Colonel Lauren Haley is a United States Marine Corps officer who was appointed by then-president Phil Baker to oversee the D.E.O..

After Ben Lockwood was incarcerated for various crimes of domestic terrorism, Lauren was appointed by vice president/acting president Plastino, as the interim secretary of the United States Department of Alien Affairs.


Early life

Haley joined the Project Morae with Alphonso Tran at some point where she left such an negative impact on the Morae children with one of committing suicide stating he would never back to Haley years later. At some point she became an mother to an daughter.

Becoming Overseer of the D.E.O.

Haley was appointed by president Phil Baker as the supervisor of the director of D.E.O., Alex Danvers; after Alex disobeyed a direct order from the president.[1]

After Supergirl was fired from the D.E.O. by Baker for refusing to reveal her civilian identity, Haley focused on discovering who Supergirl was. Supergirl refused to back down when Haley claimed an investigation under the authority of the D.E.O.

Haley discovered Supergirl's human identity and attempted to trap her into servitude to the USA government however in the middle of that threat she got knocked out and was mind erased of Supergirl's human identity. After this she employed an Truth Seeker to help her with the cause although she never rediscovered the human identity of Supergirl.

Discovering Phil Baker's affiliation to Lex Luthor

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Becoming Interim secretary of the United States Department of Alien Affairs

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"I may not be the Woman of Steel, but if you push me, you will find I do not bend."
—Lauren Haley to Alex Danvers[src]

Haley is tough as nails and only cares about protocol and procedure, she is (initially) loyal to Phil Baker, the new president of the United States (unaware at the time that he did not have the country's best interest at heart) but after Baker went against the protocol of their country by ordering the construction of a satellite with a cannon attached to it, that would destroy any alien spacecraft enters the solar system, she started to ponder on whether the president's strange decisions regarding Ben Lockwood and the satellite had ulterior reasons beyond the polls.

Haley hated the D.E.O. when J'onn J'onzz (a green martian) ran the place.

Initially, Haley doesn't trust aliens and has an anti-view on aliens in general, but is willing to work with them in some cases, though she is often only using them as tools; she was involved in a cover-up when she used aliens as human weapons and turn on them.

Haley's anti-view on aliens in general, started to change when she sees the then-president Baker want to destroy alien space ships and that the Children of Liberty going too far on hunting aliens. She felt a lot of guilt, shame and remorse on hunting aliens, as it was really bad and knew Kara Danvers (under the persona of Supergirl) is innocent when her copy (Red Daughter) attacked the White House.


  • Intimidation: Haley was able to intimidate Reiff (off-screen) to the point that she revealed that Kara Danvers is Supergirl.



Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Lauren Haley is a lieutenant in the Air Force and an associate of Wonder Woman.
    • In the DC comics, Lauren Haley is Caucasian.


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