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"Always a Legend."
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The Legends of Tomorrow, simply referred to as the Legends, are a team of individuals who operate to protect the timeline.[1] The current members are Sara Lance/White Canary, Ava Sharpe, Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Nate Heywood/Steel, John Constantine, Behrad Tarazi, Zari Tarazi, Astra Logue and Gideon.



After the events of Crisis, the Legends were reborn on Earth-Prime, having gone on near-identical adventures as their Earth-1 counterparts. The only members of the Legends with memories of the Crisis are Charlie and Sara. The rest learned of the changes to the universe after the latter, Ray, and Mick returned from defeating the Anti-Monitor.

According to Cisco Ramon's research on Earth-Prime, the history of the Legends is mostly the same, save for the appearance of Rip Hunter to come a year earlier than on Earth-1.

New timeline

In 2015, Rip Hunter recruited the Legends to protect and fix the timeline.[2]

In 2018, the team fought a time demon by creating a giant Beebo using the Totems of Zambesi.[1]

In 2019, the Legends worked together in order to defeat a demon known as Neron, gaining public attention in the process.

After defeating Neron, the team then proceeded to travel through the timeline to fight the new threat of "encores", the worst people in history whose souls were freed from Hell by Astra Logue.[3]

Search for the Loom Fate

Soon after, the Legends began to search for the pieces of the Loom of Fate[4] with the goal of finding all of the pieces before Charlie's sisters do.[5] After finding all of the pieces of the Loom of Fate, the team planned to use it to resurrect Behrad Tarazi and Natalie Logue.[6]

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Behind the scenes

  • The Legends are similar to the DC Comics superhero team known as the Linear Men. Both act as monitors of the timestream, also by resolving time paradoxes. Both include Rip Hunter in their respective groups. Also, just as in the comics Waverider is a member of the Linear Men, in the series, it is the appellative of the group's time machine.


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