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"This is crazier than any of my crazy theories. You're trying to tell me a group called the 'Legion of Doom' used something called the 'Spear of Destiny' to rewrite reality? Who even names something 'Legion of Doom'?"
"You did.
Nate Heywood and Mick Rory[src]

Eobard Thawne founded and led a time-traveling syndicate, which consisted of Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, Leonard Snart, formerly Mick Rory, and formerly Rip Hunter under mind alteration. It was nicknamed the "Legion of Doom" by Nate Heywood.[1]

The group operated from a base of operations that they set up in the Vanishing Point. Their purpose was to locate the Spear of Destiny in hopes to change their destinies by rewriting reality. They succeeded, creating an alternate reality where they ruled, despite being opposed by the Legends. However, the Legends later traveled back in time and succeeded in erasing the Spear of Destiny from existence, leading to Eobard's death and Darhk, Snart, and Merlyn all being returned to their respective times.


Thawne in Flashpoint

Eobard Thawne held by Barry Allen in Flashpoint

When Barry Allen ran back in time and created Flashpoint, he held Eobard Thawne prisoner for months, thus unintentionally removing him from the timeline and ensuring his existence. When Eobard was finally released to reset the timeline, he began to notice that he was being pursued by a demonic speedster; the Speed Force had sent him to hunt Thawne as the latter was a temporal anomaly to be erased. In order to save himself, Thawne realized that he needed to change his ancestor's death and alter reality.[2]

Eobard Thawne implied that his plan to find the Spear of Destiny was altered multiple times, due to Rex Tyler catching on his plans and coming to warn the Legends. Deciding to erase those previous timelines, Thawne appeared to a younger Rex Tyler and killed him before Rex could ever try to stop him, allowing the villainous speedster a certain degree of freedom in his machinations, but causing Amaya Jiwe to join the Legends.[3] To correct past mistakes, Thawne's new plan included the creation of an organization with power and resources beyond his own. Choosing people who'd like to correct their destinies, Eobard found Damien Darhk, who had access to the forces of H.I.V.E., and Malcolm Merlyn, with connections to the League of Assassins. With his use of brute force as a speedster, Thawne also strong-armed Al Capone's criminal empire into submission, making use of Al Capone's goons.[4] While he couldn't command the Nazis, he'd manipulate them to do his bidding with the promise of his biomolecular enhancer, and also extended influence over the British Army during the Revolutionary War by placing Rip Hunter, whose mind was altered to make him an ally of the Legion, as a new colonel that supplied England with weapons from centuries in the future, specifically assault rifles.[5] Rip Hunter proved quite resourceful, acquiring the mind-control technology from the year 3000 after murdering Dr. Mid-Nite, which allowed him and Damien Darhk to take over King Arthur and his best knights, crafting a "Dark Army" for their use, with Darhk posing as "the Dark Knight" and Rip as the "Devilish Sorcerer".[6]


Origins of the Legion[]

Eobard Thawne first sought out Damien Darhk in 1942. The two created an aberration where New York City was destroyed by an atomic blast. However, the Legends thwarted their plans and Eobard Thawne decided to move on.[5]

Eobard then made his way to Nazi Germany in search for the Askaran Amulet. He reached out to the Nazi leadership and organized a trade for the amulet with some super soldier serum. Though the Legends and the Justice Society of America reached it before he could, Eobard broke into the JSA headquarters and stole it after killing Rex Tyler.[3]

Darhk and Thawne join forces

Damien Darhk joins Eobard Thawne

In 1987, Eobard made contact with Damen Darhk once more in Miami. The two planned to obtain an artifact from the Soviet Union's KGB and blow up the White House. Once again, the two were thwarted by the Legends. Darhk learned from Sara Lance that his plans in the future were thwarted and that he was ultimately killed. Eobard Thawne suggested they change their destinies, presenting Damien Darhk with a time sphere.[4]

Merlyn joins the Legion

Thawne and Darhk recruit Malcolm Merlyn to their cause

At some point after their previous encounter with the Legends, Eobard and Damien recruited Malcolm Merlyn in 2016. He was surprised to see that Damien Darhk was still alive after only witnessing his demise moments before as well as meeting a speedster. They offered him a chance to change the misfortunes of his past and he decided to join them.

