Leonard is the interactive artificial consciousness system of the Waverider.


After Harbinger boarded the Waverider, Leonard A.I. greeted her before announcing that she would be killed for trespassing. However, Mick Rory walked in, and he allowed use of the timeship to help stop the Anti-Monitor.[1]

Leonard would keep serving the heroes assembled on the Waverider. In the final moments when the Anti-Monitor destroys all traces of the multiverse, Leonard counts down the seconds that the wave of antimatter reached and disintegrated them.[2]


Leonard was remarkably similar to Leonard Snart of Earth-1 displaying a deadpan and sarcastic sense of humor. He also enjoyed making fun of Mick Rory, bluntly stating the truth whenever Mick would try to hide it from others. He is nonetheless very polite and helpful, giving intel and facts whenever necessary.


  • Leonard shares the same actor and personality of the late Leonard Snart of Earth-1. It is unknown if he was based off a Leonard Snart on Earth-74 or if the resemblance is coincidental.



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