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"Is this 2016? Is this May, 2016?"
"You're exactly were you said you'd be. Do not get on that ship. If you do, you're all dead."
"Says who?"
"Says you, Mr. Rory. You sent me."
"I'm sorry, who exactly are you?"
"My name is Rex Tyler. I'm a member of the Justice Society of America.
Rex Tyler, Jefferson Jackson, Mick Rory, and Rip Hunter

"Legendary" is the sixteenth and final episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the sixteenth episode overall. It aired on May 19, 2016.




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The scene opens with the Waverider arriving in Star City in 2016. Rip clarifies that he's dropping the group off in the current day, as they have no leads on Vandal Savage and no real way to kill him as he has Kendra and Carter. Rip says that he'll return to the Time Master's halfway house to recover his more youthful selves, however that because of wrinkles in the timestream he needed to drop them off in May 2016 rather than January 2016. At the point when the group attempts to dissent, Rip uncovers that he's not giving them a decision, as he's really anticipating a multi dimensional image is still on board the Waverider. He takes off, leaving the group caught in the present.

Sarah comes back to the Arrow Cave and discovers her dad there. She discovers that while she was gone, Laurel was killed by Damien Darhk.

In Central City, Rory burglarizes a manage an account with another accomplice. At the point when Rory's accomplice slaughters a gatekeeper pursuing them, Rory turns on his accomplice and sets him ablaze. At the point when he gets in his escape vehicle, he sees Ray sitting in the driver's seat, needing to talk. Subsequent to escaping, Ray apologizes to Rory for Snart's passing, yet Rory says that Snart was liable for his own demise. Beam says that they ought to become accomplices rather, as Snart realized that Ray would watch out for Rory and the other way around.

Stein appreciates a round of Trivial Pursuit with his significant other, yet understands that he despite everything has incomplete business with the group. The following morning, he makes a beeline for where he last observed the boat with Jax, and finds that the remainder of the group additionally needs to figure out how to take the Waverider back to the current day. On the Waverider, Rip gets a transmission from the group and flies back to Star City. After a concise arguement, the group persuades Rip to let them back on board the Waverider and proceed with their main goal.

In 1944 France, Kendra runs into an American officer. Perceiving the protective cap as the one sitting in Rip's lodge on the Waverider, she shrouds a message within it before Savage pursues her down and takes her out (and murders the officer simultaneously.)

On the Waverider, Sara quickly decks Rip and puts a blade to his throat. Sara requests he take as much time as necessary to save Laurel, yet Rip utilizes a gadget to take her out. As Rory hauls Sara away to enable her "to work it off", Jax coincidentally thumps over the WWII cap in Rip's office. Notwithstanding, Rip understands that the cap has been uprooted due to "chroniatic dislodging" brought about by an adjustment in the timetable. Rip discovers Kendra's note in the protective cap and advises Gideon to make a beeline for France.

Back in France, Savage draws blood from both Kendra and Carter, which he needs to actuate the Thanagarian innovation covered up within the meteors that gave him (and Kendra and Carter) their forces. When he opens that innovation, he can make a trip back to the past and delete history.

Rip converses with Sara about her sister's passing and uncovers that he can't spare Laurel since he previously adjusted the course of events when he initially enrolled Sara. In the first course of events, not exclusively did Damien Darhk murder Laurel, he likewise executed Sara and Quentin Lance as well. Sara says she can't go on without her sister, yet Rip discloses to her that she's perhaps the most grounded individuals he knows.

The Waverider lands in 1944, similarly as Savage ambushes a Nazi pass on conveying a Thanagarian meteor. A large portion of the group moves in on Savage, while Firestorm discovers Kendra and Carter on the time transport. While fleeeing with Carter and Kendra close by, Firestorm coincidentally transmutes a Nazi's rifle and loses Kendra when she gets took out by one of Savage's men. Dwarfed and outgunned, the group escapes back to the Waverider without Kendra.

Back on the Waverider, a befuddled Carter enlightens Rip and the group concerning what he thinks about Savage's arrangement. A short time later, Stein and Jax work on controlling their recently discovered intensity of transmutation, when Stein acknowledges what Savage's arrangement is: he needs to explode the Thanagarian meteor in three diverse timeframes to make a fleeting conundrum and devastate the course of events.

Sufficiently sure, Savage meets with his past self during the 1950s and gives him a vial of blood to explode one of the shooting stars.

Stein discloses that so as to stop Savage, they have to kill him in three distinctive timeframes. Fortunately, the radiation from the meteors will be sufficient to incidentally turn him mortal so anybody can execute him. Savage plans on exploding the meteors in St. Roch in 2021, Harmony Falls in 1958 and Norway in 1975. The group separates into three groups to kill Savage in each timespan at the same time, utilizing the meteor as a trigger to start.

As Savage beginnings the custom in every one of the three timespans, the group at the same time assaults. In 2021, Kendra liberates herself from her securities when Carter gets injured and joins the battle. In 1974, Sara battles Savage one on one. In the interim, Rip gets shot in 2021 yet arrives on the Waverider, which gives Carter and Kendra and opening to assault Savage. Kendra wounds Savage in 2021, Rory lights Savage in 1958 and Sara snaps Savage's neck in 1975. As Savage begins to seep out, he insults Rip about his family, which makes Rip convey the last blow.

The meteors begin to go basic, however Ray and Firestorm figure out how to impair the meteors in their individual timespans. Lamentably, when the group assembles in 2021, they find that they can't handicap the third meteor, which is going to detonate and annihilate Earth simultaneously. Be that as it may, Rip maneuvers the meteor onto the Waverider and outlines all necessary plans to fly into the sun. The group attempts to convince Rip not to end it all, however he thanks the group and aides the boat into the sun. A light overwhelms Rip and he sees his family remaining on the Waverider. Rip embraces his significant other and child as the Waverider falls into the sun.

Rip awakens and acknowledges neither he nor Gideon needs beyond words. He advises Gideon to get ready for one last bounce: 20 minutes previously. Rip gets the remainder of the group and clarifies that he dumped the meteor into the sun. He at that point clarifies that with the Time Masters down and out, somebody needs to secure the time stream and offers everybody a spot in his group.

In the current day, Sara visits Laurel's grave and says that she should remain to help battle Damien. Be that as it may, she says that Laurel would have needed her to go with Rip.

Stein plays another round of Trivial Pursuit with his better half, when Jax strolls in. Stein wouldn't like to leave his significant other, however Jax and his better half feels that being Firestorm and ensuring the timestream is progressively significant.

In a skeezy bar in Central City in 2013, Rory meets Snart and tells his accomplice that he's the best man he at any point knew and that he was a saint to Snart. Rory leaves and meets Rip and Ray outside, and Rip says that they can generally return to the past so that Rory can visit Snart once more.

At the point when the group reassembles in 2016, Kendra and Carter choose to remain behind, since they no longer have Savage attempting to execute them. After the two Hawks leave, a second Waverider shows up and crashes before them. Hourman leaves the ship and advises them not to jump on the ship. He says that he's an individual from the Justice Society of America and that Rory and the remainder of the group sent him to catch their previous selves.




Preparation ran from March 10 until March 18, 2016. Shooting ran from March 21 until April 1, 2016.[1]