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"You know, I've been thinking a lot about mom and dad lately, wondering what they would think about the lives we've chosen. All the mistakes they made, all the lies they told in their own very, very messed up way. They thought they were protecting us."
"They weren't. They didn't."
"No, but it did help us become the people we are today. They turned us into heroes.
Thea Queen with Oliver Queen on their family legacy.

"Leap of Faith" is the third episode of the eighth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-sixty-third episode overall. It aired on October 29, 2019.



As the gathering enters Ras al Ghul's mystery room, they're trapped by Athena and her associates and discover she's attempting to restart the League of Assassins. Discovering the old parchment is only a "scrounger chase" map, Oliver, Thea, and Talia dispatch a chase for MacGuffins while barely getting away from Athena's assault. Abandoning Thea, Oliver and Talia pursue the second MacGuffin before unexpectedly, Oliver is swindled. Talia cuts him in the neck with the sedative after the two find the MacGuffin, a guide that prompts another thing in the scrounger chase for old Crisis-finishing things.

Thea finds Oliver and the two are before long found by Athena and her group, who have just caught Talia. Oliver and Thea are constrained by Athena to recover the third MacGuffin — an old Arabic book — that has uncovering data about the Monitor. The two can curb the remainder of the gathering and read the content, which uncovers to Oliver the Monitor will wind up making the emergency in an endeavor keep offset with the universe.

Diggle and Lyla collaborate to follow a trouble maker on ARGUS' radar by the name of Abdul Nardoc. As Diggle and Lyla go covert at an occasion Nardoc is joining in, Diggle separates and uncovers his emotions on observing Earth-2 disintegrate before his very eyes. The Diggles are following Nardoc in light of the fact that he has a mother and child in guardianship. They break the hostages out and slaughter Nardoc all the while.

In the future, it's uncovered William wasn't seized by the Deathstroke Gang all things considered and figured out how to circumvent utilizing a trapdoor Felicity introduced in the Team Arrow dugout. Later on, William can reveal the area where the Deathstrokes are defining their next arrangement. Mia, Zoe, and Connor crash the scene however with shocking outcomes — Zoe is wounded and executed by JJ all the while. Connor pursues JJ and is thrashing him into a bloody mess when a splendid light encompasses them.

The scene closes during the current course of events where the light stores Mia, Connor, and William in the base of Team Arrow, directly before Oliver, Dinah, Diggle, and Rene.


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  • Though she does not appear despite being credited, Katie Cassidy made her directional debut in this episode.
  • While not having as many as the previous two episodes ("Starling City" and "Welcome to Hong Kong"), this episode has some callbacks and references to previous seasons.
    • When John and Lyla talk about their last dance, they reference to the events of "Suicide Squad".
      • Gholem Qadir's son Farzad Qadir appears in this episode and his main motivation of to get revenge for his father's murder.
    • The tomb of Al-Fatih is located atop the same mountain that Oliver dueled Ra's in "The Climb". Thea also referred to this event when Thea mentions that Oliver has cheated death a few times.
    • The League of Assassins return in a major role in the episode. They also had a major role in Season 3.
    • The Thanatos Guild return as the main antagonists of the episode after "The Thanatos Guild".
    • Oliver's and Thea's talk by the bonfire is shot very similarly to the one they had on Lian Yu in "The Return".
      • It is also a reference to "This Is Your Sword", where Oliver and Malcolm talked by a bonfire near Nanda Parbat.
    • Oliver mentions to Talia that his students used to ask questions first, as seen in "Checkmate".
    • Oliver also mentions the debt Talia owes him and the death of Jarrett Parker, both of which happened in "The Demon".
    • When discussing Mia with Oliver, Thea references that she once used the name as an alias while in Corto Maltese. This occurred in the episode "Corto Maltese".
    • The brotherly rivalry between Connor and JJ in this episode is similar to the rivalry between John and Andy Diggle, which was a major storyline in Season 4.
  • When they enter Al-Fatih's crypt, Thea jokingly references the Indiana Jones franchise.
  • After Talia gives the marble with the map on it to Athena, Oliver questions her about it, Talia replies she memorized it and adds to him, "Didn't you", a reference to the 2018 DC film Aquaman.
  • This is the only episode of Season 8 where Oliver appears, but his suit doesn't in any way.
  • This episode shows the final meeting between Oliver and Thea before Oilver's death in "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four".
  • This is the second non-penultimate episode that's named after a Bruce Springsteen song. The first was "The Promise". In addition, "Leap of Faith" would've been one of two Season 8 episodes to be named after a Springsteen song had "Green Arrow & The Canaries" kept its original title "Livin' In the Future".