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"It's just... the rules keep changing. One day, I have to run through time, the next, I'm fighting a telepathic gorilla, and now we're, what? We're chasing down an immortal madman on a rampage against a reincarnated warrior priestess? I just never thought I'd have superpowers and feel more powerless than I ever have in my entire life."
Barry Allen to Oliver Queen

"Legends of Today" is the eighth episode of the second season of The Flash, and the thirty-first episode overall. It aired on December 1, 2015. The episode is the first part of a two-part crossover, Heroes Join Forces, with the eighth episode of season four of Arrow. It acts as a setup for the series DC's Legends of Tomorrow, with the episode even introducing Vandal Savage, who is the "big bad" of the series' first season.



Barry has been running a great deal, attempting to get faster so he can vanquish Zoom. Caitlin and Harry watch him on the treadmill. However, Zoom is three or more times faster than he is. Barry leaves to meet Patty.

The Captain of a boat strolls onto the harbor after weeks adrift. Three weeks prior he found a stowaway, who had 32 blades on him. The stowaway represents the first run through. He's hung tight quite a while for this chase. Unexpectedly, as though by enchantment, the stowaway gets his cuffs off and onto the Captain. The stowaway executes everybody on the dock, recovers his blades, and leaves.

At the Police Station Barry, Joe, and Patty take a gander at photos of the crime scene on the dock. Barry clarifies that there was just a single executioner. There were bits of the blade in the people in question. Patty thinks it was a meta-human. She and Barry attempt to act professionally, which makes Joe chuckle and call them "adorable" for not being loving before him.

At night, Kendra brings Cisco to Jitters for a date. She made them supper, and he is thankful. They flirt and are going to kiss when the stowaway shows up and says he is there for Kendra, who he calls Priestess Chay-ara. Cisco covertly messages Barry for help while standing protectively before her. He confronts the stowaway, who is going to toss a blade at Cisco when The Flash handles him. The stowaway tosses the blade at Cisco, and disappears while The Flash runs, getting the blade inches from Cisco's chest. Relieved, Cisco calls Barry by name before Kendra.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, the group attempts to get information from Kendra, yet she knows nothing about the man. Barry figures they should go to their companions in Star City. Cisco is uncertain of this idea, yet Barry calls attention to that they are scientists who have little involvement in magic, while Team Arrow has plenty.

In Star City, Damien Darhk and his ghosts are taking a bomb from an Argus truck. An arrow hits the ground close to them, revealing Green Arrow, Speedy, and Diggle to Darhk, who mocks them for carrying arrows to a gun fight. Green Arrow reacts by setting off a magnet in the arrow, which pulls all the firearms from the ghosts.

While the battle starts, Felicity is in the Bunker, complimenting herself on the achievement of the magnetic arrow, which was evidently her idea. Green Arrow reminds her she is on an open com line.

Darhk gets his hand on Green Arrow, and is killing him when The Flash speeds past, saving Green Arrow. Darhk is dazzled.

Out of the way, Diggle retches from motion sickness because of The Flash speeding him away as well. Speedy is amazed to discover that they all know The Flash.

At the Bunker, Barry is then again embraced and hit by Felicity, who is glad to see him yet furious he didn't tell her about Zoom's attack. Cisco is incredulous of their setup and says they need copper wiring to fix the forced blackouts which, despite everything, plague them. In the long run, Kendra is acquainted with the posse and Barry quickly outlines the stowaway's face, which Felicity offers to go through facial recognition. She finds an image of him from 1975, looking similarly as youthful as he does now. Ollie starts to address Kendra, and both Cisco and Barry get down on him about his brutality.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry informs Caitlin regarding his five failed endeavors at making a speed-boosting serum for Jay. Caitlin brings up that Harry's specialty is mechanics and her clinical expertise could help him. Together, they start working another version of the serum.

In Oliver and Felicity's condo, Cisco offers to concoct a superior moniker for Thea, who insists she loves Speedy. Barry and Felicity find one another, and he informs her regarding Patty. At the point when Felicity goes to get her canapés from the oven, Barry and Oliver talk about Barry's choice to request help and Oliver's newly discovered joy.

Cisco admits to Barry that he vibed Kendra with wings. He doesn't need her to know he is a meta-human, yet figures his vision could be a piece of why she is being hunted.

Kendra sees someone in the window, in spite of how high up they are. The stowaway crashes through the window. Barry speeds Oliver his bow and arrows. The stowaway tosses a few blades, focusing on every individual in the room. Barry is fast enough to catch each blade, with the exception of the one which hits him. Oliver takes shots over and over at the stowaway, who blocks the arrows. Thea joins in with her own bow. At that point she and Oliver each get a hit. Oliver calls for Thea to stop, however she shoots a third time, thumping the stowaway off the gallery, lost in her bloodlust. Oliver and Barry investigate the edge, yet the stowaway is no place to be seen.

Back at the Bunker, Barry and Cisco choose to enlighten Kendra regarding Cisco's capacity to vibe, and how he saw her with wings. The lights turn off out of nowhere go out for a second, when they return Malcolm and a few individuals from the League of Assassins are in the Bunker.

Caitlin and Harry keep working on the serum at S.T.A.R. Labs. She thinks they have figured it out. Jay Garrick shows up at that point, called by Harry. Jay sees the serum, which he called Velocity-6. Caitlin isn't sure why Jay is there, however Harry clarifies that he needs a guinea pig, somebody who previously had the Speed Force inside him. Jay tells Harry that he doesn't comprehend the Speed Force, it is a living thing. Jay cautions them against utilizing Velocity 6 on Barry. Harry takes off to get the supplies they need to make the serum.

