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"The ice man cometh."
—Leonard Wynters[src]

Leonard Wynters was an enemy of the Flash known as Captain Cold, and also nicknamed Iceman.[1]


Killing crime lords

In 1990, Leonard was hired by Jimmy Swain in order to kill crime lords that took Swain's territory. Leonard disguised as a heating-engineer from Central City Air, killed them all. After the job done, despite being a traveler, Swain manage to convince him to stay for one last job, to kill The Flash.[1]

Clash with the Flash

Leonard acquired a cold gun to commit crimes using the moniker "Captain Cold". However, he was captured by the Flash and arrested by CCPD pending trial, but later escaped using concealed freeze weapons. Sometime after this, he was killed by his own freeze ray when the Flash deflected the ray back at him.[1]


  • Cold gun: Leonard used this weapon during his criminal activities.


The Flash

Video games


The Captain Cold lookalike following the confrontation with the Monitor.

  • During the Monitor's decimation of Earth-90, someone bearing a striking resemblance to Wynters was killed. Whether this was a successor, an imitator, or Wynters himself, despite his initial death, is unclear.