Working with Al Capone's gang[]

Needing the "Askaran Amulet" to further their goals, the three decided to create a time aberration, to trap the Legends, by allying with crime lord Al Capone in 1927. Although Capone threatened to have the time travelers killed, after Eobard personally took down his goons before finishing a single sentence, the gangster was subdued. The Legion then entered into an alliance and gained the services of Al Capone's criminal empire. Telling Capone that he was going to be hunted down by the Prohibition agent Eliot Ness, Eobard had both the gangster and the Legends take bait, causing a minor aberration that would let Capone become a mayor of Chicago, defying the Prohibition by celebrating Oktoberfest there.

As the Legends searched one club for clues on Capone's businesses, Eobard kidnapped Sara Lance and Martin Stein. Merlyn came to sway the kidnapped Sara and Martin with promises of changing the timeline for the better together, and once he was unsuccessful, Darhk came with the threats of torture, taking Martin Stein with him and his goons to force Sara to sway under threats. Thawne then used his modified appearance-stealing cord to torture Martin Stein and take on his appearance so that he could infiltrate the Waverider. As Martin questioned if he knew him personally, Eobard implied that Stein did know a version of him, by saying that the current situation is "complicated". In the guise of Professor Stein, he searched for the missing artifact but was interrupted by Sara Lance, forcing him to come to a halt. After realizing that Nate Heywood was aware that he isn't the real Martin, Eobard abandoned his disguise and ran off, but was struck by a speedster weapon, temporarily subduing him. However, Thawne immediately regained strength and threatened to kill Jefferson Jackson, though Ray Palmer surprised him with an attack of his own. Eobard then made his way to the bridge of the Waverider and locked himself in.

Merlyn leads an attack on the Waverider

Malcolm Merlyn leads an attack on the Waverider.

Eobard then turned off the cloaking mechanism and opened the cargo bay doors open, allowing Malcolm Merlyn and Al Capone's men to come on board, preparing to tear the ship apart. Eobard then sped off to stop Mick Rory, believing he was trying to get away with the artifact, though was once again struck by an anti-speedster weapon. Eobard noted that he knew Amaya Jiwe was only on the team to avenge him for killing Rex Tyler, taunting her. With Amaya briefly distraught, Eobard sped off. Meanwhile, Sara Lance fought Malcolm at the bridge and eventually got the upper hand. Before Sara could kill Malcolm, the latter offered Stein's location in return for the Askaran Amulet.

Later, Eobard revealed the two artifacts formed a compass leading to the Spear of Destiny which could be used to rewrite reality. But, in order to find it, they needed Rip Hunter.[7]

Capturing Captain Hunter[]

Using the medallion, Darhk and Merlyn found themselves in Hollywood in the year 1967. The two of them killed two motorists, one who was supposed to go on and create a new engine, thus creating an aberration which summoned the Legends. They tracked down Rip Hunter who was going by the name Phil Gasmer and was now a movie director. The two recognized him though found that Rip didn't seem to know who they were or who he really was. The Legends arrived and saw them with Rip and moved to stop them but ended up having to retreat when the police arrived.

The duo questioned the film crew and learned that George Lucas had the piece of the spear that they were looking for. They surprised Nate, Ray and Amaya, who were also looking for Lucas, and held them at gunpoint. Lucas told them that he thought the spear was a prop and was junk so he threw it in the trash. Darhk then threatened Lucas to show them where the city dump was. They had their four prisoners go and dig through the trash to find the spear but took the time to activate the trash compactor to motivate them to look faster. Lucas had been scared into quitting film school, creating an aberration which removed Nate's powers and Ray's suit from existence but when he admitted that what he really wanted to do was direct, the two were returned.

Legends vs Legion

Legion of Doom vs The Legends

Using them, they were able to escape the compactor and fight back against Darhk and Merlyn. The rest of the team arrived and were able to get both the spear and the amulet from them. Darhk and Merlyn were overwhelmed by the Legends until Thawne showed up and leveled the playing field. Darhk and Merlyn wondered where Thawne had been and he simply shrugged to them that he had a prior engagement. Rip Hunter showed up and tried to help the Legends by pretending to have his old memories back but the act didn't stick. When the Legion prepared to attack, Rip called for the Waverider to fire on them. In the chaos, Thawne sped off and captured Rip.

Rip, now a prisoner of the Legion, was confronted by Thawne. Rip tried to explain that he didn't know anything and that he wasn't who everyone seemed to believe he was, that he was 'Phil' but Thawne wasn't moved. When he saw the tools for torture, Rip asked Thawne if he was going to torture him. Thawne told him that he wasn't going to, but that Darhk and Merlyn would.[1] Damien and Malcolm tortured 'Phil', but he wasn't able to tell them the location of the Spear. The two argued with Eobard when he blamed them for losing the Amulet and then threatened to kill them. Malcolm tried hypnotizing Rip, but failed, though he did discover that Hunter's memories truly were gone. Eobard expressed frustration with them and sped away. Damien then tried his hand at torturing Rip on his own, and pulled out one of Rip's teeth, which contained account information for a safety deposit box in Switzerland with Rip's memories inside it. Eobard ordered the two to retrieve it and again left.

