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"I will fight until every last one of you finds the same fate as my brothers and sisters."
—Laurel Lance to Leo Snart[src]

Laurel Lance, also known as Siren-X, is a meta-human assassin from the New Reich, and the last remaining member of the New Reichsmen.


Serving the Reichsmen

Laurel Lance was born within the New Reich. Having great meta-human powers, she grew up to become an assassin and a valuable member of the New Reichsmen, an elite branch of Schutzstaffel. Laurel was in love with Führer Oliver, though he apparently did not feel the same way.

In November 2017, visitors from Earth-1 and Earth-38 allied with the rebels and killed the leadership of the New Reich, leaving the ruling government of Earth-X to topple. Having not participated in the invasion of Earth-1 for unknown reasons, Laurel survived, vowing to avenge the death of her love and fall of the New Reich.[1]


When Leo Snart was pursuing Laurel on Earth-X, he mentioned how the Reich had fallen, and that she might as well give up. However, Laurel managed to ambush Leo and hit him with a scream, refusing to surrender. As Laurel was about to kill him, Leo was rescued by the Flash and Vibe. She tracked them through echolocation and used her sonic scream powers on them, but the heroes managed to escape through a breach to Earth-1. However, her scream kept the portal open, allowing Laurel to travel through the breach to Earth-1.

While using echolocation to look for Leo, Laurel heard him and Team Flash plan to take Neil Borman/Fallout to Keystone City away from Clifford DeVoe. She tracked the group down, deciding to use the Fallout's explosive powers to her advantage. Laurel intercepted Team Flash's convoy, attacking them and DeVoe. DeVoe escaped to his pocket dimension while Laurel was able to secure Leo's cold gun as she captured Joe West, Caitlin Snow, and Fallout.

Laurel brought the trio to the Central City Police Department and forced Fallout to remove his helmet, exposing his powers to the outside world and starting a nuclear reaction within his body. Joe pointed out this wouldn't bring back the New Reich, but Laurel didn't care and stated that destroying the CCPD would at least make them more even. Laurel eventually began to scream at Fallout to speed up the nuclear reaction. Joe tried to stop her but she knocked him aside. The Flash and Leo then tried to sneak up on her, but Laurel's echolocation allowed her to hear them coming and she fended them off. Laurel then used her scream to push back Caitlin and Leo as they tried to suppress Fallout's nuclear radiation before continuing to scream at him. However, the Flash, with Leo's encouragement, got up and used his speed to knock Laurel against the railing, rendering her unconscious.

Laurel was then presumably taken back to Earth-X and imprisoned by the Freedom Fighters for her crimes.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Laurel's body was enhanced, enabling her to access her newfound powers.
    • Superhuman sonic scream: Laurel is able to emit a high frequency scream powerful enough to throw an adult human several meters away and even kill them. She was able to use this ability to keep a breach open long enough for her to enter it and speed up the nuclear reaction within Neil Borman/Fallout's body.[1]
      • Echolocation/Superhuman hearing:

        Siren-X using echolocation to track down the heroes.

        Laurel's sonic powers grant her powerful hearing, able to detect movements and noises from great distances while likewise able to determine where they are coming from. Alternatively, she can use her sonic powers to create an echolocation effect, better enabling her to track down targets. This ultimately grants Laurel an early-warning effect, able to better anticipate sneak attacks.[1]
    • Superhuman durability (presumed): As a side-effect of her meta-human physiology, Laurel demonstrated impressive durability, as she stood unfazed in close proximity to the radiating Neil Borman for an extended period of time while every police officer in the vicinity immediately collapsed due to intense radiation exposure (it was unconfirmed if Laurel was given Caitlin Snow's protective non-radioactive iodine solution).[1]


  • Master assassin: As noted by Leo Snart, Laurel is an extremely deadly assassin, being one of the New Reich's most valuable soldiers.
    • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Because of her work as a New Reich assassin, Laurel is proven to have moderate skills in close combat to an unknown degree, able to swiftly knock aside Joe West when he tried to attack her.[1]
  • Stealth: As an assassin, Laurel has skill in stealth and tracking. She was able to ambush Leo and would have likely killed him if not for the intervention of The Flash.[1]


  • Siren-X suit: Laurel wears a black leather suit as her alter-ego, Siren-X, which is similar in appearance to the suit worn by her Earth-2 counterpart.
  • Retractable mask: As a member of the New Reich, Laurel was in possession of an electronic mask to cover her face. It serves as protection and also has a built-in voice modulator to hide her identity.[1]

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