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"You know who these people are?"
"Rebels. Dangerous radicals who opposed my father."
"Do these people
look dangerous to you? A bunch of untrained people who barely know how to use a gun. Your father sent a giant robot to level a bunch of tents."
Leonard Snart tells Cassandra Savage that her father went too far in his mission

"Leviathan" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the thirteenth episode overall. It aired on April 28, 2016.




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The team arrives above London in 2166, and are immediately shot upon. Gideon manages to get Waverider on the ground. Rip tells they are now three days before his family is to be killed. He comes up with a plan to get to Savage, which involves Rip, Sara, Snart and Rory on the ground while Jax is on standby with the jumpship, to extract them.

They infiltrate a rally held by Savage and also witness a woman next to Savage, who seems to recognize Snart. Snart and Rory determine they've been noticed, and attempt to handle Savage now. On the Waverider, Kendra monitors the team, and they strike. While Sara battles the woman, Kendra notices her bracelet, and realizes it's the same bracelet she wore when she first died. The attack fails and the team falls back.

Rip is furious at Snart and Rory for failing the opportunity, but they bluntly say they were detected. Kendra says they need the bracelet the woman was wearing, and Rip tells Sara to train Kendra to kill Savage with the bracelet, but Sara has no idea how. Sara and Kendra go to the cargo hold and discuss Kendra's Ray's relationship, and Kendra's memories of Carter. As Kendra opens Carter's equipment crate, she notices his spiked mace. As she touches it, she remembers a time from 1941, when Carter trained with the mace in order to fight Savage. She comes up with an idea to kill Savage.

Rip notices a resistance force approaching the Waverider and goes to meet them with Ray, Stein and Jax. They manage to convince the resistance that they can be of help. The resistance cam is full of children, and Jax and Stein promise to help them. Suddenly, another resistance camp is attacked and they go to see. The camp has been totally annihilated, indicating that Savage has a powerful weapon.

The woman with Savage is training with her subordinates, when Snart and Rory pay her a visit. Snart demands her bracelet and she is baffled, why would he want it. She also reveals that she knows about the team and their crusade against Savage. The sudden arrival of guards forces Snart and Rory to kidnap the woman. Aboard the Waverider, Rip meets the woman, and she recognizes Rip and calls him Gareeb. She also reveals that she is not just Savage's lieutenant, but his own daughter, Cassandra Savage.

WIth Savage's daughter as their prisoner, it's clear that Savage will be coming for them, and he won't hesitate to kill everyone in order to save his daughter. Snart goes to speak with her and Kendra takes Rory to work on the bracelet. As snart speaks with Cassandra, he learns, that she doesn't know anything about her father. She believes that all those who oppose Savage are dangerous radicals. And she also says her father became a hero, when he killed Per Degaton, whom Savage tutored, after he unleashed the Armageddon Virus, not knowing the true circumstances. Snart sees certain similarities between himself and her.

Kendra has Rory use his flamethrower to melt the bracelet, and coat Carter's mace with the molten metal, in order to use it against Savage. Rory asks Kendra is she ready to kill Savage, and she claims she is. Ray and Stein are analyzing the Delta Camp site, and they determine, that the camp site was not bombed or attacked with conventional troops. The site was full of gigantic footprints. At that moment, the ship shakes, and Cassandra knows what it is: the Leviathan, a giant automated robot. Rip takes the Waverider up in the air to fight the robot, but the robot throws them away with force.

The ship crashes next to a nearby resistance camp, and Leviathan is coming. The ship has sustained enough damage to remain grounded, and there's no time to repair until it arrives. Rip wants to escape, but Stein is unwilling to let innocents get killed. The ship is full of innocent refugees. Suddenly, Stein collapses, having been injured with a shard of metal. As he is taken into medical bay, he wants Jax to promise not to abandon the refugees. He promises not to.

Snart goes to Cassandra again and lets her out of her cell, in order to show her her father's true nature. He shows her the weak people aboard, whom she had believed were dangerous radicals, but in truth were mostly children incapable of fighting. Cassandra claims Snart is lying, but she starts to have doubts. Snart then tells her that, in reality, it wasn't Per Degaton who launched the Armageddon Virus, but Savage (who manipulated Degaton to use it, then he killed him to cover his own involvement). Cassandra denies his claims, but Snart has Gideon show her records from Kasnia Conglomerate on 3 November, 2147. The record shows Savage ordering the creation of Armageddon Virus. Cassandra is shocked and says it's not true, but in reality, she can't deny the truth the record shows.

Rip is depressed, as he thinks it's all over. But then Ray comes to him and says that fate doesn't decide, how one lives, but choices. He intends to fight Leviathan, even if it seems hopeless. And Snart also comes and tells they have one chance to take out Savage. Coming to the idea, Rip then gets back up from his slump, and asks if Ray has a plan to fight the Leviathan, and he has. Ray exchanges words with Kendra, as she prepares to face Savage on last time.

Ray and Jax modify his Atom-suit, so that Ray can grow into the size of the Leviathan. The modification works and Ray takes on the robot on equal terms. Meanwhile, Cassandra returns to her father, and while Savage thinks a happy reunion, Cassandra turns it upside-down. Now that she knows the truth about her father, she demands to know if he was behind everything. Savage confirms it, and realizes that Rip and the team are also there. Rip shows up along with Sara, Snart and Rory. Savage then senses that Kendra is there too. Guards show up and a fight follows. During the fight, Kendra grabs Savage and throws him to another room, where they fight. Carter's mace is able to harm Savage, and Kendra eventually is able to corner him, but then, a soldier attacks her. Kendra defeats him and takes off his helmet. The soldier is revealed to be a future incarnation of Carter, shocking Kendra. Savage gloats about how he was able to erase his memory and turn him into a loyal soldier. Rip arrives and encourages Kendra to kill Savage. Savage says, if she kills him, then Carter will be lost too. Kendra, still having feelings for Carter, is unable to kill Savage. Rip takes Savage prisoner. Ray is also able to destroy Leviathan.

The next day, Snart takes Cassandra to the resistance camp. She gets a hostile reception, but Snart manages to convince she has had a change of heart. Cassandra joins the resistance. Ray meets Kendra in their room, and she says they need to talk. Stein recovers and Rip goes to see Savage. Savage doesn't feel defeated and still declares that he will kill Rip's family. Rip counters he can't as long as he is locked up. Savage calmly says: "Time will tell."


Preparation ran from February 4 until February 15, 2016. Shooting began on February 16 and ran until February 26, 2016.[1]



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