While Merlyn and Darhk prepared to leave, they argued about how to approach the problem. Malcolm convinced Damien to bring Rip along and have him retrieve the box for them, and the three left for Switzerland. They infiltrated the box and Rip went to go get the box from the vault. While he was doing so, Damien and Malcolm discussed what Eobard was planning and why he even needed the two of them. Damien assumed that Merlyn was attempting to manipulate him, but they were interrupted by Rip failing to gain access to the vault. When the bank teller called security, the two intervened and killed the guards before escaping the bank with Rip.

Becoming equals[]

Back at their base, the two men once again argued, which led to a League-style sword fight. However, Rip convinced them to stop dueling and find a way to even the odds against Eobard. They went back to the bank, leaving Rip tied up. Eobard returned to the base and Rip informed him of where they had gone. Thawne confronted them in the vault, where they had retrieved a disk containing Rip's memories. Malcolm and Damien then locked the vault, trapping Eobard inside with them. Eobard threatened to kill them if they didn't let him out, slowly becoming more and more desperate, to his partners' puzzlement.

The cornered Legion

Malcolm, Eobard and Damien hear the cry of the Demonic Speedster

Eventually, a panicking Eobard revealed to the two the source of his panic - Hunter Zolomon, who had become a demon of the Speed Force was sent to track him down and erase him from existence again. They then heard the dark speedster's cries as he had found Eobard and he remarked that they all were now dead. Malcolm and Damien agreed to help Eobard fend off the demon, as long as he agreed to make them equal partners in their team. Eobard reluctantly agreed, and when Hunter entered the bank to find Eobard, Malcolm and Damien managed to distract Hunter long enough for Eobard to throw him into the vault, locking the door and trapping it within. Eobard thanked them and honored his deal and the three left, knowing Hunter wouldn't remain trapped for long.

Back at their base, Eobard accessed Rip's memories and altered them so that he believed that he was their ally. The three then sent Rip back in time to New Jersey, 1776, where he shot at General George Washington.[2]

Hunting for the fragments of the Spear[]

Rip now with the Legion

Eobard tasking Rip to get the Spear fragment from the Legends

His attack on Washington caused an aberration to lure the Legends. Eobard gave Rip the mission to use the British army in order to acquire their piece of the spear. They gave the British automatic rifles which they used to try to attack Washington before the Legends could try and save him. Rip then used an EMP device to disable the Waverider, Rory's heat gun, Ray's suit and Firestorm's quantum splicer. He then went and shot Sara before he had the British take Rory and Washington to be hung.

He then infiltrated the Waverider where he had Jax on the run as he tried to distract him from Stein trying to save Sara in the medical bay. Jax tried to get through to Rip and convince him that the Legion enslaved him but Rip claimed that the Legion freed him from pointlessly trying to succeed in a doomed and pointless mission of saving history. He found and held Sara's life hostage and demanded Jax give him the spear and Jax told him it was hidden in his telescope in the study. He then went and killed Sara in front of him. Rip then went and got the spear but before he could leave Jax held a pistol on him but before he could shoot, Sara emerged as Gideon had been able to save her in time. She convinced Jax to let Rip go.

Rip Hunter informed the Legion that the spear was split into four parts, three of which he gave to Dr. Mid-Nite, Stargirl and Commander Steel. He then had them placed in four separate time periods. Rip went to the year 3000 where Dr. Mid-Nite was working as a bio researcher. At first, Rip passed himself off as an old friend and told him that the spear needed to be reunited but Dr. Mid-Nite wasn't falling for the ruse. Rip then preceded to kill him and take the fragment which he had surgically put into his own body. He then went and took mind control technology that the doctor was working on.

Darhk and Rip

Damien Darhk and Rip Hunter demanding the spear fragment or they will destroy Camelot.

Afterwards, Rip and Damien Darhk went to the time of Camelot and King Arthur's court where Stargirl had her piece. Darhk masqueraded as 'The Dark Knight' and started attacking and kidnapping knights. Eventually, he managed to capture the legendary king himself and used him to gain access into the castle using the mind control tech that Rip stole from Dr. Mid-Nite. He and Rip found that the Legends were there and demanded that Stargirl give the fragment of the spear to them but she refused. A fight broke out and saw Sir Galahad killed and Rip threatened to have Arthur kill himself. Darhk gave them an ultimatum: Deliver the spear's fragment at dawn or they will use an army under mind control to attack.

