow character that has appeared on The Flash, the first one being Floyd Lawton. She was also the first and only doppelgänger on Arrow until the Crisis on Earth-X crossover.
  • With her being promoted to series regular of the sixth season of Arrow, Laurel is now the only main character who made their debut in The Flash. She is also the first Arrow main character to be a doppelgänger and a meta-human, as well as the fourth villain to be credited as a main character in Arrow.
  • In stark contrast with her late Earth-1 counterpart, Laurel not only wears fishnets on her suit, but also seems to have a personal liking for them.[16] This is a reference to the DC comics Black Canary's iconic costume.
    • Unlike her comic counterpart though, Laurel wears fishnets on her arms rather than her legs.
  • In "Collision Course", it is mentioned that Laurel used the alias "Siu Jerk Jai" (approximation of Cantonese "小雀仔") when she took the money from Cayden James's account in Corto Maltese. In the DC comics, this nickname was given to Dinah Laurel Lance by her sensei and it means "little bird".


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