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"There's a Russian proverb. I've been thinking about it a lot recently. Акула, которая не плавает, тонет. 'The shark that does not swim, drowns.'"
"You don't move forward, you die.
Oliver Queen and Quentin Lance

"Legacy" is the first episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the ninety-third episode overall. It aired on October 5, 2016.



The scene opens at a ball, where Mayor Oliver Queen is late and the police division is upset about it. Thea is playing obstruction with a perturbed police commander while Oliver battles trouble makers in ensemble in Chinatown.

Over the span of his battle, Oliver sees an enormous gadget that has various little bombs tied to it. Lonnie Machin is the perpetrator, and keeping in mind that Oliver takes him out, a man in a hockey cover attempts to incapacitate the bomb. Felicity is as of now doing it remotely, however, and Oliver throws the man to the side, berating him to remain the roads. Oliver shoots him in the knee.

At the police office affair, Oliver appears ultimately and annoys the police by telling columnists that they're investigating claims of police defilement. Thea reveals to Oliver he needs to start thinking responsibly.

In the flashbacks, Oliver is in an underground battle club in Russia. An immense man begins to show signs of improvement of him, until Oliver stifles him out, breaks his neck and executes him. Afterward, a coordinator attributes give him cash, yet Oliver says he needs intel on Kovar. Someone from the Bratva comes up and takes him out with a dairy cattle push.

Back in the present, Felicity has been gathering intel on different vigilantes around and needs Oliver to frame another Team Arrow. He's safe.

A gathering of degenerate cops break into a medication lair and phony a shootout between rival posses so they can take the firearms and medications — yet another gathering of men comes in with heavier big guns. The pioneer of the gathering beats the lead cop into obviousness and pronounces himself as the new chief.

Tobias Church, the man who killed the messy cop, is a criminal who has invested energy in Hub City and Bludhaven. With the dead cop down and out and his kin now leaderless, a CSI recommends searching out Lance, who is back around.

Oliver goes to visit Lance, who is gravely hungover. Donna left him and he advanced back and crept into a jug. He challenges Oliver on being a non-attendant city hall leader, and Oliver proposes that Lance should come work with Team Arrow when Diggle and Thea return. Arrow rejects him and chooses for drink more, yet Oliver welcomes him to go to a function respecting Laurel.

In the flashbacks, Oliver is awakening attached to a seat, being addressed about slaughtering the speaker's best contender. He has the book that Oliver's dad gave him, and is perusing off names. Oliver demands the man supplant the book, however the man needs to realize what it implies. Oliver reveals to him that "it was my father's. I'm holding on to utilize it," and the man discloses to him that will never occur, and puts a weapon to Oliver's head.

At the sanctuary, Oliver has jettisoned his security detail. Felicity again discloses to Oliver that Team Arrow isn't returning and that he needs more assistance to take on Church and his group. Oliver isn't keen in another group, yet advises Felicity to find Church.

Oliver leaves, Curtis comes in, and Felicity persuades him to go look at a location she has for Wild Dog, what they're calling the man in the hockey cover.

Driving around in the rear of a truck, Church advises his team that to truly be responsible for the city, they have to "bring down the greatest person," and that is Green Arrow. They will get "lure."

On the docks, Oliver discloses a sculpture for Black Canary — yet as the press plummets on him, the function is hindered by a gathering of Church's men, who shoot up certain cops and seize Oliver.

At the den, Felicity needs Thea to get ready, yet Thea needs her to investigate different wellsprings of intel to follow a taken SWAT truck, which was utilized to capture Oliver and others. Oliver reveals to Church that he's burning through his time — that Green Arrow isn't coming. He discloses to Church that in the event that he releases different prisoners, he'll ensure Green Arrow appears, however Church rejects him. After Oliver affronts Church, Church puts a sack over Oliver's head and punches him, at that point lets one know of his men (a messy cop) to bring Oliver somewhere and show him a few habits.