Ray Palmer vs Damien Darhk

Damien Darhk facing off against Ray Palmer.

Darhk and Rip had their army attack when they didn't comply but Ray, and later the rest of the Legends joined the knights and Queen Guinevere against them. Stein and Rory were able to destabilize the mind control tech and free Arthur and their army from their control. Rip was then brought down by Arthur and captured by the Legends. Darhk left him behind to try escaping but Ray went after him. Darhk told Ray he wasn't any knight but a glorified nerd and the two fought. Ray managed to disarm Darhk when his ionic charged sword managed to destroy Damien's. Darhk pretended to submit before he went and pulled out a blaster and shot Ray before he made his escape, leaving the fragment of the spear to Legends. Rip was taken to the Waverider's cell where Jackson threatened to kill him if he tried to hurt any member of their team again. When he was left alone, he spoke out to Gideon who still was loyal to him.

Rip managed to issue an override command giving him full control of Gideon and the Waverider. He had the entire ship lock down before he issued a self-destruct sequence. He then managed to steal the medallion but Nate, Amaya and Mick managed to intercept him before he could make it to the jumpship. He saw that he wouldn't be able to escape so he destroyed the amulet to keep the Legends from finding the last fragment. Mick then knocked him out and Jax managed to reboot Gideon and keep her from completing the self-destruct. Sara and Jax used some mental technology from the Time Masters to go into Rip's mind to undo the programming that Eobard did and bring Rip back to his old self. They succeeded and Rip Hunter returned to normal. He then revealed that he knew where the last fragment was that was being guarded by Commander Steel.

Eobard Thawne also knew and went to 1970 where he posed as a doctor to intercept one of the pilots due for the Apollo-13.

It was learned by the Legion that Henry Heywood took his fragment of the spear and placed it in the flag Neil Armstrong had planted on the moon. Thawne took the place of the pilot and boarded the Apollo-13 mission where his interference helped avoid the disaster that the mission was supposed to take when an oxygen tank exploded. He then went and drugged the other two pilots before moving to separate from the shuttle to board the moon.

Thawne vs Palmer

Eobard Thawne fighting with Ray Palmer aboard the Apollo-13 shuttle.

However, the Legends were onto him and Ray Palmer had boarded the shuttle and Thawne quickly spotted him. Ray was confident that he could defeat Thawne as his speed would be useless in space though Thawne arrogantly pointed out that he didn't need his speed to beat Ray. He brought out a knife and damaged Ray's suit but ultimately was tied up while Ray left to get the fragment from the flag.

However, Ray couldn't leave due to his suit too damaged to fly and the Waverider was too damaged to pick him up. Thawne told Ray that they would have to work together in order to get their shuttle to take off and Ray reluctantly agreed to the alliance. As they were fixing the shuttle, Thawne told Ray that it was nice to actually work with another scientist again as he hadn't since Cisco and Caitlin. He also told him that they weren't too different from one another. Ray said that they were nothing alike as Thawne was a monster that killed Barry's mother twice, Rex Tyler and brainwashed Rip and he became the Atom to help people. Thawne countered that Ray could've used his technology to power whole cities but instead used it for himself as to become greater and that there was no shame in that. They managed to fix the shuttle and board the Waverider where Thawne was quickly thrown in the brig. When they needed to know the angle for re-entry into the atmosphere, without Gideon, Ray went over to Thawne for his help and he told them the right angle for re-entry. When they landed, Thawne fazed himself out of the cell but was intercepted by Ray holding a speedster weapon. Thawne commented on the irony as he had invented the weapons and they were being used against him. Ray knew that Thawne had to leave quickly as he was a time remnant and something would come for him so he couldn't search the ship for the fragments. Thawne knew he was right and told him that they would meet again before he left.

Rewriting reality[]

Thawne sent Malcolm Merlyn to search for the Calebros Manuscript as it would teach them how to use the spear. Rip informed the Legends that the Legion had set up a foothold in the Vanishing Point. Thawne was at the base and noticed too late that the Legends had robbed the vault and stole back the two fragments of the spear that they possessed. Thawne was furious and Damien Darhk mocked him that Thawne let the Legends steal the fragments but Thawne realized that now the spear was whole and since the Legends couldn't use it, they would either hide or destroy it which would give them a chance to snatch it from them. Darhk thought that was a reasonable plan but thought they had to change how they dealt with the Legends in order to put the odds back in their favor.

