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Lazlo Valentin, (died 2021) also known as Professor Pyg, was a known hitman and the former chef of Jada Jet on Jeturian Industries. When Jada fired him, Lazlo lost his family and began his revenge on the Jet family. Ryan Wilder and Sophie Moore tried to stop him before he was killed by Marquis Jet.


Early life

At some point, Lazlo Valentin became a hitman. He was mentioned by Arthur Brown as one of three answers in his game.[1]

Working for Jada Jet

Later in his life, Lazlo gave up being a hitman and started a family, with a wife and kids. He also became a chef for Jada Jet at Jeturian Industries. Years later, for unknown reasons Jada Jet fired Lazlo, who became very disgruntled, unable to find any new employment, which led to him being unable to provide for his family. This would soon lead to his wife divorcing him and taking his kids, pushing an already unstable Lazlo over the edge, prompting to him spending the following years plotting his revenge against Jada Jet, trying to find out as much as possible about her personal life to use against her.[2]

Revenge and Death

Years later, Lazlo managed to learn enough about Jada to fool her into hiring him as an out of town chef from Metropolis for a dinner party she was throwing for her long lost daughter Ryan Wilder, who had brought her friend Sophie Moore as her date. As the party began, Jada's son, Marquis Jet, crashes the party with a guest of his own, upset about finding out about the party after it was happening, thinking Ryan had double crossed him. As the night went on and tensions flared, Marquis' date Zoey leaves to go to the restroom, only to be attacked and killed by Lazlo.

Professor Pyg attacks the dinner gathering.

As the remaining party guests finish their wine, they all become aware that they had been drugged with powerful paralytics, as Lazlo reveals himself to everyone, and reminds Jada of who he is. After explaining how Jada ruined his life when she fired him, he reveals that he was the one who informed Marquis of the party, he then goes on to say that he planned to teach her a lesson by making her lose what she loved, her son; with him noting that finding out about her long lost daughter being a bonus. As Lazlo prepared to kill Marquis, Ryan stabs him in the leg with her knife, and everyone proceeds to try and escape. When their attempt fails, they manage to make it upstairs into a panic room, leading an angry Pyg to begin making a bomb to draw them out. When Ryan goes back down to get insulin to save Marquis, she is eventually caught by Professor Pyg, who threatens to kill her if Jada doesn't give herself up. As Jada stops Lazlo and begs him not kill her daughter, Ryan manages to inject herself with some of the insulin, allowing her to shake off some of paralytics and fight back, with Sophie immediately doing the same to herself and Marquis. As the two girls fight back against Lazlo, Marquis ultimately strikes him from behind and knocks him down, then proceeds to brutally stab Lazlo repeatedly, killing him in the process.[2]


Lazlo has shown to shown to be very angry for Jada for ruining his life and will not hesitant to kill anyone who gets in his way. Despite this, he apparently cared about his family's well-being.


  • Expert tactican: Lazlo is a skilled planner. He managed to infiltrate the home of Jada Jet, a powerful and influential businesswoman. He also managed to fool her into rehiring him for her party, then trick her son into crashing the party so he could kill the two of them. He also managed to seal the house from the inside out, cut off the phone service and all connection to the outside world, paralyze and drug all the party guest without them knowing, and showed that he was even capable of making a homemade bomb.
    • Expert assassin: Before becoming a chef, Lazlo Valentin was apparently a skilled hitman and a trained and talented killer. He was able to kill zoey by drugging hetr with a paralytic and waited for her to go to the restroom. When she tried to frsshen up, he ambushed and killed her.
    • Toxicology: Lazlo seemed to be well versed in the use of Paralyzing drugs, as he was able to heavily drug the wine for the party, with no one being able to notice until after the effects take place.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As a former hitman, Lazlo is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant; as he was able to overpower Ryan and Sophie, who were both seasoned combatants, after drugging them. Even after the drugs wore off, Lazlo was still able to hold his own against to two, shaking off their attacks and continuing his own with little effort.
    • Expert knife-wielder/thrower: Lazlo very skilled at using a knife in a fight. This seen during his fight aginst Ryan Wilder and Sophie Moore. He is also a capable knife thrower. He almost hit Sophie with his thrown meat cleaver if Ryan had not intervened.
  • Culinary expertise: Lazlo spent years as a professional chief under the employment of Jeturian Industries. Even after being fired, he was skilled enough of a chief to be rehired years later for an important dinner party at Jada Jet's home.


  • Pyg mask: As Professor Pyg, Lazlo wore a specially made pig-themed Mask.
  • Meat cleaver knife: Professor Pyg uses a meat cleaver knife as his main weapon of choice.
  • Paralytic drugs: Lazlo keeps paralytics drugs handy in order to drug the food and/or drinks of his victims.



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