In the flashbacks, Anatoly Knyazev appears without a moment to spare to forestall the Bratva man from slaughtering Oliver, and requests the man to leave. He almost takes Oliver's book with him until Ollie reminds him to drop it. Anatoly disengages Oliver's thumbs to get him out of the bonds, something he says Oliver can instruct himself to do. The two are glad to see each other, however Oliver discloses to Anatoly that he's here to slaughter Constantin Kovar. Anatoly discloses to him that if that is the situation, he did Oliver no favors by sparing his life.

At the nest, Lance comes and discloses to Thea that he has an area on Church — he's utilizing the city traffic cameras to give Green Arrow an approach to discover him. He advises Thea to get out there and battle, and she says she can't. She at long last feels ordinary and she's frightened of losing "genuine" life like Laurel did. Lance discloses to her that he comprehends the need to hit stop on life, yet that he can't — they have to continue ahead with it.

In the private cabin of the force plant where Church and the prisoners (uncovered to be individuals from the city committee) are, the filthy cop fires thrashing on Oliver, who tells the man that "on the off chance that you hit me once more, I'll execute you." The cop reveals to him he's preposterous, however Oliver has disengaged his thumbs and broken liberated from the seat. He murders the man, revealing to him no one can know his mystery, and afterward he and Speedy (who has recently shown up) make their departure, with Oliver clarifying they can't spare the prisoners without setting off some safeguards that would slaughter all the prisoners.

At the sanctuary, Oliver and Thea contend about whether deadly power is legitimized in their profession. Oliver says he's finished keeping down in such a case that he had slaughtered Darhk right off the bat, he would have spared Laurel. He discloses to Thea that Malcolm Merlyn was correct: either Oliver must be happy to do whatever is fundamental, or he shouldn't be out there. Thea says that is the reason she can't do it until the end of time.

Felicity by and by attempts to sell Oliver on the possibility of another Team Arrow. She reveals to him that they're as of now out there in the city with or without his approval, however he's hesitant to prepare them. Felicity instructs him to recollect the guarantee he made to Laurel on her demise bed, however Oliver despite everything isn't hearing what she needs to state.

Back in Russia, Anatoly cautions Oliver that Kovar has a military behind him, however reveals to him that if Oliver needs to hear him out, he can get him near the man. He reveals to Oliver that "The shark that doesn't swim, suffocates," and that Oliver needs to overlook the guarantee he made previously and proceed onward. Oliver inquires as to whether he's going to help or not, and Knyazev says yes.

Curtis, strolling around a terrible piece of town, calls Felicity about Wild Dog before being hopped and robbed.

At the Black Canary sculpture on the waterfront, Oliver calls Diggle and gets phone message. Arrow joins Oliver, who recounts the precept about the shark back to Lance. The pair consent to push ahead together. Arrow gives him a dossier of a little bunch of officials to support Oliver — assayer and as Green Arrow — push ahead. Oliver concurs in a flash, saying it's what Laurel would have needed, and afterward streaks back to Laurel's withering solicitation that she not be the last Black Canary. She says that way, a piece of her will consistently be out there with Oliver.

At the force plant where Church has the prisoners, Lance sends a few cops to penetrate the structure while Oliver and Felicity exchange about whether they're a "group." Church, playing "Duck Goose" with the councilmen, is going to assault one with a homerun stick when Green Arrow and the cops attack. While the cops center around the prisoners, Oliver takes on Church. One of the cops sees that the structure is at risk for detonating, yet Oliver isn't eager to leave without arresting Church. The police get the board to security and Oliver clears his path through the detonating power plant, shooting a catching bolt onto Church's getting away from helicopter. The two battle within it, yet Church escapes while Oliver utilizes another stunt bolt to parachute away.

The following morning, Oliver presents the Anti-Crime Initiative that the police metal have been pushing, framing a "Hostile to Crime Unit" of Lance's prescribed officials who will answer straightforwardly to the Mayor's office.

Tobias Church, in the interim, has united the tops of the neighborhood packs, including the Bertinelli family. Church has Bertinelli killed by one of his own men when he challenges Church's position.

