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"Leviathan is everywhere. Leviathan is everyone. And Leviathan is coming."
Margot to Eve Teschmacher[src]

Leviathan is a global secret terrorist organization. It's currently unknown if any members or the leaders managed to evacuate Earth-38 during the Crisis. However, because Mobius destroyed the Multiverse all lives except seven, they are all more than likely been destroyed.


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As a member of Leviathan, Eve Teschmacher was tasked with working for Lex Luthor in order to "move the needle". However, she was unsuccessful in helping him complete his mission, leading to her being found once trying to escape.[1]

Leviathan started spending large amount of funds to hire contract killers to carry out their wishes.[2] They hired Caroline O'Connor to kill Niles Jarrod and Dr. Andrew Stern, the latter of which she did unsuccessfully.[3] Their next target was Elena Torres, they sent Breathtaker to kill her but she was stopped by Supergirl and incarcerated.

Leviathan recruited individuals like Andrea Rojas and Eve who were broke and desperate for money. They use this organization to bend them against their will and in return to help them out financially.


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Leviathan is an organization founded by Talia al Ghul, upon leaving her father, Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins. The organization was later taken over by Mark Shaw, a former US marshal and member of the Manhunter Cult, who led a coop and overthrew Talia by taking advantage of the syndicate war the organization was in under her leadership. Shaw also took the name “Leviathan” as his alias.
  • Also in DC Comics, the organization led by Gamemnae is called League of Ancients. This ancient group that existed thousands of years into the past, included seven members, all from different places of origin on Earth. Each member represented a different place and culture on Earth. Its seven members were brought together by Gamemnae's scheme to defeat the Justice League in the present time, as the heroes were viewed as a threat.


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