"She was the only hero I ever had."
Lena Luthor on her mother[src]

An unnamed woman (died 1997) was the mother of Lena Luthor and the former lover of the late Lionel Luthor.


The woman started having an affair with billionaire Lionel Luthor sometime after the birth of his son, Lex. She would accompany Lionel on his various business trips, during which they had their romantic interludes.[1]

When Lex was seven, he was sent on a business trip with his father, where Lionel brought the woman with him and insisted that she go everywhere with them. At first, Lex swore to hate the woman for taking his father from him when he needed him the most, but he couldn't keep his promise because of how kind the woman was to him. On the day they put down his dog, the woman embraced Lex and sang him a beautiful Irish song, and by the end of the trip, Lex wished that she was his mother.[2]

The woman eventually became pregnant with her and Lionel's child. Not long after, Lionel's wife, Lillian, discovered her husband's affair when she caught him and the woman together during one such business trip. Deciding to rebuild his marriage, Lionel sent the woman away and ended their relationship. She was also paid to keep quiet about their affiliation and stay away from the Luthor family.[1]

In 1993, the woman gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Lena, and the two were very close.

Four years later, the woman took Lena out for a familial visit and they went swimming in a lake during a cloudy day. The woman continued swimming while her daughter decided to watch nearby from the shore. Unfortunately, the woman suddenly drowned in the lake and died.[3]


After the woman's death, Lionel took in their illegitimate daughter and welcomed Lena into the Luthor family.[1]

Lena felt great guilt over her mother's death, as she had frozen in fear upon witnessing her drowning. This often made her wonder if she truly deserved the horrible legacy of the Luthor family.[3]

While they were working together on the Harun-El drug, Lex told Lena about the time he met the woman, when he was seven and assured her she came from love and light, stating that he knew that ever since he met the woman.[2]


The woman was a very loving and devoted mother to her daughter, Lena, who looked up to her as a hero. She had a playful, free-spirited disposition with a fondness for the outdoors.[3]



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