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"We have to stop her."
"Without Supergirl?"
"We have a literal Legion of superheroes.
Alex Danvers, J'onn J'onzz, and Winn Schott

"Legion of Super-Heroes" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the fifty-second episode overall. It aired on January 15, 2018.




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"Legion of Super-Heroes" starts with Kara awakening to a thump at the entryway. She opens it up and is acquainted with Brainiac 5, who's been sent by Mon-El to determine the status of her.

It's uncovered that Kara is still in a state of insensibility from her disagreement with Reign in the middle of the season finale, and Brainiac 5 can extend himself into her cognizance to determine the status of her. Kara quickly disregards her fight with Reign, and once she recalls that, she endeavors to wake herself up so she can battle Reign.

Brainiac 5 leaves Kara's cognizance and educates the gathering regarding Mon-El, Imra, J'onn, Winn, and Alex that despite the fact that her mind is fit as a fiddle, she's exceptionally vexed.

Sam and Ruby are having a Nerf-weapon battle when Sam inadvertently thumps over an image outline, breaking it. Diverted, Sam's consideration is attracted to a newspaper indicating an image of the Reign and Supergirl fight.

Back at Reign's post, she gets further directions from the holographic projection there.

At CatCo, Lena and James talk about the kiss they recently shared. They conclude that once Kara gets in for the workday, they should advise her. Rule out of nowhere breaks a window and drops a criminal she captured on the floor. She arranges a cameraman to record her, when she goes on a monolog where she dispatches a war on culpability and the equity framework.

Back on Mon-El's boat, the DEO operators have a go at getting Mon-El and his Legion of Super-Heroes to assist with Reign. Sadly, Mon-El won't resist saying it's excessively dangerous. In the event that they bite the dust, they hazard reshaping what's to come.

J'onn inquires as to whether they have any remaining kryptonite that they can use against Reign, and a hesitant Winn and Alex concur.

Alex goes to visit Thomas Coville, the past pioneer of the Cult of Rao. Coville uncovered that the thrashing of Supergirl prepared them for Reign.

Back at CatCo, James attempts to conceal Kara's way of life as Supergirl from Lena by saying she's debilitated with this season's flu virus at home. Lena chooses she needs to go monitor her and James postpones her by advising her to take Kara some soup.

Back in Kara's inner mind, the case she's been held in begins depleting, flagging that she's prepared to wake up. Brainiac 5 discloses that to wake up truly, she should exit through her entryway, however it won't move. Brainiac 5 clarifies that it must not be opening in light of the fact that Kara is keeping herself down.

A caution goes off on Mon-El's boat, flagging Reign has assaulted once more. They watch the news report that Reign has assaulted a meth house, harming both the street pharmacists and the cops that showed up on scene.

Alex catches Mon-El disclosing to Imra that they can't mediate, and when drawn closer, Mon-El clarifies that if they somehow happened to intercede, they'd hazard annihilating a planet basic to what's to come.

Winn approaches J'onn at the DEO, saying that James had moved toward him about Lena being on her way over to Kara's. J'onn changes into Kara and goes to Kara's condo, claiming to be her as Lena shows up.

Lena gives everything away on her close second with James. Lena leaves before long, and J'onn makes Winn guarantee to never cause him to do that again.

J'onn and the remainder of the DEO specialists choose to organize a bank burglary with an end goal to draw out Reign. They continue with their arrangements, and when Reign shows up, they toss a red star explosive at her in order to weaken her forces. They at that point use kryptonite to attach her up however she's rapidly ready to take out the operators attempting to capture her. After a fast battle with J'onn, she's ready to get away.

On Mon-El's ship, it's uncovered that Reign broke Alex's tibia. In the wake of talking about expected plans, the gathering reaches the resolution that they need to get the kryptonite in her circulatory system.

Brainiac 5 returns into Kara's psyche, and the two talk ways on the most proficient method to get Kara to wake up. Kara shocks Brainiac 5 by referencing that possibly her subconscious is making her clean since it needs her to discover something.

Kara finds an image of her and her pet feline and she depicts the procedure it took her to be sufficiently delicate to pet the feline from the start. She clarified that once she had the option to pet the feline without harming it, she felt human.

Another alert goes off demonstrating that Reign has begun another assault. This time it's at a jail, and the gathering understands that Reign will kill both the detainees and gatekeepers.

Under tension, Mon-El and Imra both consent to at long last assistance out, and the two suit up close by Brainiac 5 to go take on Reign. Rule unearths Coville's prison cell when Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" begins blasting on out of sight.

An occupied Reign goes out into a yard where she's stood up to by Mon-El and Imra while Brainiac 5 pilots Mon-El's boat, and the different sides begin battling.

Brainiac 5 neglects it in Kara's psyche that there's a fight seething on, and Kara out of nowhere finds a key on the table that permits her to open the entryway.

Kara awakens on Mon-El's ship and discloses to Alex that she should enable the Legion battle To rule. Kara's ready to draw near enough to infuse Reign with the kryptonite, yet Reign expeditiously takes off.

Back on Mon-El's ship, the Legion is caught up with getting their injuries took care of. Mon-El pulls Kara aside and discloses to her that he despite everything thinks about her and was stressed that she wouldn't wake up.

James is working late at CatCo and Lena approaches him after her previous talk with J'onn acting like Kara. James concedes he truly enjoys Lena, and the two kiss once more.

Kara and Alex are getting up to speed over a glass of wine at Kara's condo.

Reign is writhing in pain from the infusion of kryptonite at her Fortress. The green sparkle disappears, and Reign recovers. The hologram reveals there are more Worldkillers like Reign who can help her, and in strolls Coville.




  • When Reign first speaks at CatCo, her voice is not disguised. Lena should have recognized it.


  • The binary code 0011101000101001 that Brainiac 5 wrote on Alex's cast translates to ":)", a common ASCII depiction of a smiley face.

Brainiac 5 in a pose reminiscent of Mystery Man from Lost Highway.

  • The setting being partially inside Kara's subconscious, Brainiac 5's clothes and poses, along with certain quotes of his while mentally speaking with Kara, are all greatly reminiscent of David Lynch's film Lost Highway, particularly the character of Mystery Man.
  • Kara's cat Streaky introduced in this episode is a reference to Streaky the Supercat from the comics.
  • Mon-El mentions Ayla as one of The Legion's allies from the 31st century. This is a reference to the DC superhero Ayla Ranzz aka Lightning Lass, another member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.