At the sanctuary, Felicity by and by pushes Oliver on the new group, and he yields, welcoming the documents on Wild Dog up onscreen. Curtis, wounded and bloodied, appears at request he join Team Arrow, as well.

In Russia, Anatoly discloses to Oliver that the main expectation he needs to murder Kovar is joining the Bratva. He says the inception may murder him if he's not cautious, and places him in the focal point of a room loaded with goons, disclosing to him that on the off chance that he endures he can start the way toward turning out to be Bratva. The men hop Oliver.

Afterward, Oliver and Diggle are talking through Skype. Oliver asks Diggle whether he figures they should assemble another group, and Diggle says yes. Oliver is somewhat disillusioned Diggle isn't sticking to the past as was he, and Diggle solicits what the status is from Oliver's relationship with Felicity.

Felicity, in the interim, heads home and sits on the lounge chair, getting a back rub from a man who is distinctly not Oliver.

Outside of the police division, one of the cops from the counter wrongdoing unit is going home when he's assaulted by a man in a dark hood, utilizing a bow and various edges. The man executes him.


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Preparation ran from June 23 until July 4, 2016. Shooting ran from July 5 until July 15, 2016.[1]


  • This is the first episode of Arrow to feature Echo Kellum (Curtis Holt) as a series regular.
  • When Oliver and Thea discuss the former's mayoral duties, Oliver mentions that he learned everything he knows about politics from The West Wing. This is a reference to the political drama TV series, The West Wing, which was broadcast from 1999-2006.
  • Oliver reminds Thea she once told him "the dead don't want anything". Thea said this in "Honor Thy Father"​.
  • Oliver breaking the neck of the corrupt cop after freeing himself from the chair mirrors the way he killed his kidnapper in "Pilot", along with the line, "I'm sorry, but nobody can know my secret".
  • The Green Arrow sketch was made by Neal Adams.[2]
  • Felicity slightly misquotes the definition of team on, stating that a team is "a group of persons associated with a joint action". The original definition states that a team is "a number of persons associated in some joint action" and can be viewed here:
  • Anatoly Knyazev returns in this episode, having not been seen since the Season 2 finale, "Unthinkable".
  • This is the first Arrow​ season premiere to not start with Oliver running though a forest. Season 1 and season 2 was on (Lian Yu), season 3 was a line of trees/bushes alongside a train route, and season 4 was a park near Oliver and Felicity's home. This season, it cut straight to Thea at one of Oliver's events as Mayor.
  • The cowled, goggled individual who's pictured on Felicity's computer as she's talking to Oliver about crime fighters he could recruit is a DC Comics character known simply as Vigilante, who would become a recurring character this season.


  • 1000 Parker Street Studios sign in Legacy

    1000 Parker Street Studios sign in the background of a scene supposedly taking place in Krasnoyarsk.

    When Oliver is being attacked by several Solntsevskaya Bratva members as a first step of the initiation, a sign of Vancouver landmark Parker Street Studios is seen in the background, which is a dead giveaway that Krasnoyarsk scenes were actually filmed in Vancouver.
  • Oliver reads an article about him from The Star City Star by David Maclean. However, this is impossible since Maclean was confirmed to be one of the casualties of The Undertaking.[3]
  • The flashback of Laurel's final words from "Eleven-Fifty-Nine" is different from what actually happened; Laurel's line, "Because tonight was just a reminder that anything can happen. Which is why I need you to promise me something.", was changed to "After tonight, I realized anything can happen. Which is why I need you to make me a promise."
  • Laurel's hospital bed has none of the side rails up. The upper side rails are always up unless staff is present at the bedside to prevent patients from falling out of the bed.
  • Malone refers to Tobias Church's practice of putting coins on the eyes of his victims as his MO. MO (modus operandi) refers to the practical aspects of the crime - how the criminal carries the deed out. The coins are what would be called Church's signature.
  • The map behind John shows the countries Croatia and Serbia. However, one can clearly see that the city of Belgrade is in Croatia and the city of Split is in Serbia. In reality, the reverse is true; Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, while Split is a city in Croatia, so the map behind John is incorrect.