Leonard "Len" Snart is the brother of the late Lisa Snart and a member the Rogues from Earth-27.


Early life

At some point after Johnny Quick took over Central City, Len Snart, along with his sister, Lisa, and best friend, Mick Rory, joined the Rogues to stand against Quick and his regime.

In 2015, Lisa was killed by Johnny Quick for kidnapping and interrogating a member of the Quickling, much to Len's devastation.[1]

Meeting a new speedster

In 2016, Len and Mick encountered Barry Allen, who was dressed in a suit similar to the Quickling. They used a taser to incapacitate and capture him. Len and Mick then interrogated Barry, only to learn he didn't know anything about the Quickling, Johnny Quick, or even the Crime Syndicate of America. Realizing that Barry was a speedster, they wondered if he was Johnny Quick, but Barry reasoned that if he was whoever they feared, he would've already killed the two. Len and Mick then revealed to Barry how Johnny Quick killed 10% of Central City to take control of it. Len gave Barry his coat so that no one at the Rogues' headquarters would fear him due to his suit's emblem. He introduced the speedster to Ralph Dibny. Barry proved to be a trusting individual with a good heart, so Len decided to take him to meet the Rogues' leader, James Jesse. After Jesse explained Earth-27's current state, Barry agreed to help the Rogues capture a Quickling.

Later on top of the old Central City Police Department precinct, the Rogues observed the scene. Len warned Barry that they previously tried and failed to capture a Quickling, which lead to his sister's death. Barry was shocked that Lisa was dead, to which Len wondered how he knew her name. Before Barry could answer, the Rogues were approached by a Quickling called Fred Chyre, whom he captured. After questioning Chyre, the Rogues made a plan to break into the Speed Central, Johnny Quick's base. Len asked Barry to enter the facility only for recon, since he is too valuable to the Rogues to join the fight.[1]

Freeing Central City

After Barry managed to defeat and imprison Johnny Quick, Len, Ralph, Mick, and the other Rogues gathered supplies to prepare in helping the citizens of Central City come out of hiding and battle the Crime Syndicate.[1]




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