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For the similarly-titled episode, see "Lawanda: The Book of Burial".

"Lawanda: The Book of Hope" is the second episode of the first season of Black Lightning, and the second episode overall. It aired on January 23, 2018.




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"Lawanda: The Book of Hope" begins with Jefferson groaning in misery in bed, and we can see lightning course through his veins. He goes into the restroom and falls on the floor, before long waking Lynn. She rushes to his side, encouraging him and advising him that he's becoming excessively old for the avenues. The two kiss.

The following day, Jefferson addresses concerned guardians at Garfield High School. One of the guardians — Lawanda White — stands up and suggests a conversation starter: for what reason did Black Lightning spare Jeff's little girls — however no different young ladies — from the Seahorse Motel?

Tobias is providing requests to Lala. The last is to be keeping watch for Black Lightning.

Jefferson is conversing with Detective Henderson. He's vexed that the police office permitted the Seahorse Hotel to open back up only hours after his little girls were hijacked and taken there.

Jefferson reminds Henderson that his young ladies are observers, which means they're focuses in the city, and Henderson consents to give the family police assurance.

Jennifer and Lynn are sitting out on their yard when the little youngster we recently observed with Lala comes into see. He approaches under the appearance that he's selling treats, yet when he draws near enough to Jennifer, he pulls out a toy weapon and showers Jennifer with paint.

Incensed subsequent to finding out about the episode, Jefferson approaches Lala at the Seahorse. He leaves without causing really awful of an encounter.

After the occurrence at his home, Jeff presents in Gambi on what to do. Gambi takes a stab at convincing him to accept the Black Lightning job once more, yet Jeff educates him that once Lala is dealt with, he's hanging up the suit for good.

Anissa's sleeping conversing with her better half about their future. Anissa uncovers that she broke the sink in her washroom a few evenings ago, thinking it was only a type of fit of anxiety.

Henderson's strolling his canine and chooses to make a trip and keep an eye on the Pierce family. Henderson educates Jefferson that Lawanda has chosen to post herself up outside the Seahorse, recording individuals with her camera in order to see proof of her hijacked girl.

Will is gotten by two of Lala's folks. Lala shoots Will execution style and drives off.

Jeff approaches Lawanda at the inn, notice her that The 100 will murder her once they see the news reports of her marking out the Seahorse. He persuades her to allow him 48 hours to assist her with discovering her little girl.

Jennifer's perched on her rooftop smoking a joint when Khalil pops his head out her window. He joins her on the rooftop, and in a little while, he asks her out. She consents to be his better half, and he blessings her a jewelry.

Lynn's still at the house and Jefferson strolls in. After the two trade jokes, they concur that it feels great to have Lynn at home. Jeff reveals to her that he stills cherishes her, and she discloses to him that she needs to take things moderate.

At the Seahorse, Lawanda is as yet marking out the inn in her vehicle when she sees Lala pull up. She leaves her vehicle and approaches Lala with a camera. Lala cautions her to escape before he shoots her multiple times, killing her.

Henderson's called to the wrongdoing scene at the Seahorse and quickly calls Jefferson, cautioning him that Lawanda has been executed.

Jefferson is viewing a news report and starts venting to Lynn. He continues saying that he could have spared her. Lynn cautions him that it's the dependence on his forces talking, and Jefferson advises her that when he originally found his forces, Lynn considered them a gift. He arrives at a snappy resolution that he will backpedal in the city as Black Lightning, and Lynn cautions him that they're so near putting the bits of their carries on with back together. He discloses to her it's time individuals realize Black Lightning is back.

The following day, Gambi considers Jefferson to illuminate him that he found Will's body. Luckily enough for them, they deserted Will's phone, and Gambi takes it trying to get more data.

Jennifer's hanging out, savoring liquor, the Garfield rec center with one of her companions. She sees Khalil in the weight room, and, seeing that she's drinking, a baffled Khalil goes up against her.

Lynn goes to Gambi's tailor shop and requests him to prevent Jefferson from getting ready as Black Lightning. The two contend whether Jefferson is dependent on his forces, and an irritated Lynn leaves.

Gambi calls Jefferson with an update: he's discovered Lala's location on Will's telephone.

Jefferson gets ready a major trend Black Lightning suit and combines on the location Gambi found. He takes out Lala's associates in the entryway and goes up to the fourth floor, where Lala's remaining. While thrashing Lala, the police break into the live with firearms drawn.

Jefferson can escape, and Henderson captures Lala and brings him to prison. While addressing him, Henderson uncovers that Lawanda's telephone was recording, and they have Lala killing Lawanda on tape.

Jefferson gets back, and Lynn inquires as to whether he'll keep being Black Lightning. He says that now since the young ladies are more established he's going to continue being the vigilante. An annoyed Lynn leaves.

Anissa goes to a drugstore to get medication, and keeping in mind that there, a burglar takes a stab at ransacking the clerk. She copies over in torment before her forces kick in, and she overwhelms the burglar.

At the prison, Tobias appears and is let inside by cops on his finance. He's taken directly to where Lala is being held and stifles his imprisoned representative to death.




  • The episode was previously titled "The Morning After".[1]
  • It's revealed by Jennifer, in this episode while speaking to Khalil Payne, the reason no one can recognize Jefferson as Black Lightning is because it hurts to look at his face because it would look like a bright light or "out of focus", likely an ability that Jefferson has to better disguise himself through electricity and light.
  • Grace is reading a DC Comic, titled 'The Outsiders', in the library. Black Lightning was a member of the Outsiders in the comics.


  • While in bed with her girlfriend, Anissa's hand jumps between her girlfriend's face and behind her head, depending on the camera angle.