"How come she gets whatever she wants?"

Leanne (died November 2014) was a customer of Great Wall Supermarket in Atlanta, who become the second person in the United States to be possessed by the demon Mnemoth.


Leanne possessed by Mnemoth

Leanne possessed by Mnemoth.

Entering a bathroom at Great Wall Supermarket, Leanne tried to wash her hands only to be startled by rusty water and dozens of Khapra beetles escaping the drain, the latter being a body of demon Mnemoth who had possessed her. Under the influence of Mnemoth, Leanne started to eat everything that was in her sight which caught the attention of customers and, eventually, a security guard. The latter tried to stop her only to be assaulted and bitten.[1]

At some point later Leanne died of starvation with Mnemoth escaping her body and entering another victim.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Mnemoth possession: Being possessed by a demon granted some powers to Leanne.[1]
    • Increased strength: Under the influence of Mnemoth, Leanne was seen handling herself against a larger and stronger security guard.[1]



Behind the scenes

Leanne's corpse

Leanne's corpse.

  • A close-up of Leanne's corpse being zipped into a body bag is very similar to one of character Kyle Reese in movie The Terminator, in which actress Marian Green who portrayed Leanne also portrayed one of the Terminator's victims.
  • Leanne's name was only seen in the end credits of the episode.


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