They traveled back in time and picked up Leonard Snart before he joined the Legends and reformed from his criminal ways. They informed him of his doomed future and he agreed to help them in order to get the spear and join them in using its power. They found the Legends had gone to France in 1916 to find J.R.R. Tolkien and Snart appeared to Mick who thought he was another hallucination. They chatted about the spear where Mick revealed their whole plan in finding Christ's blood to destroy it. The Legion then surprised them at the cathedral along with an armada of German soldiers. When the Legends called a cease fire from the two warring sides on the grounds where Christ's blood was, Darhk and Snart appeared. Snart proved to Rory that the Legends only see him as an expendable thug and never trusted him at all. Moved by this realization, Rory then took the spear and joined up with Legion, much to the shock of his former team. They then threw a bomb into the air to end the cease fire which ended up getting the vial of Christ's blood destroyed. Rory thought that they were all now dead but Snart revealed that he had an escape plan ready and, right then and there, Thawne moved and sped Darhk, Snart and Rory all to safety.

The Legion using the Spear of Destiny

The Legion of Doom begin to use the Spear of Destiny.

They went back to the Vanishing Point where Thawne praised Snart for his strategy in turning Mick against the Legends and getting the spear for them. Merlyn then returned and revealed that he succeeded in acquiring the Calebros Manuscript. Inside was an incantation to activate the spear so that they could use it. Thawne, Darhk, Merlyn, Snart and Rory all put their hands on the spear as Merlyn read the incantation and activated the spear for them to rewrite reality. The Legion managed to use the spear to rewrite reality each to their own whims.

Damien Darhk with his trophies

Damien adding another vigilante's mask to his collection of trophies.

Damien Darhk is now the mayor of Star City and restored his original magic powers. He killed all the various vigilantes of Star City and Central City, plus Quentin Lance, to which he kept their respective masks and helmets as trophies. He also altered the minds of Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe to be his personal hitmen and were completely loyal to him. The two of them returned with Felicity Smoak who had become a masked vigilante that tried to oppose his rule of the city. He then had her killed and took her mask to place alongside Green Arrow, the Flash, Ragman, Wild Dog, Black Canary, Spartan, and Vigilante's respective mementoes.

Malcolm Merlyn has it so that his wife and son, Rebecca and Tommy are both alive and in good spirits, and Thea is also a part of his family and now adores instead of hates him. In addition, he brings back his previous fortune and resources, both as CEO of Merlyn Global Group and leader of the League of Assassins. To which with the latter, Merlyn has Nyssa al Ghul living a closeted and miserable life in Ohio. He even restored his severed hand.

Thawne as the owner of S.T.A.R

Eobard Thawne as the owner of S.T.A.R. Labs.

Eobard Thawne made himself Mayor of Central City and the owner of S.T.A.R. Labs, thereby having considerable resources and influence. Wanting status and fame, he would use his genius and company to solve various problems of the world, to which he gained various awards and influence on the world, even becoming personal friends with the President of the United States. He had the demonic speedster chasing him as his personal pet prisoner who constantly struggled to get free of his cell. He also had it so that Ray Palmer, Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson worked for him and had miserable lives. He also had Rip Hunter trapped inside the Waverider where it was shrunk and kept in his office at the lab.

Leonard Snart and Mick Rory had altered reality so that they owned the criminal underworld of Central City to the point where they owned most of the banks and the diamond exchange and could commit crimes with full amnesty from the police. However, Mick was starting to get second thoughts as the change wasn't what he thought it would be, missing the actions of being a lowlife criminal rather than owning the city.

Eventually, Merlyn visited S.T.A.R. Labs to speak with Eobard Thawne as he had requested to meet many times but Thawne had been ignoring his calls. Thawne claimed that there was no need to meet anymore as they now all had what they wanted. However, Merlyn claimed that there were things that he still wanted to have changed and Thawne had possession of the spear after he destroyed the Calebros Manuscript. Thawne said the spear was safe in his hands as he was the only one that now could use it as he had memorized the incantation. When Jefferson Jackson came to give Thawne an update of the secret project he was working on, Thawne gave him a subtle threat to speed up its development which had the young man nervously go off before Thawne laughed out in amusement. Merlyn expressed that it was a bad idea for him and Darhk to keep the Legends around and toy with them and that it would've been better to eliminate them. Thawne thought it was better this way as it was more poetic than simply destroying them.

Nate is remembering the old reality

Thawne is visited by Nate Heywood who remembers fragments of the old reality.

