The League of Assassins' prophecy stated the one who survived Ra's al Ghul's sword would succeed him and become the next Ra's al Ghul.


It is unknown if this prophecy applied to every Ra's al Ghul or if it was decreed by the first Ra's al Ghul; the prophecy stated the one who survived would become his successor. Following the previous Ra's al Ghul in 2014, his successor was believed to be Oliver Queen who survived being stabbed by Demon's Head's sword and pushed off a cliff. However, Oliver ultimately relinquished the title, after killing Ra's in their second death battle, to Malcolm Merlyn who technically fulfilled the prophecy himself as he survived being tortured by Ra's' sword during his time as a captive.


  • The prophecy also applies to Thea Queen who got stabbed through the chest by Ra's al Ghul but survived. 
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