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"Leviathan is defeated."
"Leviathan is everywhere.
Querl Dox and his counterpart on the status of Leviathan post-crisis[src]

Leviathan was a secret organization operating on Earth-Prime. Leviathan was finally neutralized when Tezumak, Sela and Rama Khan were reduced and sealed in a bottle by Querl Dox, and with Gamemnae killed by Supergirl with the Anti-Life equation.



"Welcome to Leviathan."

Rama Khan illustrations.

On Earth-Prime, Leviathan is a secret organization mainly run by a Jarhanpurian they call the Elder who chose originally Rama Khan to be its representative until, in 2020, Gamemnae was promoted.[1] The origin of the covert organization of assassins is shrouded in mystery; people who even do research into Leviathan are usually killed.[2]

Leviathan gets its members by observing people in key positions, then threatening a family member to make the potential employee comply. Andrea Rojas was observed by Gamemnae since she was in college; she knew that Andrea had a sickly father that Andrea hated to disappoint.[3] Eve Teschmacher initially declined membership until her father was killed and her mother was threatened. Leviathan also recruited non-humans such as Morae, an extraterrestrial species that could make themselves invisible.[1]

Luthor's iniquiry

"What the hell is Leviathan?"
—Lex Luthor[src]

Lex Luthor learned about Leviathan when his sister, who retained her knowledge of Earth-38, teased him that he was a pawn of the organization.

While Lex started researching Leviathan, Querl Dox was told by his female doppelgänger that Leviathan was a threat unprecedented. If he even hoped to stop the powerful organization without the deaths of the Superfriends, he needed to align himself with Lex; therefore, the twelfth-level intellect was now partnered with a genius.[4]

Lex accessing the Legion's cruiser's memory cube.

When Winn Schott arrived in 2020 from the 31st century, Lex boarded the former's timeship and procured a Memory Cube, which he used to study data the future had on Leviathan. Lex recognized "Gemma Cooper", a member of Obsidian North, from the data; she was the Jarhanpurian Gamemnae.[5]

Lex's infiltration

"Leviathan may be our biggest threat, but they were right about one thing: humanity needs a firm hand to guide it, to lead it."
—Lex Luthor[src]

After months of research and observation using knowledge provided by Eve Teschmacher,[1] since she was a Leviathan member in the previous reality,[6] of which he retained memory,[4] Lex decided that Leviathan was right and wrong, simultaneously; humanity needed guidance, but he was not going to allow aliens to do it when only the Luthor family was worthy. Lex calculated that the best way to destroy Leviathan would be from within.

Lex makes a business proposal to Gemma.

His first step was to gain the trust of Gamemnae. He learned her agenda, world conquest through technology, and how that was a part of Leviathan's agenda, Margot Morrison captured and studied all beta-testers of Obsidian Platinum.[7] Like a chess game, Lex eliminated the weaker pieces by killing Morrison and having Gamemnae's most trusted agent, a female Morae spy, captured; Lex even told Eve that he was done with using her. By removing these lower-level agents, Lex was able to rise within the organization quickly without another having Gamemnae's attention.[1]

Lex is shown Leviathan's headquarters.

Ultimately, Lex was invited to Leviathan's secret headquarters.[2]

Leviathan's downfall

"There's still one bad guy left to catch."
"Let's take my brother down.
—Supergirl and Lena Luthor[src]

Leviathan bottled.

By Lex knowing the secret mothership headquarters of the Jarhanpurians and Leviathan, Querl Dox learned the location as well; thus, during the final battle against Supergirl and her team, three leaders of Leviathan, Rama Khan, Tezumak and Sela, are reduced and sealed in a bottle by Querl Dox, leaving only Gamemnae and the mysterious Elder as the only leaders alive and active.

Using Bernardo Rojas as leverage, Gamemnae had Andrea Rojas activate her alter ego as Acrata to kill Supergirl while she was physically helpless in Obsidian Platinum, but Lena Luthor stopped her.[3] Eve Teschmacher effectively quit working for Leviathan when she allied herself with Lex;[1] however, Supergirl saved Eve Teschmacher's mother from further threats from Lex, ending any other form of intimidation. Since Lex never truly worked for the organization, Leviathan is neutralized.[3] Leviathan was neutralized for good when Supergirl kills Gamemnae with the Anti-life equation and destroyed their underground ship, leaving the Anointed One alone and no longer with any way to attack Earth.[8]

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  • The warehouse where Leviathan member, Margot Morrison, kept her kidnapped victims was located at 5532 3rd Street, National City.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Leviathan is an organization founded by Talia al Ghul, upon leaving her father, Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins. The organization was later taken over by Mark Shaw, a former US marshal and member of the Manhunter Cult, who led a coop and overthrew Talia by taking advantage of the syndicate war the organization was in under her leadership. Shaw also took the name "Leviathan" as his alias.
  • Also in DC Comics, the organization led by Gamemnae is called the League of Ancients. This ancient group that existed thousands of years into the past, included seven members like Rama Khan, Tezumak, Sela, and the Anointed One, all from different places of origin on Earth. Each member represented a different place and culture on Earth. Its seven members were brought together by Gamemnae's scheme to defeat the Justice League in the present time, as the heroes were viewed as a threat.