Later, Thawne summoned Snart and Rory and told them that he believed Merlyn might end up becoming a problem and that it might be best to eliminate him. Just then, Nate Heywood came bursting into S.T.A.R. Labs and asked to meet with Thawne as he believed that the doctor could help him. It seemed that pieces of his old life were starting to weave back into Nate as he felt the world wasn't right for some reason and Thawne asked for Snart and Rory to kill him. Snart and Rory took Nate out into the wilderness outside Central City but Rory decided instead to attack Snart and save Nate's life. Merlyn went to Darhk and revealed that they were in an alliance against Thawne as they didn't trust the fact that he was keeping the spear to himself. Snart also appeared and told them that Rory helped save Nate Heywood's life.

Snart, Merlyn and Darhk ally against Thawne

Snart, Merlyn and Darhk plan their next move against Thawne.

Darhk then ordered for Sara and Amaya to find Rory and to kill Nate Heywood. Snart revealed that he had planted a tracer on Mick and gave them the tracking device so that they could find him. Snart had joined Darhk and Merlyn in their alliance and felt that it was time to eliminate Thawne. Amaya soon returns to inform them that Rory had found the other Legends and it seemed that Sara had been killed only for her to appear a few moments later. She tried to excuse herself and Amaya but Darhk was suspicious so he stopped her. He began to recount his time killing the Black Canary which made Sara snap and reveal that she had her memories back. Darhk held her at bay with his magic and ordered for Amaya to kill her. When she was about to, Sara pulled out a device which restored Amaya's memories and the two of them fled from Darhk's office.

When the Legends, save for Stein and Rip, were all back they moved to try and get the spear from Thawne but they told Rory to leave it to them as they felt they could no longer trust him. He then returned to Snart who was actually waiting for him as he expected the Legends would turn him away. Rory told him, Darhk and Merlyn of the Legends' plan as well as the nature of Thawne's secret project. He was building a thermal reactor to use to destroy the spear. They all felt that Thawne meant to destroy the spear after he used it to lock his own version of reality that had all of them gone. They moved to take it back first but wanted to let the Legends make their move as to distract Thawne and give them the opportunity to snatch it from all of them.

Eobard destroys the Spear of Destiny

Thawne destroying the Spear in front of the Legends and his traitorous Legion.

When the Legends tried to get to Stein, he set off a silent alarm to alert Thawne. He sped over and found that the Legends were back to normal and quickly had his security surround them. He then learned that Stein completed the reactor and moved to throw the spear into it to destroy it and ensure that this new reality remained permanent. However, the other members of the Legion arrived and then chaos ensued as everyone tried to get the spear. Eventually, the spear landed in Rory's hands and Snart asked for his partner to give it to him. The Legends tried to remind Rory what happened the last time he gave it to Snart but he argued that before it was Thawne calling the shots and this time, it would be them. However, Rory was done being Snart's 'dog' and gave the spear to Amaya to use. Amaya started to activate its power but before she could finish, Snart froze her with his Cold Gun and then shattered her into pieces in front of all of them. Snart then claimed the spear but Thawne quickly moved and stole it from him before throwing it into the reactor where it disintegrated and rendered the reality permanent. Thawne then decided to let the Legends all live as being alive in this new reality, where they had no power or hope, was a fate worse than death. He also warned the other members of the Legion to not try and cross him again or he would kill them.

Legion disbanded[]

Darhk being attacked by the Waverider

The Waverider trying to attack Damien Darhk.

To undo what the Legion had done, the Legends planned to go back in time to 1916 to stop the Legion from ever getting the spear at all. They found the Waverider, shrunk down by Eobard Thawne who had acquired Ray's ATOM suit. They infiltrated into S.T.A.R. Labs to get it and reverse the shrinking, when they ran into Damien Darhk who had guessed that the Legends would be trying to reacquire Rip Hunter. He used his magic to choke both Jax and Ray and he told them that he thought Thawne should've killed them back at the reactor but was glad he didn't as it meant that he would be able to. Rip tried to help them with the Waverider's weapons, but in its shrunken size it had no effect on Darhk. However, it distracted him enough for Rory to attack Darhk from behind and save the others.

Thawne kills Ray Palmer

Thawne kills Ray Palmer.

