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"The League conducts matter of significance such as duels on grounds sacred to its beliefs. I went there. And found this. It's Ra's' custom to leave behind the instrument of death as a memorial to honor the fallen."
"Merlyn, did you see... Oliver's body?
Malcolm Merlyn and John Diggle

"Left Behind" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the third season of Arrow, and the fifty-sixth episode overall. It aired on January 21, 2015.



With Oliver missing in action, Dig has taken to going around town as the Arrow with Arsenal. After not being completely successful, they discuss in the foundry how to find Oliver.

In flashback, Amanda gets upset with Yamashiro due to them following the trail of Omega. Waller refuses to help them find Tatsu as she is focused on Alpha, another part of the harmful Omega drug.

Felicity heads back to Palmer Technologies and finds Ray is testing an unsuccessful gauntlet with clown targets. Felicity uses her scared for Oliver to try talking him out of it.

Laurel, Quentin and the criminal from the night before head to court. The judge listens to Laurel but the criminal's lawyer wants the Arrow.

Dig mentions to Roy that Lyla exhausted her resources. Felicity then brings up information about the man who got away, including who he works for. Roy heads out to get information while Felicity and Dig stay behind. She is upset and doesn't want to believe Oliver is dead.

In the mountains, Oliver is laying in the snow, with dried blood on him. Someone approaches his body.

In Star City, Anton is getting beat up by Brick for him not lying low. Laurel learns that the guy that the lawyer is working for is Brick.

Thea is fighting with Malcolm and she shares her worry with him.

In flashback, they are planning to break in for the Alpha instead of looking for Tatsu. Oliver has issues breaking into the building.

Arsenal and Dig are going to the warehouse where Brick had been. They find burnt burner phones, a scorched piece of paper and a dead body. Felicity, Dig, and Roy head to the Foundry and find the door open. They find Malcolm inside the area. He asks after Oliver and causes Felicity to freak out.

Laurel shows up and asks after Oliver. They fill Laurel in on what Malcolm had told them. Laurel doesn't believe it, and tells Felicity.

In a wintery area, Malcolm finds the sword and the cliff where Oliver fell.

In the past, Oliver continues trying to break into the building and is finally successful. Once inside, he makes his way through the empty building to let others inside. He comes across a room but doesn't realize that the Triad are all inside.

Felicity finds out what the number mean when Malcolm shows up. He brings back the bloody sword. Dig asks if he saw Oliver's body but he hadn't. Malcolm tells them that he knows they'll test the blood and will believe that Oliver is dead. Felicity blames Malcolm and he acts remorseful but Dig doesn't believe that he cares. Malcolm is still worried about his death by Ra's.

In the cold weather, Oliver is being dragged away by a masked man.

Inside the foundry, everyone is quiet as they wait for the blood analysis. It is a match and then an upset Felicity leaves.

In the flashback, Oliver is sent to get the Alpha out and away. However Oliver didn't take a shot when he had the chance.

Roy is inside a closed Verdant drinking due to his upset about Oliver. Thea approaches and Roy and Thea talk about her worry for Oliver. Thea then asks Roy if the Arrow could look for Oliver. Roy agrees to help, and he approaches Dig in the foundry. Roy wonders if they should tell Thea instead of hiding everything. Dig is upset and goes off on Roy. Dig then found out the patterns of the numbers.

Felicity is upset at work and ignores a call from Dig. Ray then enters and Felicity shows her upset about Oliver by telling him his plan won't work. He soon realizes that she is upset and tells her that she doesn't get to tell him what Anna would have wanted. She apologizes and leaves work. Dig tries her again and tells Felicity about how its all the case files of the guys that had been taken down since Slade.

The men break into the warehouse. Roy and Dig show up to stop them. Outside Lance and the others show up. Dig gets knocked down when he runs out of bullets. Brick gives Dig his gun but there is no bullets inside of it. They begin to fight.

Roy and Dig are pinned down until they aren't. However outside it is still a gunfight. The truck shows up and steals the files.

Returning to the foundry, Felicity is upset and let the bad guy go instead of them dying. Dig is upset with Felicity for doing so but Felicity is too upset about Oliver. Felicity then says that she is done without Oliver being around. She then turns off the power as she leaves.

In the mountain cabin, a man knocks on the door. It is later revealed that it is Maseo, with an injured Oliver. It is unknown if he is alive.

Felicity goes to Ray to apologize for what she said. She fills him in on the vague details of losing both Sara and Oliver. She tells him that she is over losing friends and tells him that she can't stop him from committing suicide. She returns the chip.

Laurel tells Dig that the judge let all of the guys go due to the evidence being stolen. Dig is sad about Oliver and how he couldn't protect him. Laurel then has an idea which grows when she is left alone in the foundry with the sonic cry. Thea enters her loft and hears a noise. She throws a knife and learns that her father is there. He tells her that they are in danger and need to leave.

Brick meets with the men he got free. He tells them that they are a part of his crew and that they will take over the Glades. Two men walk around together when they hear a noise. Its Laurel as the Canary.

In the past, Waller is happy that Oliver got the drug but upset that he let the man get away. Maseo asks Oliver why he didn't kill. Oliver tells him that it was in the hope of getting Tatsu back. He says that he will be forever in his debt.

Up in the cabin, Tatsu is alive and helps Oliver. He wakes up and learns that Maseo did it so he could come back to life.


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Preparation began October 10 and wrapped up on October 21. Filming began October 22 and ran until October 31.[1]



  • In a flashback, Amanda Waller says the Alpha is in the hands of the Hong Kong military. Hong Kong does not have its own military. Instead, there is a division of the People's Liberation Army stationed there.
  • The sword wound inflicted on Oliver by Ra's al-Ghul changes its position; in "The Climb", it was on the right side of his chest, whereas it appears near his stomach in this episode.
  • Brick blackmails a number of thugs into working for him by keeping evidence of their crimes and threatening to send it to the DA if they don't. However, the evidence is worthless at this point—the courts would consider it tainted.
    • It's possible the thugs weren't aware of this fact, which Brick exploited.
  • When Brick kills Jose Anton, he remarks that Jose “actually tagged” him. There’s no logical way Jose could’ve hurt Brick, as no gunshot was heard or seen.
  • In addition to the previous point, in the shot after Brick first hits Anton, the gun disappears completely.