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For the Arrow episode, see "Left Behind".
"What happened to Sara?"
"It's called time drift. The same thing you and Mr. Palmer experienced, albeit on a much lesser scale. If one stays for too long in a foreign time, they begin forgetting their past and who they really are."
Kendra Saunders and Rip Hunter on how Sara Lance has forgotten her past.

"Left Behind" is the ninth episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the ninth episode overall. It aired on March 31, 2016.




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The scene opens with a rehash of last scene's closure. Chronos breaks the Waverider and assumes control over the ship, sending it into the timestream and leaving Kendra, Sara and Ray behind. Rip orders Martin and Jax to go to the jumpship, while Rip and Snart endeavor to re-take the scaffold from Chronos. Rather than forsaking ship, Jax and Stein converge into Firestorm to support their partners, however it's past the point of no return: Chronos abducted Snart, took the Waverider's jumpship and sabotaged the Waverider.

Back in the 1950s, the abandoned partners understand that Rip isn't returning. While Ray needs to trust that the Waverider will return, Sara says that remaining in Paradise Falls is excessively perilous, since Vandal Savage still lives there. After ten days, we see that Ray, Sara and Kendra have moved to Hub City. Ray has used parts from his A.T.O.M. suit to make a time beacon so Rip can find them, however Sara proposes they hunker down and get some furniture for their new loft. Ten weeks cruise by, and the team hasn't come back for them. Ray, refusing to give up, tinkers with the time signal, yet Sara instructs him to give up. She rapidly gathers her things and deserts Ray and Kendra, saying that she needs to discover some place that she belongs.

Two more years pass, and Ray is currently teaching at a nearby college. He has additionally developed a deeper connection with Kendra. To commend their multi-year commemoration, Ray gives her his most recent variant of the time signal and offers to demolish it. As Ray gets ready to give Kendra a wedding band, the time reference point goes off, alarming them that the Waverider has showed up. Sufficiently sure, the Waverider drops out of the timestream and terrains before Kendra and Ray. Rip apologizes for being late, to Kendra's wonder and Ray's progressively unobtrusive frustration.

In the wake of bouncing on board the Waverider, Ray communicates his failure that Rip stood by so long to get them. He says that he and Kendra had a real existence in 1960, with companions and an occupation, yet Kendra advises him that they've been hanging tight for Rip for more than two years. Rip gets some information about Sara, yet neither Ray or Kendra have gotten notification from her in years. Kendra additionally questions why Chronos kidnapped Snart rather than Rip. Ray likewise requests to return to their loft to get the ATOM suit and a couple of wistful has a place that he and Kendra had. He gets irritated when Kendra doesn't act attached to their 1960 life and storms off.

On the jumpship, Chronos educates Snart that his companions were seen in 1960 and have endure, and Snart asks what they were doing in 1960 rather than 1958. Snart inquires as to why Chronos took him rather than Rip, to which Chronos pulls off his veil and uncovers himself to be Mick Rory. A flashback uncovers that Snart couldn't force himself to kill Rory. Rory uncovered that the Time Masters safeguarded him and took him to the Vanishing Point, where they prepared him to turn into an abundance tracker. He additionally says that he's despite everything holding an individual resentment against Snart for relinquishing him, despite the fact that Snart said he generally intended to return for him.

In the meantime, Sara has re-joined the League of Assassins, which is as yet governed by Ra's al Ghul. Ra's commendations Sara on controlling her bloodlust and advises his young daughter Talia to watch out for her.

Back on the Waverider, Kendra discloses to Ray that she's happy to at last act naturally once more, however Ray was glad structure another existence with Kendra. While they don't arrive at a comprehension, their discussion causes them understand that Sara likely came back to the League of Assassins. Rip checks the League of Assassins' "Shadow Record," and discovers that she did in truth join the League.

Rather than killing Snart, Rory says that they will return to the current day so he can kill Snart's sister again and again before him. In any case, Chronos' ship alarms them that they've discovered the Waverider, so Rory changes plans and says he needs to get his retribution on his ex-partners first.

The remainder of Rip's group heads to the League's base camp. Rip breaks into Sara's quarters to take her back to the Waverider, yet Sara turns on him and alarms the League that there's different interlopers in the structure. Professional killers rapidly get the drop on Ray and the others, and Sara has the entire group bolted up and incapacitated. Rip clarifies that Sara is experiencing "time float", in particular that she's spent too much time in a remote course of events and has forgotten about her genuine character. Kendra understands that she and Ray were likewise both experiencing time float, which is the reason Ray was so content living before and she had lost her forces.

Snart attempts to talk sense to Rory, however he's determined to seeking retribution on the group for forsaking him. After Rory leaves the ship, Snart figures out how to snatch his firearm and freezes off one of his mind to free himself.

In the interim, Rip chooses to summon the League's trial by battle in endeavor to free himself, Sara and the remainder of the group. Ra's acknowledges, yet picks Sara as his champion. Rip, consequently, proposes Kendra as his champion, which she acknowledges over Ray's complaints.