When Eobard learned of what they were doing, he went back in time to stop them. He intercepted the future Legends at the site where the blood of Christ had been and quickly sped off and grabbed it off of Ray who had found it. Ray demanded that Eobard give him back the blood but he then crushed the vial in his hand. Eobard then told Ray that he knew the Legends would try to do this and also said that he was going to finally follow the advice that his allies had been giving him for a while. He then sped at Ray and punched a hole into his chest and quickly yanked out his heart to the horror of Sara and Rip. As Ray died, he said that he was going to ensure that the Legends would never interfere with him again.

Snart, Darhk and Merlyn attacking the Legends

Snart, Darhk and Merlyn firing their weapons at the Legends.

After killing Ray, Eobard then went and pulled Malcolm from his search of the Calebros to join him with the others in 1916. Snart had just finished his meeting with Mick and returned to Darhk when Thawne and Merlyn arrived in the tent. Eobard explained that he was from the future where they had succeeded in using the spear but the Legends from that future had come to stop them and aid their past selves. Malcolm was surprised to find that there were two sets of Legends now and Eobard told him, Darhk and Snart to deal with them while he left to bring in backup. Malcolm, Darhk and Snart used their weapons to attack the Waverider before the Legends could leave with the spear. Their efforts, combined with an unexpected Time Storm, caused the Waverider to crash. They then started to approach as the Legends moved to engage them. When Malcolm saw that their new weapons were having not too much effect, he suggested to Darhk that they return to their old tactics which Darhk fully agreed with.

Jax saving Stein from Merlyn

Malcolm firing an arrow at Stein that gets intercepted by Jax of the future.

Malcolm brought out his bow and fired an arrow at Firestorm which hit them and made them split apart. He was about to fire an arrow at Stein when the future version of Jax jumped in the way and intercepted it, killing him. Malcolm was ready to try killing Stein again when the present Jax grabbed another arrow from his quiver and stuck it into his leg before taking his bow and knocking him across the face with it.

Mick being killed by Snart

Future Mick gets killed by Snart's Cold Gun.

Snart used his Cold Gun to shoot Ray out of the sky where he crash landed near him. Snart then saw future Mick holding Darhk down and Snart told him to let Darhk go but Mick said that he wasn't listening to him anymore. Snart asked if that was anyway to treat his former partner but Mick said that he no longer had a partner, but a team. Snart remarked how Darhk told him that Mick went soft and he then shot a shard of ice that pierced Mick's chest, killing him. Ray cried out in anger at seeing Mick die and moved to avenge him. Before he and Snart could let out a shot at one another, a stream of fire hit Snart and knocked him out. Ray saw that it was the present Mick and was happy to see him alive.

Damien Darhk about to fight Sara Lance

Darhk facing off against Sara Lance.

Darhk quickly moved over to the other Legends and surprised the future Nate Heywood from behind and impaled him with a sword, killing him. Present Sara then knocked Darhk into a trench and moved to fight him one on one. Darhk claimed that he had been looking forward to fighting Sara and the two crossed blades but Sara managed to get the upper hand and had his neck at swordpoint. He then taunted her to go ahead and kill him but Sara stepped back and with a smile told him that killing him would be too kind. Before he could respond, he was knocked out by future Sara.

Eobard brings his past selves to confront the Legends

Thawne arrives with multiple versions of himself through time.

Before the Legends could get to the other Legends' Waverider, they were ambushed by Eobard. Eobard then revealed that he had gone back to other times and recruited multiple versions of himself through time to return with him to stop the Legends and get the spear back. Together, his multiple copies sped at them and knocked the Legends out, one by one, and even killed the future Rip Hunter. Present Sara was the only one standing, with the spear in hand. She wanted to give the spear to Amaya to use but Thawne moved and knocked Amaya away from her. She then quickly recited the chant to activate the spear but seemingly didn't use it. Thawne had then gone and grabbed it from her. He mocked her for having true godhood in her hands and not using it. He then started to activate the spear to erase the Legends from existence permanently but he found that the spear wasn't working. Sara then revealed that she had altered reality, in which the spear had no power at all. Thawne said that she played a clever move but he would still use the spear to pierce her and kill her himself.

Black Flash erases Eobard's remnant

Thawne is erased from existence by Hunter Zolomon

However, Sara smirked when they heard a familiar screech sound in the air. Thawne then looked across the field to see that the demonic speedster was there and had come for him. He tried to escape but it had cut him off and had managed to grab him. It then fazed it's hand into his chest and moved to erase him. Thawne watched in horror as he and the spear were slowly wiped away from existence. With him gone, his multiple copies throughout time started to fade away, one after the other until none were left.

