For the similarly-titled episode, see "Lawanda: The Book of Burial".
"Lawanda: The Book of Hope" is the second episode of the first season of Black Lightning, and the second episode overall. It aired on January 23, 2018.


IS HE BACK? - As the community struggles with the violence surrounding them, a glimmer of hope appears: Is Black Lightning (Cress Williams) back? Lynn Stewart (Christine Adams), noticing the changes in the community, is also left wondering. While Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) struggles with his decision, Gambi (James Remar) urges him to take up the mantle once more and return to life as Black Lightning. Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jennifer (China Anne McClain) try to deal with the aftermath of their jolting experience.[src]


Jefferson is moaning in agony in bed, with lightning coursing through his veins. He goes into the bathroom and collapses on the floor, soon waking Lynn. She runs to his side, comforting him and reminding him that he's getting too old for the streets. They then kiss which causes Lynn to pull away stating that she should go.

At school , Jefferson had an assembly for the parents of all the students at Garfield high. He ensured them that the schools focus was to strengthen the minds of their students, and to not allow them to fall under the influence of the 100. During his speech a parent, named Lawanda, stood up stating that their children had every reason to fear the 100 and she then proceeded to question why Black Lightning saved Jefferson’s girls but no one else’s children. She also informed him that the Seahorse Motel was once again open, despite the recent abductions committed by the 100. Jefferson then confirmed this by asking Henderson.

Tobias Whale met with Lala and his henchwoman telling them that they needed to increase security in all the businesses, stating he wanted to give the public something to fear, and that he didn't want the public to believe in Black Lightning so that there would be no hope for Freeland.

Jefferson speaks to Lawanda, finding out that her husband died overseas in the army. Jefferson offered his help, to which Lawanda asked him to walk into the Seahorse Hotel and get her daughter, saying that the kids used to call him "Black Jesus" because he could do whatever he wanted in Freeland, Jefferson tries to convince her that he can't do that, but she leaves saying it's okay. Jefferson then speaks to Henderson, asking him why they didn't shut down the Seahorse Hotel after his daughters had been kidnapped, Henderson then told him that Lala and Will managed to escape, and that they can't shut down the Seahorse without enough evidence.

Jennifer is sitting on the porch with Lynn talking to her boyfriend, being watched by a police squad car that Henderson organized, when a young boy comes up to her porch and pulls out a watergun with red paint in it, telling her that Lala says hi, and squirts her before running off.



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  • The episode was previously titled "The Morning After".[1]
  • It's revealed by Jennifer, in this episode while speaking to Khalil Payne, the reason no one can recognize Jefferson as Black Lightning is because it hurts to look at his face because it would look like a bright light or "out of focus", likely an ability that Jefferson has to better disguise himself through electricity and light.




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