Malcolm tells the group that the stowaway's name is Vandal Savage. The League knows a little about him. Overwhelmed, Kendra leaves. Cisco follows her.

Patty strolls to her vehicle, calling Joe in regards to the homicides on the dock. She sees Harry get into his vehicle. She is stunned to see him alive.

Cisco catches up to Kendra. She doesn't feel prepared to deal with this. Cisco identifies, identifying with his comparative experience discovering he is a meta-human. He assures her that eventually things will get feel normal again. Out of nowhere, a winged man plunges down, snatches Kendra and takes off with her.

Cisco and Felicity search for Kendra in the Bunker, while The Flash paces through Star City and Green Arrow rides his bike, likewise looking.

The flying man sets Kendra on a rooftop. He also calls her Priestess Chay-ara, and himself Khufu. She has no clue about what his identity is, in spite of a fast blaze of memory. He discloses to Kendra she needs to emerge. The winged man hears Green Arrow's cycle and flies down to battle him. Green Arrow attempts to shoot him, however the wings divert the arrows. Khufu takes the motorcycle free from Green Arrow.

Cisco tells The Flash where to go, and he joins the battle. Khufu lifts The Flash high into the air and drops him, yet Green Arrow saves him. The Flash twists his arms to make a solid breeze, which Khufu battles with. Green Arrow shoots a bolt that ties him up, and The Flash goes around Khufu until he can toss lighting at him, dazzling Green Arrow.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry completes Velocity-6. Caitlin says they can't give it to Barry, in light of Jay's notice. Harry thinks Jay is being a defeatist. As Caitlin strolls into the following room, Patty shows up. She endeavors to capture Harry, remembering Dr. McGee saw him when he looted Mercury Labs. Patty sees the syringe of Velocity 6 in his grasp and thinks it is a firearm. She shoots Harry in the chest. Caitlin runs in and prevents Patty from calling 911, demanding she call Joe.

In the Bunker, Khufu has been tied up. The group, sans Kendra, question him. He requests Chay-ara, saying she is the love of his life. Kendra strolls in. He asserts they have adored each other for a long time, continually being reincarnated and finding each other once more. In this life, his name is Carter. What's more, every time they live, they are killed by Vandal Savage. Their three life forces are linked. Malcolm shows up once more, revealing to them that Vandal Savage has left to find a weapon he's utilized previously, the Staff of Horus. Felicity goes to look for museums that may have it.

Joe comes to S.T.A.R. Labs. He sends Patty away and approaches Caitlin for Harry's condition. She needs Jay's assistance to save Harry.

On a high rooftop, Carter needs Kendra to hop off so her wings will appear. Barry, Cisco, and Oliver are uncertain, however Oliver is willing to give it a shot. Kendra climbs onto the edge, however Carter pushes her with no notice. Barry speeds down the side of the structure to get her and bring her back up. Oliver approaches Barry for a private word. Barry concedes that regardless of his powers, the rules continue changing and it causes him to feel weak. While they talk, Oliver understands why Kendra was drawn to Central City. The staff must be there.

Jay shows up at the lab. He inquires as to whether she can save Harry in the event that he gets the bullet out. She says she can. Joe is befuddled, so Caitlin clarifies Jay can take Velocity 6 and utilize his speed to phase into Harry's chest and get the bullet. Despite his prior reservations, Jay doesn't spare a moment. It works, he briefly has his speed once more. He phases into Harry's chest and removes the bullet.

On the rooftop, Kendra and Cisco talk. She says now she knows why she generally felt unique. He offers to support her, however she needs to discover reality alone. She is prepared to accept her destiny.

Green Arrow and The Flash arrive at the church where the staff should be. However Vandal Savage is already there and has obtained it. They attempt to battle him, however Vandal utilizes the power of the staff to keep them back.

Kendra knows she's been keeping herself down. She jumps, and her wings appear.

Vandal Savage senses Kendra, and chooses to make brisk work of the saints. He utilizes the Staff of Horus to destroy the church. Barry is able to get himself and Oliver out in time, figuring that Savage is still alive.

Kendra lands on the roof and Cisco names her "Hawkgirl."

In S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry wakes up. Jay tells him he will never take Velocity-6 again and to keep it away from Barry.

In the Bunker, Diggle informs everyone that Oliver wants them in Central City. The group agrees that they need to take down Savage. Felicity offers to fly them on a company jet.

Barry and Oliver are at Jitters, where Oliver asks about the Flash drink. A boy then bumps into Barry and Oliver, dropping a Flash action figure. Oliver gives him back the action figure and is unnerved to see the him run up to Samantha, a woman he once got pregnant.



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  • When Vandal Savage is introduced, he is descending from the SS Tithonus. In Greek mythology, Tithonus was a Trojan who was granted immortality, but not everlasting youth.
  • This marks the first appearance of Thea Queen and only appearance of Malcolm Merlyn in an episode of The Flash
  • Felicity notes that Vandal is "Rocking the Dothraki look," a reference to the popular television series, Game of Thrones, where there is a race called the Dothraki
  • This episode marks Neal McDonough's first appearance as Damien Darhk in an episode of The Flash.
  • John Diggle throws up for the first time when Barry supersped him away, but he annoyingly and angrily told Barry, "Every time", which implied this wasn't the first time Diggle threw up from Barry's superspeed.
  • The song heard when Kendra's power manifests is eventually used as the theme for DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Vandal Savage's former name, Hath-Set, is roughly translated as "Maker of Evil."