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Lawanda White (died 2018) was a resident of Freeland and former student of Garfield High School. She was the wife of Darnell and the mother of Shaquandalyn.


At a meeting regarding the recent events of The 100, Lawanda questioned Jefferson Pierce as to why Black Lightning rescued his daughters and not the daughters of others who were abducted by the gang, including her own. Lawanda attempted to take action into her own hands, recording people at the Seahorse Motel, believing the police were doing nothing to help, but she was talked down by Jefferson and given 48 hours for him to help resolve the situation. Lawanda agreed, on the provision that she would stake out the motel to make sure her daughter wasn't moved. That night, Lala arrived, Lawanda confronting him with her camera and demanding the release of her daughter. After grabbing him, Lala promptly shot her multiple times and placed her body in her vehicle, not knowing Lawanda captured the whole incident on her cell phone.[1]


Lawanda's initial death motivated Jefferson to become Black Lightning again and helped put Lala away for her murder when her phone was discovered by Inspector Bill Henderson.[1] Her funeral was held at Freeland United Methodist Church, where Reverend Jeremiah Holt rallied together a group of people to march against The 100 and their crimes.[2]

As a side effect of Lala's resurrection program, Lala started to hallucinate Lawanda after his resurrection. Her apparition questioned whether he believed in resurrection, before transforming into smoke and turning herself into a tattoo on his skin.[3] She continued to haunt him, making him question others.[4]


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