Sara and Kendra start to duel, however Sara gets the high ground significantly after Kendra utilizes her forces. Seeing her companion once more, Sara acknowledges who she truly is...just in time for Chronos to shoot his way into Nanda Parbat. Ra's frees the group so they can assist him with battling Chronos. The full group brings down Chronos, yet Snart shows up in the nick of time to keep them from killing him. After Chronos pulls off his helmet, Sara thumps Rory out with a quick kick to the head.

Ra's is shockingly content with Sara and her companions being from the future and discharges Sara from the League. Before she leaves, Sara advises Ra's to send his little girl (Nyssa, not Talia) to Lian Yu in 1998.

Rip secures Rory up in the brig, yet says that they get the opportunity to rehabilitate Rory and take him back to the group. Rip additionally utilizes the Waverider's technology to regrow Snart's hand.

Kendra and Ray at long last purpose their relationship issues, when Kendra says that she's as yet enamored with Ray, despite the fact that she would not like to be in 1960. Ray, despite everything, doesn't give her the wedding band.

With the group back together once more, Rip tells them that they're setting off to the Kasnia Conglomerate in the year 2147, since he always knew that Vandal Savage was in that timeframe, however he thought the danger of going was too risky until recently.




  • This episode shares the same name of Arrow's "Left Behind". This name can be explained by the presence of Arrow Season 3's main antagonist, Ra's al Ghul, or by the fact that Sara Lance, Kendra Saunders, and Ray Palmer were left behind by the Waverider.
  • One of Ray's students is William Gates Sr., the father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.
  • Sara's time in the League appears to be a bootstrap paradox.
  • When discussing about being stranded in Harmony Falls for two years, Ray mentions how he and Kendra watched on TV The Ed Sullivan Show, a variety show which was broadcast from 1948-71.
  • According to Rip, staying in a foreign time for too long causes a time-traveler's memory to start warping. This would be further explained in "The Magnificent Eight".
  • The med bay of the Waverider can recreate missing limbs; Snart froze and smashed his hand to get free of some handcuffs, and Gideon later recreates his hand for him.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Ra's al Ghul's daughter, Talia, who would go on to have a major role in Season 5 of Arrow. Talia al Ghul is famously known in the comics as the youngest daughter of Ra's al Ghul, as well as the lover of Batman and mother of their son, Damian Wayne
  • The Shadow Record mentions a member of the League called Fadir Nasser, who in the comics is known as the White Ghost.
    • In the comics, the White Ghost's real name is Dusan al Ghul, the only son of Ra's al Ghul.
  • The Shadow Record also mentions four other villains from the comics:
    • Malaq, a member of the League who had a single appearance in Detective Comics Vol. 1, issue #750 from November 2000.
    • Tigris, a female member of the League who is a minor villainess and ally to Batgirl (Cassandra Cain).
    • Tzin-Tzin, a criminal mastermind who is hired by League and an enemy of Batman.
    • Onyx Adams, a former member of the League and ally of Batman and Green Arrow who is a vigilante in Gotham City and a member of the superhero group Outsiders, and later the leader of Fist Clan.


  • When Ray questioned why Rip didn't attempt to go back to when the Waverider was hijacked, so to spare him, Sara, and Kendra two years in the past, Rip only offers a cop-out excuse.
  • Sara and Kendra are seen playing the modern Game of Life in 1958. While the original Game of Life was released in 1860, the board they are using was not introduced until 1960 and is noted as the 100th anniversary edition.
  • One of Ray's physics students in 1960 is revealed to be the father of Bill Gates, William Gates Sr. In real life however, Bill Gates Sr. graduated from the University of Washington in 1950 and was a law student, not a physicist. For him to be at any university at this time as a student would be anachronistic.
  • When the Waverider lands in 1960, it lands in an empty space with leaves on the ground. When it takes off, there are several ducks in the area, but a following shot shows the leaves scattering with no ducks anywhere to be seen.
  • Rip challenging Ra's to a trial by combat creates a continuity error; in the Arrow Season 3 episode "The Climb", which takes place in 2014, Ra's mentioned the last time someone challenged him to a trial by combat was 67 years prior, meaning that he was challenged in 1947. However, in this episode, it was shown that Ra's was challenged in 1960.
    • It is possible that Ra's doesn't count 1960 because he wasn't the one who fought Rip's champion.
  • Sara tells Ra's to send his future daughter, Nyssa, on Lian Yu in October 2008. However, since the Arrow Season 2 flashbacks take place in 2008-2009, Nyssa would have found Sara in 2009, not 2008.
    • Whether a happy accident or a conscious decision by the writers, Sara's statement is actually correct. The Season 2 flashbacks begin in September 2008, but if you keep track of the timeline from the beginning to the end of the season 2 flashbacks, you will see that they take place in only 10 days, meaning Sara would have been stranded on Lian Yu in October 2008.


Preparation ran from December 7 until December 15, 2015. The first part of shooting ran from December 16 until December 19, 2015. The second part of shooting ran from January 3 until January 12, 2016.[1]