Lena Luthor's penthouse is the penthouse Lena Luthor currently resides in. It is located in National City.


Lena Luthor began living in the penthouse when she first moved to National City.

In early 2018, Lena had Ruby Arias stay the night at the penthouse after her mother, Samantha Arias, had a "blackout" and left Ruby behind at an ice rink.[1]

In spring 2018 after Lena and James Olsen spent the night together, James brought up the topic of Lena getting a more permanent home in the city. Suddenly, Reign broke into the penthouse and attacked the duo, demanding to know the location of Ruby. Lena fended her off with aerosolized Kryptonite. Supergirl and the D.E.O. later arrived to discuss the incident with Lena.[2]

Known residents

Current residents



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