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"Leslie Larr" is a Kryptonian whose consciousness was placed in the body of Irma Sayres.


Early life

At some point, this woman had her consciousness copied into the Eradicator.

After Irma Sayres started working for Edge EnerCorp, the woman's consciousness was placed into Irma's body and she took on the name Leslie Larr.

At some point, she started to have a romantic relationship with the Kryptonian whose consciousness was placed into Derek Powell's body.[1]

Edge's assistant

Leslie at the town hall meeting with Edge.

Leslie attended the town hall meeting in Smallville and was present when Lois Lane resigned from the Daily Planet. When Lois quits the newspaper, Leslie comments that Morgan will destroy her.[2]

After David Fuglestad failed to eliminate Sharon Powell, Leslie waited for him on the road and killed him using her heat vision at Morgan's behest. She then told him the job was done and she'll call a team to cover it up.[3]

Leslie and Morgan find a large supply of X-Kryptonite.

Leslie went to the Smallville Gazette with a copy of Lois' Daily Planet contract, which included a clause preventing her from publishing an article that would "defame" Edge. She reminded Lois that Edge was going to destroy her. Then she went to inspect the Shuster mines with Edge, where they meet Lois again. Later, they returned to the mines and Leslie broke a rock surface using her fists, at Edge's behest, revealing a large supply of X-Kryptonite.[4]

Leslie and Derek next to the X-Kryptonite machine.

When Derek was sent back to his mother and quickly lost control of his powers, he calls Leslie for help. She kisses him and later exposed him to a machine with another dose of X-Kryptonite, enhancing his powers to be equal to Superman. When Superman arrived, Derek lead him away and the two fought. She presumably relocated the X-Kryptonite chamber while Superman was distracted.[1]

Leslie tries to kill Lois and "Marcus".

Days later, Leslie and Edge greeted their new employees at the Shuster Mine. When Lois Lane arrived, Edge told Leslie to ignore her. Later, Leslie found Lois and "Marcus Bridgewater" in the mine, stealing a sample of X-Kryptonite, so she chased them, firing her heat vision at the two. Irons was able to knock Leslie unconscious, allowing them to escape.[5]

At Edge EnerCorp, Leslie, who feared the anger of Morgan, who told her not to fail him, used her super hearing to learn who would track a small shipment of X-kryptonite and to deduce who were their enemies. When Leslie heard Superman fighting John Henry Irons, she then sent out the real shipment.[6] The next day, Leslie told Kyle Cushing that she wished he was part of the leadership training program, and if he wanted, there was a spot for him.[7]

Leslie and Morgan took Emily Phan to the X-Kryptonite machine, managed by Dabney Donovan. Emily asked if she would be in pain from the process; Leslie lied and said that everything would be fine. Dabney told Leslie and Morgan that Emily achieved full acceptance.

Days later, Leslie escorted Kyle into Morgan's office as Kyle wanted to join Morgan's program. Later, when Lois entered Edge Enercorp to confront Morgan about advertising in the Smallville Gazette for more recruits, Leslie listened, then escorted Lois, who knew Leslie had super powers, from the building.[8]

After Superman used his solar flare to transform the people of Smallville back to humans, Leslie realized that she was the only "Subjekt" left; Morgan told her not to worry about it, because he had another plan .[9]

Superman and John talk to Leslie.

After Edge's capture, Leslie remained at large.[10] She tried to free Edge from his prison, but Superman and John Irons easily intercepted and captured her. Superman hoped he could return her to normal as she had the other Subjekts, but Edge told him that the process had been done so long ago that it couldn't be reversed.[11]

Three weeks later, Edge managed to escape and freed Leslie from prison, with the two heading to Metropolis. Superman and Irons arrived to stop them, but Edge turned four civilians into Kryptonians and they and Leslie attacked the two heroes. During the fight, Leslie tried to kill Lois, but Irons defeated her with his hammer. Leslie was recaptured and returned to prison.DOD.[12]

When Edge captured Lois' son, she tried to interrogate Leslie and find out where he had taken him, but Leslie refused to answer and scoffed at her concern for her son when her entire world was about to end. After Edge is defeated, Leslie remains in her kryptonite cell.[13]


Leslie is loyal to Morgan Edge and obeys his orders, which include killing a man, which she does without hesitation. She also holds a condescending and sympathetic view towards humanity, which she shares with her superior. When Lois Lane demanded her to know the whereabouts of Jordan, Leslie immediately scoffs it off as "pathetically human" while taking mild pleasure in her distress.

Powers and abilities


"You're still the only one who hasn't shown any signs of rejection."
Morgan Edge to Leslie Larr[src]
  • Kryptonian physiology: After being placed into the body of Irma Sayres, Leslie had all the powers her kind has under Earth's yellow sun.
    • Heat vision:

      Leslie kills Subjekt-11.

      Leslie can emit red energy beams of intense heat from her eyes.[3]
    • Superhuman strength: Leslie has incredible strength; she was able to easily punch through a rock wall.[4]
    • Superhuman durability: Leslie has incredible durability; she was able to punch through a rock wall without harming her hand.[4]
    • Super hearing: Leslie was able to listen to Lois and John Henry Irons' conversation from a significant distance away.[6]
    • Flight: Leslie was able to fly at super sonic speed head on towards the DOD.[11]


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