After Thawne's defeat, the Legends took the Legion and moved to deal with them. First, they took Malcolm Merlyn back to 2016 and left him back in his run down apartment to stew in his defeat and failure. Sara returned to the cell where they were keeping Darhk and Snart and they asked what they would with them as they were already dead in 2017. Sara then told them that they wouldn't be going to 2017.

Rory takes Snart back to his place in time

Snart is taken back to his rightful place in time by Mick Rory.

Mick Rory took Snart back to Central City in 2014, to the moment when he had been recruited to join the Legion. Snart initially thought Mick would kill him but he told his old partner that he was going to erase his memory and have him resume his place in history. Snart remarked that his place was to die in order to try and save the world but Mick said that he didn't die to save the world but to save his friends. Mick told Snart that his punishment was to go on and become a better man, and in turn make him a better man as well. Mick then erased his memories and left Snart to continue with his timeline from then on.

Sara Lance returns Damien Darhk to his place in time

Damien Darhk is taken back to resume his timeline by Sara Lance.

Sara took Damien Darhk back to Miami in 1987 where Thawne had recruited him. She was going to erase his memory of the Legion and the knowledge of his future in order to let him resume his timeline. Damien was wondering why Sara was letting him go after everything that he had done to her and her team but Sara knew that Darhk would be punished down the line in 2016. Darhk reminded her that if he went down his path he would eventually kill her sister but Sara told him that she knew that and she was okay with it, as was Laurel. Darhk was confused on how she could know that but rather than answer him, she went on and erased his memory.

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Damen Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, and Eobard Thawne introduce themselves to Al Capone

The first three members of the Legion were villains of the past, present and future.

  • Throughout its existence, the Legion has included two past, present, and future characters:
  • Mick is the only member to be still alive in the present, as Malcolm was killed on Lian Yu, Damien Darhk, Eobard Thawne, and Leonard Snart went back to suffering their pre-Legion fates, and Rip was presumably killed later when he sacrificed himself to help the Legends to destroy Mallus once and for all.
  • Except for Mick Rory and Rip Hunter, every member of the Legion of Doom had a personal significance to Sara Lance:
    • Eobard Thawne was the leader of the Legion and therefore primarily Sara's responsibility, as she was the leader of the team that opposed them.
    • Damien Darhk killed Sara's sister, Laurel.
    • Malcolm Merlyn was indirectly responsible for Sara becoming The Canary, and subsequently The White Canary.
    • Leonard Snart was Sara's teammate, friend, and brief romantic interest.
  • In "Think Fast", Cisco Ramon refers to Clifford DeVoe as "a one-man Legion of Doom." It's unknown if he was aware of Eobard's syndicate or if he was referencing a Hanna-Barbera cartoon as Nate Heywood was when he named the group in "Raiders of the Lost Art" (see below).

Behind the scenes[]

  • In DC Comics, Eobard Thawne has indeed created a syndicate under the alias "Mister Zyx/Professor Adrian Zoom", albeit its purposes were somewhat different: Thawne tried to spread heroin through Central City and, eventually, the whole of Earth, creating an army of heroin addicts for him to control.
    • Notably, Eobard Thawne was not a member of any variation of the Legion of Doom, but rather one of the multiverse traveling adventurers of a similar group, the Secret Society of Super-Villains, led by Wizard. A group with the same name (now under the leadership of Libra, prophet of Darkseid) was later joined by the second Reverse Flash, Hunter Zolomon.
  • In DC Comics, Merlyn, like Thawne, was not a member of the Legion but rather the Secret Society. However, in the DCAU, he is indeed seen as a member of Grodd's Legion of Doom.
  • In DC's 1970s Super Friends series, from which the Legion of Doom originated, Captain Cold was one of the organization's founding members. Subsequently, he has consistently appeared as a core member of the Legion in most of its incarnations in the comics and in other media.
    • While Heat Wave was originally planned to be part of the Legion of Doom on Super Friends, he was scrapped. In DCAU, like Merlyn, he is part of Grodd's Legion. In the comics, he appeared as the leader of the Legion of Doom in Flashpoint.
    • In "Raiders of the Lost Art", Nate Heywood names the group the "Legion of Doom" after a Hanna-Barbera cartoon he watched as a child. This is a meta-reference to the Legion's origins from Challenge of the Super Friends.
  • Though Damien Darhk was not associated with the Legion of Doom in the comics, he was in correlation with other super-villains through HIVE, such as Vandal Savage, who coincidentally preceded Darhk as the main antagonist on DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • This is actually the smallest version of the Legion of Doom in any media, if one counts only the leading villains. However, if counting the forces and organizations led by its members, it is one of the bigger ones, with control over multiple groups across time.