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"Would you say you have violent tendencies?"
"I would say I'm trying to protect my family."
Jarrett Parker and Oliver Queen

"Level Two" is the fourth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-forty-second episode overall. It aired on November 5, 2018.



"Level Two" begins with Oliver sitting in his new cell in the lower level of the jail. He's drawn nearer by Jay Parker, a specialist allocated to interrogate Oliver regarding his present mental state. Oliver clarifies his circumstance wherein he's attempting to gain admittance to Ricardo Diaz so as to ensure his family.

In Star City, Felicity is addressing Silencer on the whereabouts of Diaz. Upset, Felicity is enticed to start tormenting their hostage yet Rene pulls her aside and talks her off the edge.

Rene goes to a municipal center style meeting that Dinah has. A few Star City inhabitants express their disappointment in how the cops are dealing with wrongdoing now — and a few notice how life was simpler when vigilantes were visiting the area.

Dinah sees that someone has lit a fire in the rear of the structure. Everybody can get away — including Rene's little girl Zoe, who is saved by the new Green Arrow.

Zoe's admitted to the emergency clinic for prudent steps and Curtis and Diggle show up to determine the status of here. Curtis blessings her an extravagant Beebo doll.

Outside of Zoe's room, Rene and Dinah contend about the activities of the new Arrow.

Parker enters Oliver's cell to proceed with their discussion from prior. Since Oliver has been deficient with regards to food and water for an extensive time, Oliver fires opening up about the recollections of his dad he has been attempting to stifle.

Felicity goes to approach Laurel for her assistance in finding solutions out of the Silencer.

Rene's telephone hums with an alarm — another structure is ablaze in the Glades. At the point when he shows up there, the Green Arrow is on scene. In a little while, Dinah appears and has a go at capturing the Arrow but Rene steps in the manner permitting the vigilante to escape. Dinah captures Rene for burying in authentic acts.

Oliver begins declining to answer the specialist's scrutinizing again and takes steps to start tormenting him.

Diggle shows up at the police division to talk with Dinah about imprisoning Rene. Diggle has a go at getting to the base of Dinah's ongoing enemy of vigilantism sees.

Dinah enters Rene's cell and requests that he work with her — in the event that he consents to do it Dinah's way. Rene concurs and Dinah gives him a case document — someone has been torching structures in The Glades with the goal that engineers can plunge in revamp on a similar land.

Laurel can't get Silencer to uncover anything. Felicity begins getting bothered and notices to Laurel that they have to begin utilizing harder cross examination techniques.

Rene's ready to find the fire playing criminals to a performance center in the dales and he and Dinah can show up there before they dispatch an assault. Dinah's taken out by a blast and the new Arrow shows up to help Rene out. The trio can get the illegal arsonists and capture them.

Later on, Dinah expresses gratitude toward Rene for consenting to get her out.

Felicity and Laurel stage a phony contention wherein Felicity tosses down a screwdriver. The two leave and Silencer utilizes the screwdriver to get away from her binds. It's at that point uncovered Felicity embedded Silencer with a GPS beacon that will lead them legitimately to Diaz.

In the flashforwards, William and Roy are in Star City, but the coordinates change, leading them to what remains of Smoak Technologies. William solves a puzzle and obtains a Rubik's Cube. He and Roy are attacked by the police, but are rescued by Dinah Drake, who leads them to safety and an adult Zoe Ramirez, who is vigilante like her father. The two of them are part of a vigilante resistance group known as the Canary Network. Aftwr William solves the second puzzle, Dinah claims that Felicity is dead.


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  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Kirk Acevedo (Ricardo Diaz) after being promoted to a series regular.
  • The title references the place below level one of the Slabside Maximum Security Prison.
    • In the previous episode, "Crossing Lines", Danny Brickwell revealed to Oliver that it is also the same location where the Demon resides.
    • Arrow's Facebook page originally released another promo for this episode a few hours prior to the airing, but was taken down after it was revealed by James Bamford that the footage was actually taken from the next episode.
  • The brooch Dinah gives Zoe is in the shape of the Birds of Prey logo from the DC comic book group of the same name.
  • It's revealed that the man whom Robert Queen shot before killing himself after the Queen's Gambit sank was named Hackett, his first name later being revealed as David.